2012-11-05 cbaumannswitch vertex selection
2012-11-05 mcosentiincluding more mc-checks
2012-11-05 cbaumannfix track selection
2012-11-05 ssakaiupdated
2012-11-05 mkrzewicon Proof dont delete the output objects in the destructor
2012-11-05 mkrzewiccomply with the framework conventions for running on...
2012-11-05 wiechulao catch NULL pointer
2012-11-04 sgorbunobug fix in initialisation of fast cluster transformation
2012-11-04 shahoianMore rubust way of defining the Tracking2Local matrix...
2012-11-04 shahoianAdded macros to create misalignment and to apply it.
2012-11-04 mivanovstd::cout
2012-11-04 sgorbunoBug fixes in HLT cluster transformation:
2012-11-02 shahoianAdded classes for geometry - reconstruction interface...
2012-11-02 mcosentiincluding mc truth in the hnsparse
2012-11-02 agheataPatch for PbPb MC caching that affects performance...
2012-11-02 morsch New faeture splitting one event "by track charge"...
2012-11-02 shahoianPossibility to create an AliKFParticle object with...
2012-11-02 zconesaFix (Alexander)
2012-11-02 jgrosseomc zvtx binning
2012-11-02 hqvigstamoved CAF files to seperate directory
2012-11-02 cbaumannchanges to macro
2012-11-02 rgrossoAdded function CheckFileRecords which looks at the...
2012-11-02 morschCorrections
2012-11-02 jbook-fix for no signals
2012-11-02 fprinoPossibility to apply a cut on kaon PID in the 3 prong...
2012-11-01 hqvigstaAdded DrawPi0SpectrumCentralTrigger()
2012-11-01 hqvigstaGenerall cleanup, now compilable.
2012-11-01 hqvigstaChanged how binning is done, more bins, mix of lin...
2012-11-01 hqvigstaMerged changes made by Yuri.
2012-11-01 odjuvslaAdding macro to calculate correction factors
2012-11-01 odjuvslaFixing warnings
2012-11-01 odjuvslaAdding correction classes to build system
2012-11-01 odjuvslaLoading correction factors from root files / Simplifica...
2012-11-01 morschPropagate generator names to headers
2012-11-01 snellingfix mixing
2012-11-01 morschUpdates for the pid caching. By default it is still...
2012-11-01 jbook-updated user config
2012-11-01 mivanovAdding OCDB entries for the Ion tail
2012-11-01 jbook-add setter for mc inv.mass spectrum
2012-11-01 jgrosseobinning
2012-11-01 fbelliniUpdated macros for lego train (M. Vala)
2012-11-01 fbelliniAdded flag to apply cuts via filter bit or full list...
2012-11-01 rgrossoupdated responsibles in the HLT configuration
2012-11-01 jbook-rm obsolete fit functionality
2012-11-01 mivanovAdd macro to create OCDB entry for ion tail
2012-11-01 jbook-add TPC vertex for AOD event cuts
2012-11-01 jbook-now you can fill track and pair variables of mc signal...
2012-11-01 cbaumannNcrossedRows cut adjusted
2012-11-01 shahoian1) The ladders are built in increasing phi order.
2012-11-01 morschhttps://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/index.php?98544
2012-11-01 cbaumannchange vertex definition
2012-11-01 shahoianadded method to propagate parameters only
2012-11-01 jgrosseovariable bin handling
2012-11-01 cholmNew empirical correction
2012-11-01 cholmAdded some scipts to installation
2012-11-01 cholmAdd method as parameter output
2012-11-01 cholmMinor fixes
2012-11-01 cholmUpdated the summary generators - added one for dNdeta
2012-11-01 cholmAdd method as parameter output
2012-10-31 loizidesfix
2012-10-31 loizidesadded jet embedding from generator tasks
2012-10-31 loizidesadded jet embedding from generator tasks
2012-10-31 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-10-31 loizidesupdate from Rosi
2012-10-31 mivanovCreate bitmask in the first itteration
2012-10-31 cholmVarious fixes and improvements - almost ready to deploy
2012-10-31 cholmMany changes in one.
2012-10-31 cholmAdded possibility to get phi acceptance as a 1D histogram
2012-10-31 cholmChanged debug of CTORs/DTOR
2012-10-31 cholmChanged debug of CTORs/DTOR
2012-10-31 cholmChanged debug of CTORs/DTOR
2012-10-31 cholmBetter trigger histogram
2012-10-31 cholmMade it possible to pass corrEmpty
2012-10-31 cholmVarious fixes and improvements
2012-10-31 cholmVarious fixes and improvements
2012-10-31 gconesabadd option of energy and nlm dependent asymmetry cut...
2012-10-31 cholmVarious fixes to make the script easier to use
2012-10-31 cholmAdded macro to draw stuff from forward.root to a PDF
2012-10-31 jgrosseohybrid track cuts
2012-10-31 gconesabadd pile-up related histograms plus other minor fixes
2012-10-31 cholmCorrected spelling mistake Emperical -> Empirical
2012-10-31 cholmCorrected spelling mistake Emperical -> Empirical
2012-10-31 hqvigstaRemoved dynamic rebinning, and added rejection of very...
2012-10-31 hqvigstafixed bug, directory was not created.
2012-10-31 hqvigstaAdded macro by yuri, DrawPi0Spectrum.C
2012-10-31 hqvigstaAdded support for merging centralitites, and extended...
2012-10-31 hqvigstaAdded flat RP chi2 to QA
2012-10-31 hqvigstamodified Extract QA macros to be complient with new...
2012-10-31 hqvigstaFixes, Additions, and cleanup of macro, MakeMmixPi0.C
2012-10-31 hqvigstaMacro now copies list of run and files to single file
2012-10-31 hqvigstasorted list of runs
2012-10-31 jgrosseoz-vtx binnning for MC
2012-10-30 cbaumannadjust analysis
2012-10-30 tkolleggImplemented handling of StreamerInfo from the online...
2012-10-30 jgrosseobug fix for double delete
2012-10-30 cvetanIntroduction of ZNA centrality selection for p-Pb data...
2012-10-30 pcrochetFix the pdf output (the first and last plots were missi...
2012-10-30 loizidesfix from Salvatore
2012-10-29 shahoianFix in options of Tracking2Local matrix building
2012-10-29 pcrochetAdd trigger chamber efficiency trending per RPC and...