2014-08-03 sgorbunomake AliVVevent abstract (=0)
2014-08-03 sgorbunosplit of AliV and AliVV interfaces
2014-08-02 sgorbunoAliVVexternalTrackParam removed
2014-08-02 sgorbunoAliVVv0 class removed, according to the last agreements
2014-08-02 sgorbunoVVvertex interface removed
2014-08-01 zampolliTask now uses VV classes (ready for the case of flat)
2014-07-31 sgorbunoGetCalibObject() changed to GetTPCseed() in VVfriendtrack
2014-07-31 zampolliReadding the files TPC/*LinkDef and TPC/CMake* and...
2014-07-31 sgorbunoAliAnalysisTaskPt removed from TPC/CMake*, TPC/*Linkdef
2014-07-31 zampolliMoving test task to TPC folder
2014-07-31 sgweberadded using AliVVtrack:GetP, GetXYZ to classes to get...
2014-07-30 zampolliReading friends in analysis framework inside HLT
2014-07-29 sgorbunoMerge branch 'flatdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-07-29 sgorbunotest of flat structure modified
2014-07-29 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-07-29 zampolliIncreasing ClassDef
2014-07-29 zampolliAdding include path
2014-07-29 zampolliImproving readibility of macro
2014-07-25 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-07-25 sgweberupdated conversion macros
2014-07-25 sgorbunoMerge branch 'flatdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-07-25 sgorbunoESD converter produces ESDFriend as separate data block
2014-07-24 sgweberadded input size in AliSysInfo fin FlatESDConverter
2014-07-24 sgorbunoesd friends are added to HLT esd convertor
2014-07-14 sgorbuno.
2014-07-14 sgorbuno.
2014-07-14 mkrzewica compiling version of the VV interface WITH friends
2014-07-14 mkrzewicremove an obsolete file
2014-07-09 sgorbunoreinitialisation constructor added to AliExternalTrackP...
2014-07-09 sgorbunoFlat esd friend added
2014-07-09 sgorbunoFlat esd friend added
2014-07-07 sgweberflat classes now have Reinitialize functions, which...
2014-07-05 sgweberfixed bug in special constructor
2014-07-05 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-07-05 sgweberadded special constructor flag enum for special constru...
2014-07-04 mkrzewicadd initial version of the friend interface classes
2014-07-04 sgweberfixed loops over tracks and clusters in special constru...
2014-07-04 sgweberremoved constructors from read macros
2014-07-04 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-07-04 mkrzewicsmall fixes to make the coverter work
2014-07-03 mkrzewicremove unnecessary call to base ctor
2014-07-03 mkrzewicadd special constructors for restoring the vtable ptr
2014-07-03 mkrzewicmove the implementations out of the class declaration
2014-07-03 sgweberupdated macros, fix in AliFlatTrack::Fill : padRow...
2014-07-03 sgweberadded constructors to ReadFlatESD.C, fixed bugs in...
2014-07-03 sgweberadded virtual destructor to AliVVkink, removed unused...
2014-07-01 sgweberreadded inheritance from base classes
2014-07-01 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-07-01 sgweberadded placement new in converter and read macros
2014-07-01 sgwebermade abstract functions in AliVVvertex non-abstract...
2014-07-01 sgweberadded placement new after reinterpret_cast in order...
2014-07-01 zampolliAdding dictionary
2014-06-30 zampolliOne class forgotten
2014-06-30 zampolliRemoving inheritance, until the vtable is fixed.
2014-06-27 sgwebercorrected primary vertex getter
2014-06-13 sgweberremove FillBenchmarkHistogram function
2014-06-13 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-06-13 mkrzewicfix from Steffen Weber: fixes crashing converter
2014-06-12 sgweberMerge branch 'flatdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps...
2014-06-12 sgweberremoved histogram fill function from converter componen...
2014-06-12 mkrzewicadd AliFlatESDVertex
2014-06-11 mkrzewicfix signature of GetNFoundable to be compatible with...
2014-06-07 zampolliFixed some missing implementations, changed test task...
2014-06-06 mkrzewicadd common abstract interface classes for flat and...
2014-06-05 sgweberremove unneccassary TStopWatch
2014-06-05 sgweberadded conversion shell scripts
2014-06-05 sgwebergive fileName of friengs to FlatESDConverter
2014-06-05 sgweberadded flatesd comparison macro
2014-06-05 sgweberadded benchmark histograms
2014-06-05 sgweberincluded filling of benchmark histos in flat esd conver...
2014-06-05 zampolliMerge branch 'master' into flatdev
2014-06-05 majanikChanges to corrections methods in CorrFctnDEtaDPhiCorre...
2014-06-04 fprinoFix for memory leak
2014-06-04 saiolasilent warnings produced on (some) linux compilers
2014-06-04 saiolaFix configuration of 3x3 clusterizer
2014-06-04 dgangadhAdd r3,r4 full weight reconstruction
2014-06-04 jklein- bugfix for TRD raw data simulation
2014-06-04 gconesabexecute phys sel for ESDs not AODs
2014-06-04 gconesabupdate very old example macro, libraries list, AddTask...
2014-06-04 ssakaiadded histograms to check prolongate track
2014-06-04 pluettigupdated centrality selection
2014-06-04 jbookfix for TProfile3D
2014-06-04 rbertens fix qa histogram inconsistency (qa histo's were filled...
2014-06-04 rbertens more efficient use of vzero calibration code, remove...
2014-06-04 mverweijupdate example macro for jet analysis
2014-06-04 mflorisMerge branch 'master' into LocalDev
2014-06-04 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-04 morschTrigger condition with eta range
2014-06-04 rgrossoAdd method for creating a light snapshot.
2014-06-04 rgrossoRevert some lines from b840c18f + move exit from
2014-06-04 mflorisMade YieldMean compilable + few fixes
2014-06-04 mflorisTrivial modifications for local tests (file list)
2014-06-04 sjenaUpdate from Prabhat
2014-06-04 sjenafix compilation error: jira ticket ALIROOT-5470
2014-06-03 saiolaenlarge cluster n cells vs energy histogram
2014-06-03 saiolaGetters for AliEmcalJetTask (from A. Sevcenco)
2014-06-03 saiolaNew helper functions: sort jet constituents by pt and...
2014-06-03 zconesafix warning with last clang version (D.Stocco)
2014-06-03 fbelliniOther fixes to container name (Enrico)
2014-06-03 cnattrascleaning up streamers