2008-03-31 morschMoved to PYTHIA8
2008-03-31 cblumeNext iteration on encoded pad status
2008-03-31 ivanaIn AliMpExMap::Clear(): propagate the optin to data...
2008-03-31 ivanaCorrecting comments for data members
2008-03-31 richtermadded 'backwards' mapping: row/pad to channel; code...
2008-03-31 belikovHMPID: Packing the number of photons and the charge...
2008-03-31 alla read-write CDB data by hands for cosmic runs
2008-03-31 allaimproved version of cosmic calibration & reconstruction
2008-03-31 schutzput all QA under the control f fRunQA
2008-03-31 jgrosseoupdate to comply with new GetLabel function
2008-03-31 jgrosseoadding delta phi study
2008-03-31 dibariOptimization of the reconstruction code.
2008-03-31 hristovLabel for the ITS tracklets (Jan Fiete)
2008-03-31 schutzadded a protection
2008-03-31 ivanaSet CombineClusterTrackReco to false, to be consistent...
2008-03-31 jgrosseoadding run type, removing unused constructor
2008-03-31 alla run type
2008-03-30 laphecetReverting last commit which was not intentional
2008-03-30 laphecetRe-establishing creation of RecPoints in TreeR (Laurent)
2008-03-30 morschOptional friend tree replaced by list of friends.
2008-03-30 jgrosseoenabling checking of run type
2008-03-30 basantaAddRunType added
2008-03-29 morschPossibility to add friend trees.
2008-03-29 morschConnect also branches from friend trees.
2008-03-29 marian(Marian Ivanov)
2008-03-28 richtermcode cleanup: check for valid channel address and row...
2008-03-28 cblumeDigits marked according to pad status
2008-03-28 ivanaAliMUONBlockHeader, AliMUONRawWriter:
2008-03-28 jgrosseominor updates to preprocessor. rewrite needed.
2008-03-28 morsch- Cover non-standard aod use-case
2008-03-28 morschEnforce consistency between branch and object name.
2008-03-28 cheynisList of run types added
2008-03-28 agheata- libPhysics have to be loaded now when setting up...
2008-03-28 morschProtection added.
2008-03-28 morschKine filter added.
2008-03-28 morschFilter task for kinematics (Ernesto Lopez)
2008-03-28 hdalsgaaThis script runs the gain DA given a runnumber and...
2008-03-28 hdalsgaaThis script runs the pedestal DA given a runnumber...
2008-03-28 cvetanCorrect number of tracks that is returned by LoadPoints...
2008-03-28 morschpythia8 example code
2008-03-28 cvetanCDB url and run number are passed as arguments to alipro
2008-03-28 maseraAddRunType cals added for SPD preprocessor (H. Tydesjo)
2008-03-28 laphecetSpecifying which run types we are interested in
2008-03-27 rgrossoCreating the diamond profile object into GRP/Calib...
2008-03-27 richtermbugfixes by Kenneth:
2008-03-27 cblumeAdd two missing functions
2008-03-27 hristovLinking with -lf95 to be able to load the Fortran libraries
2008-03-27 cblumeFix for standalone usage of the tilted Riemann fit...
2008-03-27 richtermcoding conventions and further work on TPCNoiseMap...
2008-03-27 cheynisintroducing QA
2008-03-27 hdalsgaaRemoved a std::cout statement
2008-03-27 polichehBad channels map asked when choosing reference histogra...
2008-03-27 cblumeIntroduction of AliTRDLeastSquare
2008-03-27 morschpdfs for LHAPDF version 5.3.1
2008-03-27 rgrossoDeleting array of detectors' strings
2008-03-27 morschversion update
2008-03-27 morschUpdated to version 5.3.1
2008-03-27 morschVersion update.
2008-03-27 morschCopied from libTPythia8, TPythia is taken from root.
2008-03-27 morschName changed.
2008-03-27 morschEffC++ warnings corrected.
2008-03-27 cvetanCorrected reco param configuration (cosmic rec.C is...
2008-03-27 morschMoved to root.
2008-03-27 cblumeFix of TOF problem, Calculation of dEdx and PID during...
2008-03-27 cvetanAliDebug instead of printf
2008-03-27 cblumeAdd QA analysis classes
2008-03-27 cblumeAdd QA analysis classes
2008-03-27 aszostakAdding definitions for the fields of the lookup tables...
2008-03-27 schutzremoved reset of histograms in StartOfCycle (Online...
2008-03-27 cvetanSwitch off global QA for the moment
2008-03-27 cvetanLink all the libs. Shall be revised as soon as we get...
2008-03-27 cvetanReset the raw-reader before using it
2008-03-27 jgrosseoupdated ldif configuration
2008-03-26 richtermsetting reconstruction chain specificly for AliRoot...
2008-03-26 richtermreverting and postponing changes from 24729 partly...
2008-03-26 richterm- handling of global AliHLTSystem singleton moved to...
2008-03-26 richtermadded sample macro for TPC reconstruction
2008-03-26 morschAbsolute path removed.
2008-03-26 morschClasses for event generation with pythia8
2008-03-26 morschBase class for common usage if Pythia6 and Pythia8.
2008-03-26 morschUsing generalized pdf codes.
2008-03-26 morschProcess codes for Pythia 6 and 8
2008-03-26 richtermadded unit test for AliHLTTPCMapping class
2008-03-26 morschPdf identified via string or number.
2008-03-26 morschfFlag set in AliAODtrack. (M. Oldenburg)
2008-03-26 jklayadded check on high end of amplitudes from fit to solve...
2008-03-26 cblumeFix a few overlaps
2008-03-26 schutzsolved problems with the cycles when running QA during...
2008-03-26 maseraAdded methods for finding a given module in the DDL...
2008-03-26 maseraAddRunType calls added in the constructor (F.Prino)
2008-03-26 maseraBug fix in the destructor
2008-03-26 maseraBug fix
2008-03-26 dibariCompatibility with changes with Pythia6
2008-03-26 dibariAll HVs set to 2050 (defaut one)
2008-03-26 dibariAll HVs set to 2050 (defaut one)
2008-03-26 dibariUpdated mapping according with last infos from P. Marti...
2008-03-26 cvetanInitial version of the Alice Prompt Reconstruction...
2008-03-26 cvetanSetRecoParam methods should be static
2008-03-26 marianAdding TRD track from friend constainer (Alexander)
2008-03-26 hristovBug fix