2009-11-28 marianProtection againsr divison by zerro
2009-11-28 mtadelUse TTimeStamp instead of TTime -- it is overflowing...
2009-11-28 jgrosseoadding plot to histogram spd online trigger bits
2009-11-28 ivanaIn AliMUONCDB:
2009-11-28 richtermremoving the ITS tracker from the input of the ESD...
2009-11-28 coppedisTestZDCPreprocessor.C updated to include MBCALIB case
2009-11-28 coppedis Removing unuseful prints
2009-11-28 basantalarge MC data uploaded
2009-11-27 daineseNew task for D* analysis and D*-jet correlation analysi...
2009-11-27 cblumeAdd an additional protection (Raphaelle)
2009-11-27 kleinbincreased classdef version for added fDebug
2009-11-27 martinezFixing an error in the computation of the efficiency...
2009-11-27 cblumeRemove calls to AliTRDcalibDB::GetNumberOfTimeBins()
2009-11-27 gconesabremove prints accidentally committed
2009-11-27 prinoBug fix in a macro
2009-11-27 jotwinowextended by adding AliPerformanceMatch component
2009-11-27 jotwinowTPC efficiency wrt ITS added (A.Kalwait and J. Otwinowski)
2009-11-27 schutzfix for savannah 59692
2009-11-27 basantaunnecessary message suppressed
2009-11-27 bhippolyre-introducing AliAnalysisTaskPerformanceStrange (H...
2009-11-27 bhippolyre-introducing AliAnalysisTaskPerformanceStrange (H...
2009-11-27 mtadelWith Davide Caffarri:
2009-11-27 mtadelAdd functions to show spd/sdd/ssd only.
2009-11-27 sgorbunocompilation error fixed
2009-11-27 hdalsgaaNew ref dists from large MC sample
2009-11-27 mtadelChange some cluster colors to better suit white background.
2009-11-27 mtadelRegistration of screenshots into amore.
2009-11-27 sgorbunoA fast HLT version of the SPD clusterfinder implemented.
2009-11-27 schutzSavannah 57928
2009-11-27 schutzmodification requested to run HLT QA (savannah 55883)
2009-11-27 aszostakAdding component to generate histograms for clusters.
2009-11-27 gconesabcorrect mispell of class name AliFidutial to AliFiducial
2009-11-27 cblumeUpdate and move to new raw reader (Sylwester)
2009-11-27 abercucinew class "List Analyser" by Ben Hess
2009-11-27 abercucifirst version of list analyser steering macro (Ben)
2009-11-27 abercuciexample macros for EVE analysis using new ListAnalyser...
2009-11-27 cvetanFix for bug#59210 (Alex)
2009-11-27 ivanaAdding 4 new QA histos:
2009-11-27 ivanaIncrementing class version in AliMUONLocalTrigger,...
2009-11-27 richtermadding macro for ITS data replay
2009-11-27 richtermupdating default configurations
2009-11-27 richtermadding more default configurations
2009-11-26 schutzcorrect a bug in sh and changed the discovery of active...
2009-11-26 schutzchanged the order of call of endofcycle so that images...
2009-11-26 schutzenable option - in detector list for QA
2009-11-26 schutzcall of endofcycle common to detectors and global
2009-11-26 maseraFix for Savannah bug report 59287
2009-11-26 hdalsgaachanging cuts to reflect real data
2009-11-26 kkanaki- added protection for slice and partition values out...
2009-11-26 cvetanFrom Matevz: implement virtual Print() from TObject...
2009-11-26 kkanaki- added protection for slice and partition values out...
2009-11-26 cvetanFix for bug #58023. Reco stops on the first error and...
2009-11-26 hdalsgaachanging output name
2009-11-26 kaamodtAdded contact information
2009-11-26 kaamodtCalculate the line cut slope rather than hardcode it...
2009-11-26 mtadelFrom Bogdan: Trigger chambers are tilted for a small...
2009-11-26 cvetanAdditional fix to bug #59368.
2009-11-26 ivanaCoding convention (data member comments after the data...
2009-11-26 agheataAliAODEvent: corrected copy constructor and assignment...
2009-11-26 maseraBug fix. Savannah bug number 59616
2009-11-26 hristovTechnical fix for bug #55111: possible memory corruptio...
2009-11-26 martinezFixing a bug in the computation of the errors (Matthieu)
2009-11-26 martinezSingleMu :modification introduced to retrieve output...
2009-11-26 gconesabElimination of -new AliMagF-, not call the GRP to get...
2009-11-26 cblumeAllow for NTimeBins not being multiples of 3
2009-11-26 abercuciskip the calculation in AliTRDCluster::GetYloc for HLT
2009-11-26 cvetanIncrease class version (forgotten in the previous commit)
2009-11-26 ivanaIn AliMUONESDInterface:
2009-11-26 cblumeCleaup the situation NTimeBin in simulation
2009-11-26 fcaFix for bug #59368
2009-11-26 kkanakiSergey: bug fix with storing cluster id's
2009-11-26 abercuci- move tracklet index stored in track from UShort_t...
2009-11-26 pchristAdding the absorption correction task
2009-11-26 morschFix for
2009-11-26 gconesabchange default reco params to kLowMult, change kLowMult...
2009-11-26 coppedisProtection added until code in STEER won't be updated
2009-11-26 richtermadding macro for TRD HLT (Theodor)
2009-11-26 richtermUpdate by Theodor
2009-11-26 cvetanBug #56211: Storing the reco event specie in the ESD.
2009-11-26 fcaFixing (again) bug #59345
2009-11-26 richtermimportant bugfix for the internal TRD tracklet structur...
2009-11-26 richtermadded more options to run D0 finder from offline or...
2009-11-26 bhippolyRemove useless cast... (B.Hippolyte)
2009-11-26 bhippolyCommon primary vertex access for ESD and AOD (B.HIPPOLYTE)
2009-11-25 richtermadding support for the new AliESDHLTDecision class...
2009-11-25 cvetanRemoval of memory leaks (Laurent)
2009-11-25 cvetanRemoval of memory leaks (Laurent)
2009-11-25 cvetanRemoval of memory small leaks.
2009-11-25 ivanaFixing documentation
2009-11-25 slindalFixing bugs
2009-11-25 mtadel* show_scan_results.C
2009-11-25 allavertex histograms X axis in cm
2009-11-25 schutzoverwrite the image after each cycle
2009-11-25 schutzThe check for save file was blocking the route to the...
2009-11-25 bhippolyremove Global QA task: moved to PWG1 (Yu.Belikov)
2009-11-25 schutzmake GLOBAL always an active "detectors"
2009-11-25 belikovAdding a task for running the GlobalQA over the ESD...
2009-11-25 morschFiles that I have prepared for the Muon AOD creation...
2009-11-25 schutzenable making of image for QA
2009-11-25 morschCall PostData() for each event.