2013-10-16 hristovEvent server (Mihai)
2013-10-16 morscho update splines for 12a,b
2013-10-16 rbailhacErrors
2013-10-16 miweberOption for customized binning (as in AliUEHist), EventM...
2013-10-16 iselioujZhong-Bao Yin: Added Cascade Flow task
2013-10-16 kleinbadded TRD Matched tracks to AOD, introduced bookkeeping...
2013-10-16 pchristaMinor additions
2013-10-16 pchristaMinor additions
2013-10-15 mcosentibug fix
2013-10-15 dgangadhplotting macro update
2013-10-15 dgangadhplotting macro update
2013-10-15 dgangadhplotting macro for 3-pion radii analysis
2013-10-15 dgangadhplotting macro for 3-pion radii analysis
2013-10-15 iselioujRedmer Bertens: update for 2011 VZERO calibration
2013-10-15 loizidesRemoved depricated analysis framework, ie renamed
2013-10-15 gconesabtiming calibration for 2013 period added
2013-10-15 fnoferinreplace kVZERO with kV0
2013-10-15 jotwinowfix upper limits for maxclones and maxfakes JO
2013-10-15 pchristaAdding analysis vs multiplicity
2013-10-15 pchristaAdding analysis vs multiplicity
2013-10-15 gconesabcoverity
2013-10-14 loizidesPatch provided by Adrian (slightly reworked by Constantin).
2013-10-14 slindalcoveriy fixes
2013-10-14 fbockcommitted modifications by Svein
2013-10-14 xsanchezremoving injected MC selection that was added in Rev...
2013-10-14 miweberchange in AliAnalysisTaskBFPsi for the mixing centralit...
2013-10-14 iselioujFix the CRLF new line to unix type via dos2unix
2013-10-14 iselioujRedmer Bertens and Carlos Perez: Update for VZERO porti...
2013-10-14 miweberupdate muon-hadron correlations (Saehanseul Oh <saehans...
2013-10-14 loizidesFrom Marta:
2013-10-14 loizidesfix to only include emcal clusters (Jiri,Constantin...
2013-10-14 zconesafix typo
2013-10-14 kleinb- update track cuts
2013-10-14 jthaederFix logic to select HLT or Offline clusters as option...
2013-10-14 iselioujRedmer Bertens: implementation for VZERO calibration
2013-10-14 ssakaicoverity fox and updates
2013-10-14 iselioujAnte Bilandzic: Update for 'standard candles' in new...
2013-10-14 iselioujCarlos Perez: Separation of VZERO rings. Adding Pi...
2013-10-14 morschBug corrected.
2013-10-14 ssakaimodified
2013-10-13 kharlov AddTaskPHOSPi0pPb.C is reworked to provide flexibility...
2013-10-12 cnattrasFixing stupid typo bug
2013-10-11 mcosentifixng the load of the OADB container file
2013-10-11 loizidesfix from Ruederige to load proper 2012 geometry
2013-10-11 aurasSintax editing in AliMFTHit.h
2013-10-10 kleinb- separate EMC7 and EMC8 triggers by class name
2013-10-10 wiechulao Modify PairEventPlane angle calculation (Asako)
2013-10-10 agheataFrom Mihaela: added support for arbitrary CDB location...
2013-10-10 mcosentiincluding the geometry name as input parameter
2013-10-10 mcosentiletting the geometry free to be set on the wagon
2013-10-10 ssakaiupdated
2013-10-10 cholmAddeded code to encode/decode dE/dx to/from track refer...
2013-10-10 cholmUpdated requires SVN revision number from last commit
2013-10-10 cholmAddeded code to encode/decode dE/dx to/from track refer...
2013-10-10 dgangadhExtend q_ij range for pp and pPb
2013-10-10 miweberremaining cout exchanged with AliInfo
2013-10-10 hristov##102738 FPE in AliESDtrackCuts
2013-10-10 mvl- matching: fixed: a) delete jet array for each event...
2013-10-10 mvlAdd code for full-charged response (from Filip)
2013-10-10 miwebercode fix LRC, missing std namespace (Savannah bug ...
2013-10-10 miwebercode fix AliAnalysisTaskDptDptCorrelations.cxx, missing...
2013-10-10 wiechulao modify default macro
2013-10-10 agheataremoved trailing / after the base directory in the...
2013-10-10 maszymanupdates in Proton Femto config macros
2013-10-10 maszymanupdates in ProtonFemto train config macros
2013-10-10 jklein- update TRD/Calib/TrapConfig entry with all configurat...
2013-10-09 sgorbunoOpenCL version of the HLT tracker added (the new code...
2013-10-09 sgorbunocalls of ALIHLTERRORGUARD macro are moved from .h to...
2013-10-09 daineseaupdate (Chiara B)
2013-10-09 morschUpdates
2013-10-09 rgrossoPutting back the -ansi for CFLAGS, would not compile...
2013-10-09 rbailhacITS pid
2013-10-09 rgrossoReordering
2013-10-09 rgrossoReordering, so that ALICE_INSTALL is set also in case...
2013-10-09 loizidesdefault 2012/13 geo
2013-10-09 rgrossoremove the -ansi flag and prevent install dir to equal...
2013-10-09 miwebercode fix, missing std namespace (Savannah bug #102730)
2013-10-09 kleinbundo accidental commit of header from rev 64461
2013-10-09 kleinbKeep track of used tracks also when adding normal track...
2013-10-09 pluettigModified task
2013-10-09 kleinb fixing error messages, detecting input data type
2013-10-09 cholmRestored dictionary generation for private sub-classes.
2013-10-09 cholmAdded missing 'using std::...' declarations
2013-10-09 cholmAdded possibility to only accumulate statistics for...
2013-10-09 cholmAdded user-callable check if we have an MC input handler
2013-10-09 cholmFix merge via JDL and make it compile again
2013-10-08 dcaffarrAdding Systematic uncertainties for pPb measurements...
2013-10-08 miwebercode fixes, important for c++98, necessary for c++11...
2013-10-08 mvlAdd QA plots for time cuts + code cleanup (from Chris)
2013-10-08 gconesabfill converted photons histograms not with merged photo...
2013-10-08 eserradiInitial port of the analysis task to AODs
2013-10-08 eserradimove MeanNtrk to an external macro to be reused
2013-10-08 eserradimove momentum correction to track candidates and code...
2013-10-08 eserradifix latex labels
2013-10-08 eserradidefault to all tracks in standard cuts
2013-10-07 dlohnerUpdate by Pedro
2013-10-07 jgrosseoflag for checked/unchecked centrality in MC
2013-10-07 dgangadhChange FilterBit procedure when !=7, include Kt3 binning
2013-10-07 dgangadhChange FilterBit procedure when !=7, include Kt3 binning
2013-10-07 mkrzewicfrom Laurent Aphecetche: