2011-06-10 hristovTuned crossections according to the ALICE measurements...
2011-06-10 hristovNo need for TAlienFile.h
2011-06-10 pulvirFixed coding conventions violations
2011-06-10 cvetanUpdate VZERO reco in order to deal with high lumi data...
2011-06-10 belikovAdditional comment.
2011-06-10 allacoverity
2011-06-10 allacoverity
2011-06-10 gconesabadd option to change geometry
2011-06-10 cvetanCoverity.
2011-06-09 hdalsgaacoverity fix
2011-06-09 jgrosseoAdding support for CINT7, CMSH7, CMUL7, CMUU7, CEMC7...
2011-06-09 fronchetchanged memory handling for recPointDataPtr
2011-06-09 akisielAnother attempt at Coverity report
2011-06-09 gconesabadd EMCAL in einclude
2011-06-09 gconesabswapped row/columns values
2011-06-09 morschTender Supply for PHOS
2011-06-09 cvetanUpdated version of the raw QA. Corrected for changing...
2011-06-09 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-08 fronchetreverting previous change
2011-06-08 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-08 fronchetremoved deletion of pointers in destructor
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaStuff for cent
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaSmall fixes
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaAutomatically find final MC correction file
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaUse new AliFMDMultCuts code for mutliplicity cuts
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaAdded new methods to get lower bound as a fraction...
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaStupid CHC made a mistake - fixed
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaBla
2011-06-08 hdalsgaaAdded new class that holds multiplicity cut settings and
2011-06-08 jotwinowcentrality dependence A.Marin
2011-06-08 richtermdevelopment version of the TPC track model data compres...
2011-06-08 richtermadding access interface for HLT TPC clusters to be...
2011-06-08 richterminitialize the HLTOUT instance already at Reconstruct...
2011-06-08 richtermadded support for HLTOUT instance of the current event
2011-06-08 zampolliFixing putward propagation parameters to make the track...
2011-06-08 amarincoverity fix
2011-06-08 mploskoncoverity fix
2011-06-08 prinoCoverity fixes
2011-06-07 cvetanBug fix (wrong reading of HPTDC manual).
2011-06-07 mploskonupdates to track matching by Rongrong
2011-06-07 guernaneKeep only digits from active TRU to compute trigger...
2011-06-07 kkanaki- updated documentation
2011-06-07 kkanaki- updated documentation
2011-06-07 daineseAdded the new D0 cuts (cosThetaPointingXY and NormDecay...
2011-06-07 kleinbsamll fixes (Marta)
2011-06-07 kleinbswitchable response matrix
2011-06-07 kowal2Changes in the TPC mother volume geometry
2011-06-07 kowal2Changes in the TPC mother volume geometry
2011-06-07 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-07 kharlovAdded export of .h files needed by PHOSTenderSupply
2011-06-07 richtermUsing common loading methods for CDB entries that take...
2011-06-07 richtermdeclaring functions const
2011-06-07 richtermreverting r50024, to be committed separately in order...
2011-06-06 aszostakUsing common loading methods for CDB entries that take...
2011-06-06 prinoNew features for Ds analysis: cut on angles between...
2011-06-06 akisielAdd variable initialization
2011-06-06 richtermaccess AliHLTTPCSpacePointData members through functions
2011-06-06 richtermmember access through functions
2011-06-06 akisielFix Coverity issues
2011-06-06 hristovRestoring the generation of HTML documentation (Natalia...
2011-06-06 daineseD+ cuts updated (Renu)
2011-06-06 daineseSelection of prompt or feed-down as in the CF task...
2011-06-06 daineseFix warning (Chiara)
2011-06-06 richtermtypo corrected
2011-06-06 richtermusing constructor for initialization
2011-06-06 daineseUpdate (Francesco)
2011-06-06 richtermintroducing standard contructor and some access functio...
2011-06-06 richtermremoving deprecated component
2011-06-06 richtermremoving deprecated linkdef file for HLT TPC library
2011-06-06 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-06 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-06 prinoNew variables in ntuple + rejection of events without...
2011-06-06 alla for pass0
2011-06-06 richtermcalculation of helix parameters and crossing points...
2011-06-06 allainitialiion of mean in 2500 ch
2011-06-06 richtermadding overloaded TObject::Draw: 2D cluster positions...
2011-06-06 richtermhandle option 'ignore-hltout' for reconstruction from...
2011-06-06 abercucifix coverity
2011-06-05 kharlovMostly internal redesign. Now works with alien plugin...
2011-06-04 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-04 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-04 mrodriguWarning fixed
2011-06-04 basantacoverity warning is fixed
2011-06-03 prinoTask for ITSsa spectra: new QA histos + usage of BB...
2011-06-03 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-03 jotwinowcoverity
2011-06-03 zampolliUsing separate aliases from the LHC DPs file to build...
2011-06-03 mrodriguWarning fixed
2011-06-03 allacoverity
2011-06-03 fcaFixing bug #82873 (C.H.Christensen)
2011-06-03 prinoCoverity (Melinda)
2011-06-02 gconesabcorrect the reset of the second labels array
2011-06-02 gconesabremove unnecesary delete, rename some methods, remove...
2011-06-01 richtermadding a protection for zero charge causing arithmetic...
2011-06-01 prinoNew macro to do dE/dx parameterization in ITS
2011-06-01 prinoAdded histograms with MC templates to be used in TFract...
2011-06-01 kharlovMacro to read PHOS raw data and print the PHOS trigger...
2011-06-01 daineseAdded Lc (Davide)
2011-06-01 martinezQA plot macros for pp and PbPb (Cynthia)
2011-06-01 fcaCompatiblity with Root trunk