2010-01-12 gconesabPrintouts hidden under AliDebugs
2010-01-12 cvetanSmall bugfix from Mikolaj
2010-01-11 prinoNew condtion for definition of bad anodes in SDD pedest...
2010-01-11 kleinbSwitched on vertex constrained again for Jet SPectrum...
2010-01-11 kleinbAdding omega3pi task, swtich on PhysicsSelection for...
2010-01-11 kleinb added protection for missing AODEvent in cases we...
2010-01-11 mtadelFrom Philippe Pillot.
2010-01-11 jgrosseoadding hardware trigger selection
2010-01-11 pulvirFixed a bug on retrieving TPC inner param
2010-01-11 pulvirMomentum checked at the inner wall of TPC
2010-01-11 agheataSmall correction #alienfulldir# -> #alienfulldir#/...
2010-01-11 gvolpeFitting restored
2010-01-11 hristovInclude files also from PWG0/eventStats
2010-01-11 hristovInclude TVector3.h because we use object of this type...
2010-01-11 agheataIn case the AOD handler is declared non-standard and...
2010-01-11 marianRestart the fit from TPC backup parameters in case
2010-01-11 rpreghenadded macro to create TOF offline calibration parameter...
2010-01-11 rpreghenfixed DDL delay for crates 62 and 63 following fibre...
2010-01-11 rpreghenadded status information in AliTOFcalibHisto class...
2010-01-11 kowal2New Altro format
2010-01-11 shahoianFixed: GetStringArray(Int_t index) should return TObjSt...
2010-01-10 pchristProper initialization
2010-01-10 maseramods for not having remnant FO bits if SPD simulation...
2010-01-08 morschMoved to PWG1/ITS
2010-01-08 morschObsolete.
2010-01-08 morschITS tasks from the pilot train added.
2010-01-08 belikovFixing a typo.
2010-01-08 belikovThe getter Pz() is now inlined. A new faster and also...
2010-01-08 belikovA faster getter for Pz()
2010-01-08 gvolpeThe AliCDBEntry object becomes a data member (related...
2010-01-08 zampolliStoring SPD MeanVertex object with validity [current_ru...
2010-01-08 gconesabUpdate Wagon with physics event selection option and...
2010-01-08 kleinbadded more cases for the UE analysis
2010-01-08 kleinb debug jets above 10 GeV
2010-01-08 zampolliProcessing SPD Mean Vertex only in PHYSICS runs.
2010-01-08 hristovTest commit
2010-01-08 zampolli- Implementing functions for the GRP preprocessor to...
2010-01-08 morschkLambda added.
2010-01-08 agheataAdded new classes for the new trigger framework:
2010-01-07 hristovTest commit
2010-01-07 jgrosseoadding missing library
2010-01-07 hristovTest commit
2010-01-07 jgrosseoupdated merging function (Michele)
2010-01-07 jgrosseorenaming transient file
2010-01-07 morsch- Possibility to decay long lived particles restored
2010-01-07 hristovTest commit
2010-01-07 hristovTest commit
2010-01-07 dperrinoTypo corrected
2010-01-07 kleinbMake tasks aware of AliPhysicsSlection, fixes to Three...
2010-01-07 kleinbAdding AliPhysicsSelectionTask, some clean up wiht...
2010-01-07 kleinbSwitch on selection of collision candidates
2010-01-06 snellinglast macro for one output file
2010-01-06 daineseRemoved obsolete task
2010-01-06 daineseRemoved obsolete task
2010-01-06 daineseClean up (Chiara)
2010-01-06 jgrosseoupdate of plotting macro
2010-01-06 jgrosseoproduction each trigger histogram per hardware trigger...
2010-01-06 jgrosseomoving AliBackgroundSelection to ANALYSISalice (Michele)
2010-01-06 snellingmore updates for single file
2010-01-06 hristovCorrections for report #60667: Patch to fix some leaks...
2010-01-06 hristovCorrections for report #60705: AliTagAnalysis fixes
2010-01-06 snellingremove some cout's
2010-01-06 snellingupdate for single file output also when running locally
2010-01-06 jgrosseotypo in log message
2010-01-06 jgrosseoadd event selection getter
2010-01-06 kleinb change trigger selection back, use AliPhysicsSelection...
2010-01-06 kleinbfix compiler warnings
2010-01-06 morschPilot analysis using the plugin. (M. Gheata)
2010-01-06 morschUpdates for physics selection.
2010-01-06 abercuciorganize debug stream for +/- tracks monitoring
2010-01-05 jgrosseoadding MC support
2010-01-05 cvetanLoading analysis libraries
2010-01-05 morschTask for physics selection
2010-01-05 kleinbavoid fixed numner of detector names (15) for selection
2010-01-05 kleinbfixing bunch of warnings: control may reach end of...
2010-01-05 hdalsgaaupdate of collector task
2010-01-05 hdalsgaaupdate of energy dist definitions
2010-01-05 hdalsgaaupdate to make available for other people
2010-01-05 hristovZDC is back
2010-01-05 hristovDo not delete objects if you are not the owner
2010-01-05 morschCorrected.
2010-01-05 rpreghenAdded HasLatencyWindow method to AliTOFChannelOnlineSta...
2010-01-05 morschCorrection.
2010-01-05 pchristModification in the analysis code: offline trigger
2010-01-05 morschEvent header is created and written.
2010-01-05 morschHerwig event header added
2010-01-05 morschHerwig event header.
2010-01-05 zampolliReducing verbosity when summarizing results from tracki...
2010-01-04 kleinbfixed printout statement
2010-01-04 zampolliReducing verbosity when summarizing result of tracking.
2010-01-04 gconesabAdd fidutial cut selection on AOD/ESD CaloClusters...
2010-01-04 agheataFrom Christian Klein-Boesing: New method :
2010-01-04 daineseRead histos from common output file (Chiara B)
2010-01-04 abercucifix TRDout flag setting. All tracks which are found...
2010-01-04 abercucifix warnings reported in savannah 60986
2010-01-04 morschMemory leak corrected.
2010-01-04 morschChange in calling sequence.
2010-01-04 morschWarning corrected.
2010-01-02 gconesabChange back the clustering threshold to 0.1 GeV, set...
2009-12-31 cblume- use only one array in DeConvExp