2010-06-25 aszostakMajor update required to handle old and new AliHLTEvent...
2010-06-24 daineseAdd setting to read friends
2010-06-24 morschCorrection for the size of strings.
2010-06-24 kleinblimit printout
2010-06-24 allaremoved pritout
2010-06-24 shahoianAdded to AliITSMultReconstructor flagging of tracks
2010-06-24 aszostakBug fix for HMPID bits in readout list.
2010-06-24 kleinbfix memory leaks (Marta)
2010-06-24 snellingmodified classdefs
2010-06-24 jotwinowchanges by Simone Schuchmann
2010-06-24 shahoian1) Added to AliESDtrack the flags marking those which...
2010-06-24 shahoianadded possibility to print sparse vector/matrix with...
2010-06-24 jotwinowChanges by Simone Schuchmann
2010-06-24 kleinbCorrected memory leaks and go back to old vertex selection
2010-06-24 kleinbImproved handling of delta AOD output, (patch merging...
2010-06-23 cvetanVZERO digits have to be unloaded, otherwise the trigger...
2010-06-23 aszostakUpdates required for new readout list bit pattern format.
2010-06-23 marianAliTPCcalibAlign.cxx - Protection again 0 pointer
2010-06-23 prinoAdd computation of dE/dx (truncated mean) after inward...
2010-06-23 cblume- include header suppression in raw data simulation...
2010-06-23 cblumeBug fixes as suggested by Matus and updates for pass0...
2010-06-23 cblume- include header suppression in raw data simulation...
2010-06-23 cvetanComplete reshuffling of the digitization code. Now...
2010-06-23 mtadelFrom Stefano:
2010-06-23 kleinbDo not a histo to the list twice, results in double...
2010-06-23 kleinbfixed assginment
2010-06-23 agheataTender macro should check derivation from AliESDInputHa...
2010-06-22 hdalsgaaChange in the way event selection corrections are...
2010-06-22 hdalsgaaChange in the way event selection corrections are...
2010-06-22 allaphysics DA collects T0 information without printout
2010-06-22 allaphysics DA collects T0 information
2010-06-22 prinoUpdated run range for OCDB/ITS/Calib/CalibSDD object
2010-06-22 cblume- corrected check for max number of channels per mcm
2010-06-22 prinoModified run range in macros to create OCDB objects
2010-06-22 prinoUpdated run range for OCDB object
2010-06-22 kleinbavoid writing of Geometry helper, create them in UserCr...
2010-06-22 maseraChecking RecoParam before creating the ITSdebug.root...
2010-06-22 marianRemoving F..ing fatal in the OCDB access
2010-06-22 maseraImproved treatment of track labels (F. Prino)
2010-06-22 marianMakeing defualt plots - report from the raw data QA
2010-06-22 jgrosseotwo new control histograms
2010-06-22 marianAdding the style for pictures
2010-06-22 gconesabmove minuit initialization to the unfolding method...
2010-06-22 gconesabmove minuit initialization to the unfolding method...
2010-06-22 maseraRemoving forgotten debug printouts
2010-06-22 kleinbWrite the output tree in the AOD format (Filip Krizek)
2010-06-22 marianMacro to make a summary calibration information per run
2010-06-22 marianA makeCalibTreeRun.sh - make summary trees...
2010-06-22 marianUpdate of TPC RAW QA for improving DQM (see documentati...
2010-06-21 belikovBug fix in DCA calculation (S. Gorbunov)
2010-06-21 pchristSwitching off the QA in preparation for the new 900GeV...
2010-06-21 marianlibTPCcalib.pkg -
2010-06-21 daineseUpdate
2010-06-21 daineseUpdate (added some options)
2010-06-21 kaamodtAdded macros to produce pi0 results.
2010-06-21 laphecetAdding missing object
2010-06-21 laphecetAdding missing object
2010-06-21 daineseUpdate (Francesco, Sadhana)
2010-06-21 daineseWarnings in compilation
2010-06-21 daineseAdded possibility to select on angle between D0 daughte...
2010-06-21 kleinbfixed compiler warnings (Marta)
2010-06-21 kleinbnew UE Task from Sara
2010-06-21 odjuvsla- adding use of associated cluster for digits
2010-06-21 odjuvsla- adding data member for associated cluster to digits
2010-06-21 abercuciprotect against missing track pointers
2010-06-21 kleinbincrease class def
2010-06-21 kleinbchanged config
2010-06-21 kleinbChanges to QA TPC, extra task for cosmics, Added utilit...
2010-06-21 marianStefan Rosegger and Jim Thomas
2010-06-21 kkanaki- fix for the streaming of the output
2010-06-21 daineseUse cuts class also for the D* (now used for all channels)
2010-06-21 snellingfix bookkeeping bug
2010-06-21 decaro(S)Digitization code update: now able to correctly...
2010-06-21 daineseFixes in the IsSelected method
2010-06-21 fronchetchanged z/eta envelope dimensions
2010-06-21 kleinbrading trd reference data on alien without aliroot
2010-06-21 kleinbDo not allocate fixed size arrays via new
2010-06-21 shahoianMoved destructor to cxx to suppress complaint about...
2010-06-20 kleinbFixed initialisation of histgrams
2010-06-19 jotwinowpossibility to switch between event vertices
2010-06-19 jotwinowconfig macro for TPCITS task
2010-06-19 snellingfix bookkeeping of RPs when de-tagging
2010-06-18 morschkPsiPrimeJpsiDiElectron added
2010-06-18 cblume- removal of obsolete members and methods
2010-06-18 hristovFixes for report #68312: Improper usage of TClonesArray...
2010-06-18 kaamodtAdded TObjArrays to avoid warnings at runtime (Christian)
2010-06-18 snellingadded a directory with user macros
2010-06-18 prinoAdd flag to switch on multiplicity calculation in ITS...
2010-06-18 morschFix for neg. crossing angles.
2010-06-18 daineseAdded histogram for ITS-PID cluster selection
2010-06-18 coppedisSetters for ZDC configuration added in AliZDC
2010-06-18 coppedisProblem in 1 histo retrieving during reco solved
2010-06-18 rpreghenchanged name to DA source files
2010-06-18 belikovPossibility to propagate tracks to the DCA to the prima...
2010-06-18 rpreghenfixed build error
2010-06-18 rpreghenturn off online readout efficiency in pre-processor...
2010-06-18 slindalFixed bug in enum ESDClu_t, to make it identical to...
2010-06-18 snellingusing reference multiplicity
2010-06-18 maseraCorrecting Chromium A in ITS_INOX - Savannah bug 68603
2010-06-18 kkanaki- updated documentation explaining the new arguments