2009-09-24 snellingreorganize ClearPackage, UploadPackage EnablePackage
2009-09-24 gconesabAliAnaElectron (Jenn):
2009-09-24 polichehRecoParameters for the PHOS cosmic runs.
2009-09-24 polichehRecoParameters for PHOS cosmic runs.
2009-09-24 dsilvermnsamples check needed for zero-suppressed data, for...
2009-09-24 abercucimove reference data maker for PID-LQ from Cal to qaRec
2009-09-24 abercucifix broken compilation - add new line at end of file
2009-09-24 abercucirestore functionality of "mc" and "friends" flags
2009-09-23 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle
2009-09-23 daineseFix bug in container size (Chiara)
2009-09-23 morschAll detectors switched on.
2009-09-23 morschUpdated for new magnetic field setting.
2009-09-23 agheataOutput files are validated immediately after Terminate...
2009-09-23 philleMoving the fourieranalysis classes back to the PHOS
2009-09-23 gvolpeHMPID tracking classes updated according to the modific...
2009-09-23 cvetanBug #55851: Inclusion of J-Cal DDLs + EMCAL and J-Cal...
2009-09-23 maseraFix for a memory leak in method SavePredictionMC (G...
2009-09-23 polichehProtection agains the zero bunch length.
2009-09-23 dsilvermLEDMON->LEDMon for LG histo titles also + nsamples...
2009-09-23 philleRemoving obsolete and unused classes in order to
2009-09-23 philleMoving debuggin classes+files to a dedicated debug...
2009-09-23 philleIncluded the Online display in the html documentation
2009-09-23 philleMoving classes+files used only for debugging
2009-09-23 philleRemoving obsolete classes from build system
2009-09-22 hristovRuning the online reconstruction in the Amore framework...
2009-09-22 maseraNew method GetRunNumber in AliITSQADataMaker. Added...
2009-09-22 kleinbRemoved writing of jets_local.root
2009-09-22 lietavaScalers always written to ESD (Plamen)
2009-09-22 kleinbadding modifiactions for running with fastJet locally
2009-09-22 snellingby default clear all packages on caf
2009-09-22 kleinbchanged output file name to lower case
2009-09-22 kleinbchanged output file name to lower case
2009-09-22 morschVertex replicated on demand.
2009-09-22 coppedisBug in high range ADC energy calibration corrected
2009-09-22 richtermsetting svn:ignore patterns in order to ignore auxiliar...
2009-09-22 allamonitoring without using RecoParam with fixed parameter...
2009-09-22 richtermadding new libAliHLTCalo module for common code of...
2009-09-22 cblumeCorrect the baseline subtraction in clusterizer
2009-09-22 abercucimove from Bz to BxByBz in track propagation
2009-09-22 coppedisCorrect energy calibration in case of p-p data
2009-09-22 maseraCoding conventions
2009-09-22 morschChange to production file name pattern AliAOD.root
2009-09-22 maseraSavannah bug 54788. Removed tolerance on detector's...
2009-09-22 richtermcorrecting compilation warnings (Theodor)
2009-09-21 morschMerging and replicating of mc particles possible.
2009-09-21 morschFlag for mcparticle replication added.
2009-09-21 mtadel* alieve_online.C
2009-09-21 richtermHLT TRD update and cleanup, changes according to offlin...
2009-09-21 abercuciread magnetic field from local GRP
2009-09-21 odjuvslaremoving debug output
2009-09-21 odjuvsla- small bug fixes
2009-09-21 odjuvsla- removing oboslete code
2009-09-21 odjuvslaremoving hardcoded module id in initialisation
2009-09-21 odjuvsla- changes to facilitate the move to the new RCU firmware
2009-09-21 odjuvsla- bug fix
2009-09-21 odjuvsla- changes in online display to handle more than one...
2009-09-21 odjuvsla- Adding missing classes to the cmake build system
2009-09-21 odjuvsla -Added function to get module from specification.
2009-09-21 shahoianSetMagField and InitGRP will recreate the mag field...
2009-09-21 morschCorrecred references to track in AliAODJet (Elena Bruna)
2009-09-21 coppedisCorrect file ID for shuttle
2009-09-21 kaamodtBugfix: index -1 for CF
2009-09-21 morschUpdated message.
2009-09-21 kaamodtFixed coding violations, removed lines with log level...
2009-09-20 dainesePossibility to store CAF output files on alien (Renu)
2009-09-20 daineseBug fix (Renu)
2009-09-19 laphecetFix histo name
2009-09-19 marianMacro to analyze laser scans *Marian)
2009-09-18 prinoRemove compilation warnings
2009-09-18 mtadelAdd ITS digits / raw into the data-selection list ...
2009-09-18 mtadelCosmetically sanitize ITS visualization code.
2009-09-18 mtadelFrom Indra and me - make macro runnable in compiled...
2009-09-18 maseranew method MonitorCMValues addes (Panos)
2009-09-18 dsilvermfix for TRU2x2Id; need to check which TRU the data...
2009-09-18 kleinbadd check on aod otput event handler
2009-09-18 cvetanUpdated list of cosmic trigger adding a TRD trigger...
2009-09-18 kleinbReplaced dynamic array alocation by static array size...
2009-09-18 cblumeCoding rule violations
2009-09-18 kkanaki- replaced TTree with TClonesArray for storing clusters...
2009-09-18 morschEvent offset for merging added.
2009-09-18 kleinbput printout in debug statement
2009-09-18 morschNew cut class for PID added
2009-09-18 marianUsing custom streamer to guarantie back compatibility...
2009-09-18 morschProvisions for merging AOD information relevant for...
2009-09-18 morschProvisions for AOD merging.
2009-09-18 jgrosseoadding production request
2009-09-18 morschMethod GetCellPosition added.
2009-09-18 marianSwitching on the automatic schema evolution
2009-09-17 dsilvermchanges to calibration-related objects: use TObjArray...
2009-09-17 cblumeModifications by Thomas
2009-09-17 kleinbset debug level to 0
2009-09-17 cblumeModifications by Thomas
2009-09-17 cblumeRemove print statement
2009-09-17 cvetanNew method which allows to select events based on the...
2009-09-17 marianAdding script to run TPC calibration train at GSI
2009-09-17 cblumeMove to new baseline subtraction scheme in the clusterizer
2009-09-17 daineseBug fix: CheckStdout cannot be called for grid jobs
2009-09-17 shahoianThe GRP objects will have a bit flagging the "LHC Polar...
2009-09-17 kkanaki- set the specific storage for the GRP entry
2009-09-17 cblumeRemove the mircosoft stuff