2009-10-23 daineseUse AliAnalysisTaskSE::AODEvent() to read the AOD that...
2009-10-23 cheynisWarning fixed
2009-10-23 coppedisTrue warning removal
2009-10-23 mtadelAdd AliEveMacroExector with its DataSelection tab so...
2009-10-23 coppedisTrue warning removal
2009-10-23 belikovAdding a data member for keeping the x-residual in...
2009-10-23 belikovFixing a compilation warning
2009-10-23 belikovAdding a task for the relative TPC-ITS alignment (M...
2009-10-23 coppedisWarning removal
2009-10-23 belikovAdding the run number (M. Krzewicki)
2009-10-23 coppedisWarning removal
2009-10-23 daineseCoding rules (Markus)
2009-10-23 richtermcorrecting compilation warning
2009-10-23 morschSome leaks corrected.
2009-10-23 bhippolyUpdating Kink tasks (by P.Ganoti, pganoti@phys.uoa.gr)
2009-10-23 richtermcompilation warnings corrected
2009-10-23 snellingfurther clean-up
2009-10-23 bhippolyAdding new task macros for Kink resonance analysis...
2009-10-23 laphecetFixing warning
2009-10-23 akisielFix warning
2009-10-23 kkanaki- set the circular buffer of ntuples to 5000 entries...
2009-10-23 daineseLittle changes (Chiara)
2009-10-23 coppedisImprovement in raw data streaming
2009-10-23 daineseUpdates in PID usage (Markus)
2009-10-23 daineseupdate
2009-10-23 akisielUpdate runBatch.C to the version with arguments
2009-10-23 daineseTest tasks for official train
2009-10-23 daineseSame cuts as TaskSED0Mass
2009-10-23 daineseSplitting pt bin 1-3 GeV in two bins (Chiara)
2009-10-23 daineseLittle changes (Andrea)
2009-10-23 daineseFill ntuple only on request; more mass histos (Francesc...
2009-10-23 abercuciprotect function PlotNTrackletsTrack against missing...
2009-10-23 abercucifix stupid bug which prevented clusterizer to write...
2009-10-23 abercuciuse PID reference data from the new structure
2009-10-23 marianWarning removal (Marian)
2009-10-23 richtermcoding conventions
2009-10-23 gvolpeRaw QA for DQM shifter
2009-10-23 abercucinew strategy for TRD-PID ref maker (AlexW & AlexB)
2009-10-23 shahoianNow HLT can use AliGRPManager methods after attaching...
2009-10-23 laphecetMust for the init of the mapping for Amore case
2009-10-23 hdalsgaaremoved a printout
2009-10-23 cheynisImplementation of DeadMap
2009-10-23 cheynisImplementation of DeadMap
2009-10-23 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2009-10-23 cblumeFix coding rule violations
2009-10-23 kharlovImprovments for RAW QA:
2009-10-23 belikovAn update of the primary vertex reconstruction method...
2009-10-23 laphecetFixing errors not spotted on Mac
2009-10-23 akisielSelect configuration via argumen
2009-10-23 akisielNew analysis config macro
2009-10-23 cholmRemoved
2009-10-23 laphecetRelated to commit 35828
2009-10-23 laphecetReorganization of the QA (Rec), by splitting a MTR...
2009-10-23 marianSpeed up CE code - Using floats instead of the TVectorF
2009-10-23 cblumeFix compiler warnings
2009-10-23 morsch.code() and not .codeSub() gives the process code ...
2009-10-23 schutzchange TH1 status bit for expert, QA and image that...
2009-10-23 zampolliUpdating DPs list for TPC - CavernAtmosPressure, Cavern...
2009-10-23 sgorbunoA new option: "-fitTracks2Vertex" fills constrained...
2009-10-23 pchristModification of the analysis mode from TPC to Hybrid...
2009-10-23 cblumeFix coding rule violations
2009-10-23 cblumeFix compiler warnings
2009-10-23 kleinbremoved GetThrustAxis, has been moved to the helper
2009-10-23 sgorbunoPrimary vertex finder and V0 finder are added to the...
2009-10-23 sgorbunocheck of non-diagonal elements of the covariance matrix...
2009-10-23 sgorbunobug fix in mult. scattering
2009-10-23 basantaretrieving mapping file from daqDatabase
2009-10-23 basantaHardware Mapping file
2009-10-23 basantaMapping file put in the CDB
2009-10-23 basantaMapping file put in the CDB
2009-10-23 marianCode didn't compiled with latest trunk
2009-10-23 marianRemoved function not yet defined in STEER trunk
2009-10-22 marianM AliTPCTransform.cxx - Eff C++ warning
2009-10-22 decaroTOF residual information update: added also rhoXphi...
2009-10-22 marianEff C++ warning removal
2009-10-22 jotwinowchanges by Ana Marin
2009-10-22 martinezFixing computing rule violations (Roberta)
2009-10-22 marianAliTPCcalibDButil.cxx.diff Fix validity...
2009-10-22 jotwinowadditinal data member
2009-10-22 jklaycorrected (again) the setting of WDecay parent for...
2009-10-22 richtermbugfix: checking for consistency of the data, thanks...
2009-10-22 haavardUse DAQ_start_time/DAQ_end_time for High Voltage maps
2009-10-22 snellingadded += and + for AliFlowVector
2009-10-22 snellingcleanup
2009-10-22 jotwinowrejection of electrons fixed
2009-10-22 jotwinowmatching performance class AliPerformanceMatch added
2009-10-22 jotwinowmatching performance ITS-TPC-TRD class
2009-10-22 kaamodtFixed wrong return types
2009-10-22 fcaQA mods to fix warnings
2009-10-22 richtermextract streamer info from the HLTOUT payload and make...
2009-10-22 schutzadded methods to retrieve the runnumber and the event...
2009-10-22 marianCheck the presence of the ExB field map
2009-10-22 cblumeReplace char * by TString
2009-10-22 morschProtection added.
2009-10-22 hdalsgaanew FMD correction objects for 900GeV
2009-10-22 hdalsgaanew features and management of objects
2009-10-22 kleinb fixing coding violations moved event shape calculation...
2009-10-22 hdalsgaaadding collision energy of 7000 GeV
2009-10-22 jgrosseoadding flag for non-field data
2009-10-22 abercucifix warnings