2015-01-26 dstoccoCMake: STEER, adding AliConst.h to the installed headers
2015-01-26 rgrossoIgnore streamer of raw header v3_14.
2015-01-26 agrigoraDoc: Build DA using the target name ${DETECTOR}${ALGORI...
2015-01-26 agrigoraDoc: Reminder to source date setup.sh before running...
2015-01-26 agrigoraCMake: ZeroMQ - removing mandatory requirement for...
2015-01-24 zampolliALIROOT-5769: Better handling of the error (R. Preghenella)
2015-01-24 mivanovPWGPP-102, ATO-138, ATO-135 - ClusterParam adjusted...
2015-01-23 mivanovPWGPP-102, ATO-135 - dNdx adjustement for the MC simulation
2015-01-23 mivanovPWGPP-102, ATO-138, ATO-135 - Adjusting dNdx parameteri...
2015-01-23 ihrivnacModified useage of macros (2):
2015-01-23 ihrivnacModified usage of macros:
2015-01-23 morschdefault structure functions
2015-01-23 agrigoraCMake: DA executable format : ${DETECTOR}{ALGORITHM...
2015-01-23 morschTuneA settings removed from kPyJets
2015-01-23 rgrossoNew timestamp for AMANDA simulation
2015-01-23 agrigoraCMake: Moving FindROOT after the enabling of DA to...
2015-01-23 dberzanoPYTHIA6: no explicit deps (can load at runtime)
2015-01-23 dberzanoPYTHIA8: removing legacy pythia8170
2015-01-23 shahoianProtection for dereferencing fTDCErrorBuffer. see ALIRO...
2015-01-23 zampolliSuppressing warnings (R. Preghenella)
2015-01-22 tbreitneadjusting verbosity if ITSSAPTracker
2015-01-22 tbreitnestatus messages shouldn't have log level warning
2015-01-22 tbreitneAliHLTTPCCATrackerComponent: seg fault protection
2015-01-22 mbrozSmall fix, preparing for new ESD
2015-01-22 dberzanoCMake: fixed misspellings
2015-01-22 sjenaUpdate PMDHOT map reader: sjena
2015-01-22 maseraremove obsolete class
2015-01-22 rgrossoAdd AD0 datapoints.
2015-01-22 mkrzewicproperly handle zeromq lib in a custom location
2015-01-22 mivanovATO-18, ATO-19, PWGPP-102, ALIROOT-5603 - Separate...
2015-01-21 mivanovremoving "funny character" from the comment field ...
2015-01-21 mkrzewiccompile warning fix: fix return values.
2015-01-21 mbrozDisabling slewing correction
2015-01-21 mbrozCorrecting links in macro
2015-01-21 dberzanoAnalysisManager: fix error message (minor)
2015-01-21 sjenaUpdate AMORE instruction for PMD:sjena
2015-01-21 jgrosseochange order of OADB and ANALYSISalice
2015-01-21 mbrozUpdated calibration object to use by triggger simulator...
2015-01-21 jgrosseoadding AliPhysics to analysis manager
2015-01-20 allaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2015-01-20 shahoianIncrease the error for TRD rphi in bad chambers
2015-01-20 allaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2015-01-20 agrigoracmake: Using PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR instead of AliRoot_SOUR...
2015-01-19 dberzanoTOFbase: install additional headers
2015-01-19 dberzanoTPCsim: install headers
2015-01-19 dberzanoTRDrec: installing headers
2015-01-19 dberzanoSTEERBase: missing class
2015-01-19 dberzanoPYTHIA8: missing headers
2015-01-19 dberzanoPYTHIA8: installing headers
2015-01-19 dberzanoCMake: example on adding custom headers
2015-01-19 dberzanoTPCrec: install additional headers
2015-01-19 dberzanoTPCrec: install headers
2015-01-19 dberzanoalistoragemanager: Install header files
2015-01-19 dberzanoMerge branch 'feature-movesplit'
2015-01-19 dberzanoSplit: removed dangling refs to AliTriggerAnalysis
2015-01-19 dberzanoSplit: removed CMake refs to OADB
2015-01-19 dberzanoSplit: AliEPSelectionTask removed
2015-01-19 dberzanoSplit: AliCollisionNormalization* removed
2015-01-19 dberzanoSplit: TOF/TOFcalib removed
2015-01-19 dberzanoSplit: removed dangling refs to AliPhySel
2015-01-19 dberzanoSplit: removed dirs now in AliPhysics
2015-01-18 dberzanoMerge branch 'feature-movesplit'
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: fix refs to AddTaskPhysicsSelection.C
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: fix refs to AddTaskCentrality.C
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: AddTaskPhysicsSelection+Centrality -> OADB
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: AliEve{Beams,Lego} to new EVEANALYSIS
2015-01-18 dberzanoAdded missing #include (messed up with dicts)
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: LinkDef for ANALYSISalice -> OADB classes
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: fixed incpaths for ANALYSISalice -> OADB
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: mv classes from ANALYSISalice -> OADB
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: HLT/JET -> HLTANALYSIS/JET
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: fixed more module incpaths
2015-01-18 agrigoraSplit: correct the CMake module include path
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: fixed paths to Tender*, EventMixing
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: CMake adjustments for Tender*, EVENTMIX
2015-01-18 dberzanoSplit: Tender*, EventMixing out of ANALYSIS
2015-01-18 hristovRemoving obsolete installation instructions
2015-01-18 allanew module added to online monitoring
2015-01-16 hristovGeneration of dictionaries and rootmaps with Root6
2015-01-16 polichehpi0 trend plots added.
2015-01-16 zampolliForgotten ; at the end of the line
2015-01-16 mkrzewicform David Rohr: Fix crash during QA part of rec.C
2015-01-16 zampolliModifications to DAs to take into account CDHV3 (R...
2015-01-16 hristovCorrected guard
2015-01-16 hristovusind std::
2015-01-16 hristovinclude TObjArray.h
2015-01-16 fprinoSDD ADC vs. drift time correction parameters for MC
2015-01-16 sjenaPMD info on da/amore updated
2015-01-16 laphecetMake the logger compatible with AliMergeableCollection
2015-01-16 lcunqueiMore arguments added to Pythia8 train macro
2015-01-16 polichehTrend variables for average pi0s number per event,...
2015-01-16 lmilano2+1 update from Greesma
2015-01-16 agrigoracmake: add ref type heads/rags to AliRoot-config.cmake
2015-01-16 jmazeradded single particle tracking efficiency
2015-01-16 agrigoracmake: Fix installation for AliRoot-config.cmake
2015-01-16 laphecetUpdates on single muon HF analysis (Shuang)
2015-01-16 fbelliniFixing wrong commit
2015-01-16 hristovInclude Riostream.h
2015-01-15 maseraCoverity warnings
2015-01-15 agrigoracmake: generating AliRoot-config.cmake to be used by...