2008-11-11 schutzchanged HMPID geometry version
2008-11-11 marianAdding description of calibration using tracks
2008-11-11 schutzcorrected bug in task loop
2008-11-11 fcaImproving prototypes
2008-11-11 snellingextrea option for correction framework cfmgr2->SetNStep...
2008-11-11 snellingtested cumulant code for proof
2008-11-11 mtadelWith Alexey:
2008-11-11 hristovFixed generation of dictionaries for the RAW data event...
2008-11-11 snellingpatched warnings and few bug fixes for empty events
2008-11-10 decaroAdded static methods to convert GEANT numbering into...
2008-11-10 decaroRemoved FSTR/FLT extrusions in the res/full TOF misalig...
2008-11-10 zampolliCoding Conventions fixed.
2008-11-10 zampolliCoding Conventions fixed.
2008-11-10 hdalsgaaFixed warnings
2008-11-10 maserawarnings with gcc 4.3.2
2008-11-10 dibariCorrections suggested by FC to avoid warnings
2008-11-10 richtermsetting keyword substitution
2008-11-10 richtermadded missing header files for commit 29821
2008-11-10 richtermrevision of PHOS HLT to get rid of gcc 4.3 warnings...
2008-11-10 coppedisTo be updated?
2008-11-10 abercucifix returning from FollowProlongation if propagation...
2008-11-10 mtadelanyscan_init.C
2008-11-10 daineseRemove obsolete class AliAnalysisTaskVertexingHF (Andrea)
2008-11-10 maserawarnings with gcc 4.3.2
2008-11-10 daineseRemove obsolete class AliAnalysisTaskVertexingHF (Andrea)
2008-11-10 maseramap of the FastOr-configured chips.
2008-11-10 maserawarnings with gcc 4.3.2
2008-11-10 marianMerge function - in case the AnalysisTask called on...
2008-11-10 schutzremove EMCAL DB
2008-11-10 akisielFixing GCC warnings
2008-11-10 abercucireject bad MC tracks
2008-11-10 jgrosseodefault setting for n sigma cut changed from TRUE to...
2008-11-10 richtermextended logging for multiple instances of AliHLTCompon...
2008-11-10 richtermbetter handling of failed PushBack of output object
2008-11-10 richtermbetter handling of failed PushBack of output object
2008-11-10 richtermadded possibility to get buffer size of last serialized...
2008-11-10 richtermbugfix: object table was used to check validity of...
2008-11-09 fcaPointer to void changed into pointer to function
2008-11-08 mtadelDo not assign kink status until its meaning is clear...
2008-11-08 morschCorrection.
2008-11-08 marianTrigger mask setting for calibration
2008-11-08 richtermadding parentheses following gcc 4.3 suggestion
2008-11-08 richtermremoving obsolete copy of AltroChannelSelectorComponent
2008-11-08 richtermadding libPHOSUtil.so to libAliHLTPHOS.so dependencies
2008-11-08 richtermimproved check for libraries with circular dependencies...
2008-11-08 akisielFixing gcc warnings
2008-11-08 marianUsage of the error and shape parameterization
2008-11-08 marianAdding function to calculate expected shape and errors
2008-11-08 marianWarnings removal (Marian)
2008-11-08 marianWarnnings removal (Marian)
2008-11-07 morschBetter numerical stability for high uu
2008-11-07 gconesabcoding violations corrected
2008-11-07 cvetanRemoving non-implemented and possibly not needed method...
2008-11-07 abercuciadd print-out for MC hits
2008-11-07 abercucisimplified used interface
2008-11-07 bhippolyGives aruments to the AliESDv0::GetD(x,y,z)
2008-11-07 bhippolyGives aruments to the AliESDv0::GetD(x,y,z)
2008-11-07 belikovUsing the best available reconstructed primary vertex.
2008-11-07 belikovThe AliESDEvent::GetPrimaryVertex() returns now the...
2008-11-07 richtermcorrecting typo and compilation warnings
2008-11-07 morschcorrect warning
2008-11-07 morschProtection added.
2008-11-07 daineseAnalysis can take both AOD or ESD as input (Andrea)
2008-11-07 richtermavoiding gcc 4.3 warnings by defining void function...
2008-11-07 abercucifix compilation problem
2008-11-07 allaremoved warnings
2008-11-07 allaimproved version from Tomek
2008-11-07 dibariminor
2008-11-07 belikovNumerically stable formula (A. Dainese)
2008-11-07 allaremoved warnings
2008-11-07 allaimproved AliT0DataDCS from Tomek
2008-11-07 abercuci- fix connection to the visualization framework
2008-11-07 abercuciimproved tooltips
2008-11-07 richtermbugfix: corrected sign convention producing wrong curva...
2008-11-07 dibariminor
2008-11-07 schutzremoved EMCAL DB
2008-11-06 maserawarnings with gcc 4.3.2
2008-11-06 laphecetAdded a protection against bad (wrt pedestal values...
2008-11-06 rvernetFix for possible use of AliCFManager without containers...
2008-11-06 richtermsetting parentheses following gcc 4.3 suggestions
2008-11-06 cvetanBug fix! Thanks to Adam for spotting it
2008-11-06 cvetanWarnings fixed
2008-11-06 schutzdelete EMCAL DB
2008-11-06 fcaCorrect 4.3.2 warnings
2008-11-06 richtermbugfix: remember the last buffer size correctly when...
2008-11-06 richtermmaking warning about empty task list an info message
2008-11-06 richtermbugfix: typo caused missing symbol kAliHLTDataTypeTrack
2008-11-06 schutzremoved local EMCAL DB
2008-11-06 cholmFleshed out geometry of FMD2 and 3. All should be...
2008-11-06 gconesabcorrected warnings with gcc 4.3, 2nd iteration
2008-11-06 cholmAdded possibility to reconstruct directly from raw...
2008-11-06 cholmAdded the class AliFMDESDRevertexer for recalculating the
2008-11-06 morschWarning fixed.
2008-11-06 abercucifix problem in counting found tracks (Markus)
2008-11-06 morschWarning fixed.
2008-11-06 morschEvent Shape Utility Class (Antonio Ortiz Velasquez...
2008-11-06 kleinbFixed usage of esdVtx for v0s
2008-11-06 snellingupdated cumulats to work with standard macros
2008-11-06 belikovA few more helper functions (B. Hippolyte).
2008-11-06 cvetanThe vertex finder algorithm can be set from AliGPRRecoP...