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2009-11-17 jotwinowsmall correction
2009-11-17 kleinb removed printout in Terminate
2009-11-17 pchristUpdated feed down task (Marek)
2009-11-17 dperrinoRight type for debug variable, fDebug taken from the...
2009-11-17 richtermadding more options to control the size of the GlobalTr...
2009-11-17 bhippolyUse common output file name but subdirectories for...
2009-11-17 morschReduced printout
2009-11-17 jotwinowwarning removal
2009-11-17 bhippoly*Correct* use common output file name but subdirectorie...
2009-11-17 morschCoding violations corrected.
2009-11-17 laphecetUpdate of mchview related classes to allow easy printin...
2009-11-17 laphecetWarning fix
2009-11-17 daineseAdded flags for each task
2009-11-17 cblumeIncrement version number
2009-11-17 bhippolyUpdate AliResonanceKinkLikeSign::ConnectInputData ...
2009-11-17 hristovFix for bug #58857: AliESDEvent::GetFMDData is not...
2009-11-17 bhippolyUse common output file name but subdirectories (hippoly...
2009-11-17 laphecetFixing warning
2009-11-17 snellingadded multiplicity
2009-11-17 jotwinownew macros added
2009-11-17 jotwinowremoved, names will be changed
2009-11-17 hristovFix for CMake
2009-11-17 daineseAdded protections
2009-11-17 laphecetAdding libXMLParser
2009-11-17 laphecetUpdating example reco macro for real data
2009-11-17 hristovSmall doc
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-17 richtermadding libAliHLTMUON to trigger lib dependencies
2009-11-17 gconesabChanges in frame required to work without AODs output...
2009-11-17 fcaremove control character
2009-11-17 jotwinowdNdPt analysis
2009-11-17 jotwinowdNdPt analysis
2009-11-17 jotwinowdNdPt analysis
2009-11-17 laphecetFixing (again) the HV display for St1 and 2. Should...
2009-11-17 schutzreduce verbosity for detectors which do not create...
2009-11-17 dsilvermOCDB calibration info from Yale and Grenoble cosmic...
2009-11-17 richtermadding protection in copy constructor: check for source...
2009-11-17 dainesechanged container names
2009-11-17 prinoIncrease speed of SDD cluster finder (F. Prino)
2009-11-17 pulvirModified binning in config file
2009-11-17 zampolliUpdating V0 configuration.
2009-11-17 kleinbadded method GetNDaughters()
2009-11-16 richtermadding the MonitoringRelay component
2009-11-16 richtermprint the GlobalTrigger statistics once every 60s
2009-11-16 richtermtemporarily reverting part of r36598
2009-11-16 cvetanUpdated DA documentation + correct location of OCDB...
2009-11-16 jotwinowfixed errors and warnings
2009-11-16 cvetanRemoving too verbose log.
2009-11-16 cvetanRemoving too verbose log.
2009-11-16 coppedisNo more useful warning commented
2009-11-16 gconesabMove trigger class print from to debug mode
2009-11-16 cblumeGo back to 24 time bins for the time being
2009-11-16 cvetanFixes to make the preprocessor more robust in case...
2009-11-16 maseraMoving trigger conditions classes from sim library...
2009-11-16 coppedisAdded protection for bad pedestal subtraction
2009-11-16 ivanaFixes in documentation
2009-11-16 dperrinoCdf adapted to the common debug option
2009-11-16 ivanaFixes in documentation
2009-11-16 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2009-11-16 jgrosseoadded histograms
2009-11-16 cheynisADC slope changed to 0.6 pC per channel
2009-11-16 dperrinoDebug option moved to the base class
2009-11-16 zampolliUpdating V0 configuration for the test setup.
2009-11-16 cheynisChange of range (max value) of HV histos used to extrac...
2009-11-16 snellingfixing coding viol
2009-11-16 coppedisSelection of ADC words updated to get correct calibration
2009-11-16 odjuvsla- fixing problem with offset subtraction
2009-11-16 marianMove the documentaion to the scripts directory
2009-11-16 marianM filterRecLog.sh - remove the ssyswatch...
2009-11-16 dperrinoJet ordering by estimated energy
2009-11-16 richtermchange to prepare for the faster SDD cluster finder...
2009-11-16 marianAdding histograms for absolute z residuals
2009-11-16 jotwinowadd pt calibration check component (S. Schuchmann)
2009-11-16 jotwinowfollow coding convension (S. Schuchmann)
2009-11-16 gconesabNeed to include STEERbase in Makefile to work with...
2009-11-16 decaroMemory trashing in TOF reconstruction (P.Hristov)
2009-11-16 allacorrect version number
2009-11-16 daineseAdded setters
2009-11-16 dainesePossibility to redo vertex on the flight
2009-11-16 rvernetcorrected warnings
2009-11-16 mrodriguFlag to avoid divisions by cero in QAChecker
2009-11-16 aszostakUpdate from Arshad Masoodi. Adding triggering option...
2009-11-16 belikovsin(phi)=1 is acceptable. However, for the error calcul...
2009-11-16 cvetanCorrection to the last commit
2009-11-16 kleinb Addsupport for AOD /delta AOD, limit printouts and...
2009-11-16 richtermcmake update (Oystein)
2009-11-16 dibariThis macro will read the data files and created TGraph2D
2009-11-16 dibariQe files per PC
2009-11-16 dibariDirectory to contain the Qe files per PC
2009-11-16 prsnkoAdded possibility to use RawFitterv3 in reconstruction
2009-11-16 kleinbcover case for AOD analysis
2009-11-16 prsnkomemory leak fixed
2009-11-16 enricoComment modified
2009-11-16 enricoProtections added (Mariella)
2009-11-16 enricoProtections added (Mariella)
2009-11-16 laphecetBe less verbose
2009-11-16 laphecetInit full store at once to avoid confusing its normal...
2009-11-16 laphecetEnable error logging (even though it is not currently...
2009-11-16 laphecetAdding a warning when requesting histogramming
2009-11-16 laphecetAdding a method to dump the readout errors at the end...