2008-09-08 hristovRestored optimization
2008-09-08 richtermAdded functionality for ESD merging and copying of...
2008-09-07 jthaederAdded code to allow sending back of EventDoneData from...
2008-09-07 philleImproved Clusterizer and rawanalyzer
2008-09-07 prinoRemove compilation warning
2008-09-07 hristovUpdated list of noisy pixels (D.Elia)
2008-09-07 kaamodtCorrected two bugs found by Sergey regarding the error...
2008-09-07 kharlovClassDef is increased
2008-09-07 jthaeder- Adding the Monitoring Trigger
2008-09-07 marianAdding out of range protection (Marian)
2008-09-07 hdalsgaaNew versions of the DAs to comply with new version...
2008-09-06 prinoUpgrades in SDD event display macro
2008-09-06 philleBetter handling of real zero supressed data
2008-09-06 philleNew version of Rawanalyzer for better data compression
2008-09-06 philleNew data format defs (Oystein)
2008-09-06 phille1) Fourier analysis
2008-09-06 philleFourier analysis in the online display
2008-09-06 hristovType of trigger (beam-gas, beam-beam), only for RAW...
2008-09-06 prinoNew macro for SDD raw data event display (F. Prino)
2008-09-06 cholmFixes to AliFMDAltroMapping and AliFMDParameters to...
2008-09-06 rgrossoMake use of list of active detectors from GRP to avoid...
2008-09-06 jklayminor clarity addition
2008-09-06 jklayEMCAL Space Frame now included in geometry
2008-09-05 prinoIncrease the speed of SDD raw data decoding (F.Prino)
2008-09-05 maseraModifications to SPD services in order to reduce the...
2008-09-05 maseraESD Checker
2008-09-05 maseraSDD QA updated in order to deal with acquisition throug...
2008-09-05 maseraAdded protection (E. Fragiacomo)
2008-09-05 prinoNew threshold for definition of SDD bad channels (F...
2008-09-05 cblumeSlight change of tags
2008-09-05 prsnkoAbility to apply calculated pedestals in ZS runs added
2008-09-05 prsnkoAbility to apply calculated pedestals in ZS runs added
2008-09-05 morschPossibility to produce AODTags in the same event loop...
2008-09-05 morsch- Some restructering of the code
2008-09-05 schutzcall Save() at the end of the cycle
2008-09-05 cblumeAdaption to updated input files
2008-09-05 morschAssignment operator without delete.
2008-09-05 cvetanMost probable Pt (for zero-field runs) is set now via...
2008-09-05 hristovOld classes needed for OCDB backward compatibility
2008-09-05 hdalsgaaFollow-up on the new code required for zero suppresion...
2008-09-05 morschObtain event pool from manager.
2008-09-05 agheata- Getting special output files from proof scratch space...
2008-09-05 dibariminor
2008-09-05 dibariCompatibility with new mapping to write raw data.
2008-09-05 cvetanIntroduction of AliGRPRecoParam object which is used...
2008-09-05 dibariJust set some variables properly.
2008-09-05 dibariBug fixed. Now Chamber properly evaluated.
2008-09-05 akisielQA classes from Dave
2008-09-04 dibariMip-track matching improved. Now Last point of HMPID...
2008-09-04 prsnkoPossibility to set offset in SZ runs
2008-09-04 marianBug fix (Marian)
2008-09-04 marianPseudocode for v drift calibration
2008-09-04 marianAdding example to check ExB correction (Marian)
2008-09-04 marianAliTPCcalibDB - calculate and provide ExB correction...
2008-09-04 decaroAdded GetCosmicMuonParam method to AliTOFRecoParam...
2008-09-04 cblumeFix some memory leaks
2008-09-04 cblumeSuppress AliGeoManager warnings for disabled supermodules
2008-09-04 cheynisMultiplicity added as global parameter
2008-09-04 morschExtra getters for tag handling added.
2008-09-04 abercucimore fixes for memory leaks
2008-09-04 schutzAdded QA Write Expert option
2008-09-04 rgrossoUpdated geometry including latest improvements in VZERO
2008-09-04 abercucifix selection macro usage (Ben)
2008-09-04 amastrosdemo task for HMPID analysis
2008-09-04 amastrosexpert mode inserted
2008-09-04 amastrosNew mapping
2008-09-04 martinezAnalysis taks for the generation of AOD with muon event...
2008-09-04 martinezAnalysis taks for the generation of AOD with muon event...
2008-09-03 prinoModifs to have 8 bit ADC values in the compressed forma...
2008-09-03 schutzcorrect error when storing CORR TNtuple
2008-09-03 maseraTake into account misalignment error in Invariant(...
2008-09-03 prinoIncrease speed of SDD raw data decoding (F.Prino)
2008-09-03 prinoAdd setter in AliITSDetTypeRec used to define the SDD...
2008-09-03 cvetanRemoval of the default physics event selection. Request...
2008-09-03 prinoBug fix (F. Prino)
2008-09-03 abercucifix memory leaks
2008-09-03 abercucifunctionality moved to run.C
2008-09-03 abercuciintroduce memory test using TMemStat
2008-09-03 hristovUpdated configuration (Ivana)
2008-09-03 abercucifix of DCS default data base (Frederick)
2008-09-03 ivanaInitialization of arrays to avoid FPE
2008-09-03 abercuciintroduction of selection macros (Ben)
2008-09-03 hristovUpdated test macro (Zubayer)
2008-09-03 abercucirenamed to AliTRDcalibration
2008-09-03 abercuciupdate of the calibration task by Raphaelle
2008-09-03 morschConfiguration can be done from Config.C without calling...
2008-09-03 morschCorrect names for replicated branches. (R. Arnaldi)
2008-09-03 decaroAliTOFRecoParam instantiation: moved in the TOF tracker...
2008-09-03 dibariAliError and AliWarning properly set.
2008-09-02 prinoFix unwanted error message
2008-09-02 kaamodtCorrected two bugs. (Sergey)
2008-09-02 prinoImproved warning messages in RawStreamSDD (F. Prino)
2008-09-02 prinoModifications to increase the speed of SDD raw data...
2008-09-02 ivanaFixing overlap: decrease inner diameter of the active...
2008-09-02 ivanaIn AliMUONTriggerDisplay:
2008-09-02 schutzremoved warnings during compilation
2008-09-02 abercucinew track visualization/analysis framework (Ben Hess)
2008-09-02 schutzchange the identification method of expert detectors...
2008-09-02 abercucifix in the interface
2008-09-02 kaamodt(Matthias) Fixed bug, rcuTrailerLength is already in...