2011-02-14 hristovDelegated access method (Alla)
2011-02-14 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2011-02-14 rpreghenadded run-number structure
2011-02-14 daineseProtection
2011-02-14 sgorbuno- a difference between CPU and GPU tracker results...
2011-02-14 laphecetRevert previous commit
2011-02-14 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-02-14 cnattrasFixing bug caught by Marcelo
2011-02-14 morschCopy constructor and =operator added.
2011-02-14 fcaImprovements in cmake functionality
2011-02-14 akisielFix Coverity 10050
2011-02-14 akisielFix Coverity reports
2011-02-14 maseraModifications to flag fake tracks (Ruben)
2011-02-14 jthaederfix warning
2011-02-14 richtermchecking pointer type cast
2011-02-14 richtermchecking result of resource allocation
2011-02-13 cholmInstall SPD cluster script and corrections
2011-02-13 cholmAdd SPD cluster method
2011-02-13 cholmSet init parameters from args
2011-02-13 cholmHHD forgot to update/commit this
2011-02-13 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-13 cholmUpdates
2011-02-13 cholmUpdate documentation with comment from Luciano
2011-02-13 hdalsgaacorrection objects for 7 TeV.
2011-02-13 hdalsgaaThe revisited SPD cluster analysis in the new AOD frame...
2011-02-13 daineseCoverity
2011-02-13 daineseCoverity
2011-02-13 daineseCoverity
2011-02-13 daineseFixed compilation warning
2011-02-13 shahoianAdded getter/setter for ITS fake flag
2011-02-13 snellingbug fix: some cuts where not checked
2011-02-13 prsnkoL1Phase subtraction returned to same as in TPC
2011-02-13 cholmScript supersceeded by AliForwarddNdetaTask.C and
2011-02-13 cholmAdded class AliForwarddNdetaTask to do the dN/deta
2011-02-13 mtadelFix compilation warning.
2011-02-13 cnattrasMacros which calculate PID and neutral energy correctio...
2011-02-12 mariancaching of the correction coeficients from the graph
2011-02-12 loizidesDue to a wrongly overloaded function need to call SetDi...
2011-02-12 mvalaFix for event mixing, when it was selecting events...
2011-02-12 snellingsimplify par files on the grid
2011-02-12 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-02-12 kleinbclean up in spectrum task, added area histograms and...
2011-02-12 kleinbcoverity fix
2011-02-12 marianUsing the new dEdx algorithm + signal below threshold
2011-02-12 marianAddin new classes for gain equalization
2011-02-11 richtermNULL pointer protections
2011-02-11 richtermremoving obsolete variable
2011-02-11 richtermadding NULL pointer protection and safe string operation
2011-02-11 dainesePt cut for candidate
2011-02-11 daineseFix retieval of V0 info (Carlos)
2011-02-11 richtermadding pointer protections
2011-02-11 loizidesImplemented interface to NxM clusterizer
2011-02-11 loizidesImplemented NxM cluster finder
2011-02-11 loizidesremove props
2011-02-11 kharlovCoverity fixes
2011-02-11 decaroAlgorithm optimization (F.Bellini)
2011-02-11 decaroFix for coverity
2011-02-11 cvetanAdding the rescaled channel mult.
2011-02-11 decaroFix for coverity
2011-02-11 daineseCoverity (ChiaraZ)
2011-02-11 dainesepossibility to cut on the pt of candidate (Rossella)
2011-02-11 dainesepossibility to cut on the pt of candidate (Rossella)
2011-02-11 slindalAdd debuglevel
2011-02-11 coppedisFix
2011-02-11 richtermminor code cleanup
2011-02-11 richtermminor bugfix: returning error message when breaking...
2011-02-11 fcaFIxing annoying warning
2011-02-11 maseraMinor corrections to air-filled container volumes ...
2011-02-11 allawarnings fixed
2011-02-11 snellingfor TPC pid get the momentum at tpc inner wall
2011-02-11 decaroFix for coverity
2011-02-11 mflorisBug fix in the bin0 loop
2011-02-11 morschClasDef version increased.
2011-02-11 mtadelFix compilation warnings.
2011-02-11 abercucifix coverity
2011-02-11 abercucifix coverity
2011-02-11 cblumeSetting manually the version and subversion numbers...
2011-02-11 prinoUpdated multiplicity selection (Leonardo)
2011-02-11 morsch- cleaning of outliers
2011-02-11 daineseUse faster methods
2011-02-10 daineseCentrality class in output name (Chiara)
2011-02-10 daineseCoverity and speed up (Andrea)
2011-02-10 daineseCoverity and speed up (Andrea)
2011-02-10 snellingtrain back
2011-02-10 pchristAdding comparison macros
2011-02-10 daineseUse methods to squared quantities to avoid sqrt
2011-02-10 daineseUse methods to squared quantities to avoid sqrt
2011-02-10 morschFaster inv. mass selection (no sqrt)
2011-02-10 snellingcleanup
2011-02-10 snelling5 particle cumulants
2011-02-10 hdalsgaafixing warnings from coverity
2011-02-10 morschI added some methods that return squared distances...
2011-02-10 decaroFix for coverity
2011-02-10 decaroFix for coverity
2011-02-10 cblumeRemove old raw reader class
2011-02-10 fcaRemoving RuleChecker
2011-02-10 zampolliUpdating timestamps according to new simulation time.
2011-02-10 snellingadded 5particle correlator
2011-02-10 agheatacorrected default OCDB path
2011-02-10 morschWarnings corrected.