2010-02-23 belikovMemory leak fix (M. Verweij).
2010-02-23 maseraFix for Savannah bug 63380 in CookLabel() - A.Dainese...
2010-02-23 andronicmore fixes
2010-02-23 gconesabMove class AliCaloNeuralNetworkFit from "EMCALrec"...
2010-02-23 gconesabAdd PHOS way to calculate the cells position
2010-02-23 marianAttached are the updates to fix the last two QA tasks...
2010-02-23 kkanaki- corrected class name in error statement
2010-02-23 snellingadditions to the toy model to test the methods with...
2010-02-23 lietavaTrigger input names added to ESD (Plamen)
2010-02-23 kkanaki- removed compilation warning
2010-02-23 kkanaki- corrected compilation warnings
2010-02-23 pchristChanges in the QA + control plots for secondries to...
2010-02-23 richtermcode cleanup (Theo)
2010-02-23 coppedisUPdated and corrected LASER DA
2010-02-23 richtermcorrecting output data block specification for TRD...
2010-02-23 richtermadd possibility to omit checking of trigger class ...
2010-02-23 richtermadding a TRD histogram merger component which allows...
2010-02-23 richtermadding helper function to get super module from data...
2010-02-23 dsilvermnew NN tune from Paola
2010-02-22 slindalMerge branch 'histos'
2010-02-22 slindalbugfixes
2010-02-22 odjuvsla- problems with logging and real abs id fixed
2010-02-22 odjuvsla- fixing problem in handling resizing of memory buffer
2010-02-22 odjuvsla- getting real cell abs id
2010-02-22 odjuvsla- checking if we have tracks matched
2010-02-22 odjuvsla- fixing data type for calo clusters
2010-02-22 prinoSmall update in macro for SDD drift speed visualization
2010-02-22 slindalAdded tpc histos
2010-02-22 kkanaki- removed obsolete argument -timebin
2010-02-22 dsilvermcleanup - removing old STU raw stream class
2010-02-22 haavardDefault entry for TPC/Calib/HighVoltage
2010-02-22 haavardUpdates to include list of active DDLs in AltroConfig...
2010-02-22 gvolpeRun number stored in the noise histogram
2010-02-22 slindalAdded histogram features, improved code
2010-02-22 slindalremoved cout statements
2010-02-22 snellingsetters for nonflow in either eta or pt range
2010-02-22 belikovFix in GetMass(). Return the pion mass, if all the...
2010-02-22 lietavatrigger class syntax accepts 8-10 items (allows us...
2010-02-22 kkanaki- removed the offline function call for calculating...
2010-02-22 belikovFix in the usage of the magnetc field (A. Marin)
2010-02-22 allamore strong protection from writing data
2010-02-21 martinezCorrectly fill the MC information in tree (Diego)
2010-02-21 gconesabModify terminate to include histograms with clusters...
2010-02-21 slindalcosmetics
2010-02-21 slindalRecommiting these
2010-02-21 slindal-Created new base class for the Calo physics histogram...
2010-02-21 slindalChanged CaloHistoComponent to take caloCluster struct...
2010-02-21 slindalstarted enabling clusterStruct input
2010-02-20 gconesabAliAnaCaloTrackReader: Put the geometry matrix for...
2010-02-20 gconesabAdd initial comment to trigger mapping methods.
2010-02-20 dsilvermfrom Svein - more missing includes for newer gcc
2010-02-20 bhippoly1. CheckCascade :
2010-02-20 basantainitialisation warning fixed
2010-02-20 slindalbug fixes in PHOS geometry
2010-02-20 dsilvermfix for compilation problems with newer gcc version...
2010-02-19 slindalMerge branch 'trackMatcher'
2010-02-19 slindalAdded check that nClusters > 0
2010-02-19 kleinbNew directory structure for output not to mix run numbe...
2010-02-19 kleinbglobal selection is on again
2010-02-19 kleinbcorrected definitions for Chi2
2010-02-19 prinoAdd protection on time stamp in macro to monitor SDD...
2010-02-19 zampolliUpdating macros to run reco+calibration.
2010-02-19 gconesabCorrection on new Trigger commit, some casting from...
2010-02-19 pulvirSince there are some cuts which require to take informa...
2010-02-19 prinoRemove usage of minuit in SDD DAs
2010-02-19 prinoRemove usage of minuit in SDD DAs
2010-02-19 gconesabNew Trigger Emulation and Trigger access from data...
2010-02-19 maseraNormalization for RAW and RECP histograms (Melinda)
2010-02-19 morsch- Derive from AliAnalysisTaskSE
2010-02-19 morsch- derive from AliAnalysisTaskSE
2010-02-19 gconesabReduce pedestal value for sampling simulated digits...
2010-02-19 morschCommon access to ESDfriends
2010-02-19 morschMissing * for pointer added.
2010-02-19 morschProblem with overwriting memory corrected.
2010-02-19 odjuvsla- fixing compilation warnings
2010-02-19 odjuvsla- small bug fixes to fix problem with global coordinates
2010-02-19 odjuvsla- loading geometry from CDB
2010-02-19 abercuci- new definition of cluster to track residuals
2010-02-19 coppedisError in ADCch2Phe called by Raw2SDigits method
2010-02-19 snellingset default back to real data with physics selection
2010-02-19 sgorbunoNow the TPC clusterfinder produces a special compressed...
2010-02-19 snellingchanged inheritance to TaskSE
2010-02-19 gvolpeMinors
2010-02-18 kaamodtAdded some new histograms, changed the BG calculation...
2010-02-18 sgorbunooutput of the slice tracker optimised
2010-02-18 gvolpeProtection added in the preprocessor
2010-02-18 sgorbunobsolete tracker output removed
2010-02-18 sgorbunoObsolete tracker output removed
2010-02-18 slindalChanged constness of the AliHLTCaloClusterDataStruct...
2010-02-18 slindalMerge branch 'trackMatcher'
2010-02-18 morschEvents by default are selected.
2010-02-18 agheataProtections added in GetEvent method.
2010-02-18 daineseNew task for D* efficiencies with CORRFW (Alessandro)
2010-02-18 snellingbug fixes
2010-02-18 odjuvsla- adding EMCAL geometry class
2010-02-18 odjuvsla- fixing compilation warnings
2010-02-18 odjuvsla- changing format of matched tracks from TArrayI to...
2010-02-18 odjuvsla- fixing bug in clusterisation
2010-02-18 odjuvsla- adding AliHLTEMCALDigitMakerComponent
2010-02-18 odjuvsla- setting the data to be zero suppressed as default