2008-05-30 polichehAliPHOSRcuDA1 used; comments added
2008-05-30 polichehAlways return time=1
2008-05-30 schutzchanged ITS geometry
2008-05-30 alla for current DA
2008-05-30 gconesabModified to be used in trunk (Cynthia H.)
2008-05-30 rgrossorestricting the consistency check for symbolic names...
2008-05-30 schutzswitch on ACORDE
2008-05-30 jgrosseopossibility to read process type from phojet events...
2008-05-30 morschDebug print removed.
2008-05-30 hristovlibEveDet depends on libFMDbase and libFMDrec
2008-05-30 hristovlibMUONevaluation depends on libMUONcalib
2008-05-30 hristovLinkning with libMinuit on Windows/Cygwin
2008-05-30 hristovMoving non-implemented copy conmstructor and assignment...
2008-05-29 jklayfixed warning about unused parameter
2008-05-29 cvetanMinor fixes.
2008-05-29 polichehBug fixed in constructor.
2008-05-29 hdalsgaaFixed a bug from previous checkin
2008-05-29 hdalsgaaNew features, summary plots etc. The DA's now write...
2008-05-29 aszostakFixing minor typo.
2008-05-29 policheh"no RCU specified" option added in constructors.
2008-05-29 maseraBug fix: incomplete array initialization (F. Prino)
2008-05-29 cvetanAdding the interface to AMORE.
2008-05-29 cvetanUsing date-config in order to steer the make. Adding...
2008-05-29 laphecetMinimizing the number of delete for TClonesArray, as...
2008-05-29 aszostakGetting rid of warnings.
2008-05-29 mtadelFix signature of AliEveTPCSectorViz::CopyVizParams...
2008-05-29 mtadelAdd protection (and warning) against more than 1024...
2008-05-29 haavardUpdates to include new run types CALIBRATION_PULSER...
2008-05-29 morschLoad libfluka.so from fluka_vmc
2008-05-29 morschCode is distributed via fluka_vmc
2008-05-29 richtermupdated documentation and minor modifications; added...
2008-05-29 aszostakFixing generation of HLT DDL header. Event ID high...
2008-05-29 cvetanRemoving obsolete files
2008-05-29 laphecetChanging operator= implementation, and removing now...
2008-05-29 ivana- Extended paragraph about geometry checking in REAMEge...
2008-05-29 ivanaCorrections to get macro compiling
2008-05-29 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2008-05-29 morschField maps with Bx,By at center forced to 0. (R. Shahoyan)
2008-05-29 haavardUpdated run type specification (CALIBRATION_PULSER)
2008-05-28 mrodriguImprovement in Step Manager
2008-05-28 mrodriguMacro that generates Res-MisAlignment in ACORDE Geometry
2008-05-28 mrodriguMacro that generates Zero MisAlignment in ACORDE Geometry
2008-05-28 mrodriguMacro that generates the Full MisAlignment in ACORDE...
2008-05-28 mtadelAdd missing [] to array-delete.
2008-05-28 maseraReduce memory used by SDD calibration objects in OCDB...
2008-05-28 marianEff c++ warnings removal (Jacek)
2008-05-28 marianRemoving compilation warnings (Jacek)
2008-05-28 jgrosseoaverage multiplicity
2008-05-28 maseraRemoval of obsolete volumes (M. Sitta)
2008-05-28 dsilvermsilvermy - added a few more help variables and methods
2008-05-28 mtadelFrom Adam J.: Use SPD-primary vertex for SPD-tracklets...
2008-05-28 dsilvermsilvermy@ornl.gov: adding AliEMCALSensor stuff to defau...
2008-05-28 marianNew output added from analyze function (Jacek)
2008-05-28 jgrosseofunction to limit acceptance
2008-05-28 marianAdding new functionality - Dump to visualization tree.
2008-05-28 rgrossoUpdated geometry including for the first time ACORDE
2008-05-28 rgrossoLUTs mapping symnames and original global matrices...
2008-05-28 morschFinishRun added
2008-05-28 maseraAdded method SetTaskOffset in ITS checkers. Updated...
2008-05-28 vulpescuUpdate for changes in other parts of the code
2008-05-28 richtermmade bugfix 25978 into a generic protection
2008-05-28 hdalsgaaAllowed for seperate gain analysis on the ten halfrings...
2008-05-28 marianAdding function to make calibration tree (Marian)
2008-05-28 ivanaRegenerated file to avoid warning about a different...
2008-05-28 kharlovPHOSda2.cxx is renamed to PHOSDA2da.cxx
2008-05-28 kharlovOld version is deleted
2008-05-28 kharlovPHOSda2.cxx is renamed to PHOSDA2da.cxx
2008-05-28 kharlovOld version is deleted
2008-05-28 kharlovPHOSdaN.cxx is renamed to PHOSDANda.cxx
2008-05-28 morschFinish run with print-out of run statistics added.
2008-05-28 ivanaChanged the return type for operator=(const TIterator&)
2008-05-27 maseraHandling of static DDL maps (S. Borysov)
2008-05-27 jklayincrease array size to avoid seg faults in testbeam...
2008-05-27 jklayminor fixes for cluster unfolding
2008-05-27 cvetanCorrected run-loader load-unload sequence.
2008-05-27 rvernetAdded an array containing values of variables to cut...
2008-05-27 cholmFixes to DAs
2008-05-27 jgrosseoremoving old documentation
2008-05-27 ivana- MUONSurveyUtil.C: Adapt for changes in AliMpExMap
2008-05-27 laphecetLast missing bit and pieces from the last commit, relat...
2008-05-27 ivanaCoding conventions corrections
2008-05-27 zampolliFormat fixed in Logs lines.
2008-05-27 belikovAdding a function that might be needed to account for...
2008-05-27 snellinglast one
2008-05-27 zampolliCorrect UInt_t -> TTimeStamp conversion in MakeGraph...
2008-05-27 coppedisError on 2 DCS DP aliases corrected
2008-05-27 richtermget rid of 'shadowed'-warnings (Sergey)
2008-05-27 morschfNeedsHeaderReplication added.
2008-05-27 ivanaAdding a new class
2008-05-27 ivanaAliMUONDigitCalibrator
2008-05-27 morschCopy of event header for delta-AOD on demand.
2008-05-27 ivana- Adding svn properties svn:keywords, svn:eol-style...
2008-05-27 ivanaAdded a commented line for disabling QA
2008-05-27 aszostakSuppressing unnecessary warning message, because approp...
2008-05-27 ivana- Moving AliMUONTriggerCrateStore from base to trigger,
2008-05-27 agheata- Small fix for CAF that messed-up user tasks after...
2008-05-27 morschGetTree declared const
2008-05-27 aszostakAdded:
2008-05-27 agheata- Fix error message when opening merged aod file on...
2008-05-27 jgrosseoalias statistics in test