2012-07-10 cholmReduced the number of print-outs from the raw reader...
2012-07-10 shahoianSuppressed secondary decision ased in reco-time set...
2012-07-10 zconesaSet Old PID to true for default cuts on data sets time...
2012-07-10 prinoNew class for steering D-hadron correlation analysis...
2012-07-10 kleinbincrease class def
2012-07-09 aurasProtection against abnormal memory occupancy in the...
2012-07-09 mcosentichanges from mconnors
2012-07-09 jbook-user task update (julian)
2012-07-09 cbaumannupdate Tasks
2012-07-09 prinoRemove annoying printout (Raoul)
2012-07-09 mcosentichanges from saiola
2012-07-09 mcosentifixing a very nasty bug, and cleaning up
2012-07-09 cbaumannadditional bug fix from Ionut
2012-07-09 cbaumannAdd PhiV also to .cxx, update by Ionut
2012-07-09 kleinbselect good quality high pt tracks via the filterbit
2012-07-09 mcosentichanges from fzhou, mconnors and myself
2012-07-09 prinoNew cut on z of SPD vertex to remove outliers
2012-07-09 cbaumannUpadte from Taku
2012-07-09 kleinbadditional histos for the rho calculation wrt the leadi...
2012-07-09 kleinbtake only good quality tracks as trigger
2012-07-09 mcosentichanges from saiola
2012-07-09 cbaumannnew Tasks by Taku
2012-07-09 gconesabadd possibility to reject events with a calorimeter...
2012-07-09 cholmFixed some compilation problems.
2012-07-09 prinoUpdates to run on the train Ds and Dplus efficiency...
2012-07-09 quarkTransition to PWG new names scheme
2012-07-09 cholmUse `test' rather than `[' - portable across SH shells...
2012-07-09 cholmIn case of missing energy loss fits, the sub-algorithms...
2012-07-09 cholmClean-up of code to conform with the style used
2012-07-09 cholmPrint-out of high cuts conditional on debug level > 3
2012-07-09 cholmUse TAxis::Set rather than TAxis::operator= for backwar...
2012-07-09 cholmClean-up
2012-07-09 cholmUse TAxis::Set instead of assignment operator. Backwar...
2012-07-09 hristovFix for #95931: commit in trunk and port to release...
2012-07-09 miwebercorrection for centrality
2012-07-08 agheataFrom Francesco: Now I pass the MC event handler with...
2012-07-08 gconesabmake work the jet events rejection method for AODs
2012-07-07 cnattrasChanges to enable trigger efficiency studies
2012-07-06 prinoSet old ID for 2010 standard cuts
2012-07-06 zampolliUpdating histogram from which to retrieve statistics...
2012-07-06 prinoDplus cut class updated to go with new default settings...
2012-07-06 hristovChanges for #95795 Improved error handling in AliSimulation
2012-07-06 prinoDefault for PID usage moved to new, i.e. OADB for TPC
2012-07-06 jbook-updates to reduced events (ionut)
2012-07-06 hristovFixes for #95785 incorrect use of execute_process:...
2012-07-06 agheataFrom Francesco Noferini: important change in the STEER...
2012-07-06 belikovAn additional label
2012-07-06 jotwinowremove obsolate functinality
2012-07-06 kleinbupdates from Dousatsu
2012-07-06 shahoianaccepted runs list can take weight per run
2012-07-06 hristovChange for #95756: put Vc package to aliroot
2012-07-06 belikovAdding Luke's signal extraction systematics
2012-07-06 hristovFixes for #95580 Problem with trigger selection in...
2012-07-06 sgorbunofix for compilation of Vc on Mac ( https://savannah...
2012-07-06 hristovFix for PAR file compilation (Gerri)
2012-07-05 jotwinow- cosmics added
2012-07-05 loizidesupdates from Salvatore
2012-07-05 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2012-07-05 loizidesfix
2012-07-05 mcosentichanges from saiola
2012-07-05 cblumeAdd new online gain tables
2012-07-05 cblumeAdd new online gain tables
2012-07-05 kleinbStore the TParticle UniqueID (AKA MCProcess Code) in...
2012-07-05 prinoD00 cuts in 1-2 + small updates in charm fraction task...
2012-07-05 kleinbbug fix
2012-07-05 kleinbupdates for train running (M. Verweij, L. Cunqueiro)
2012-07-05 cbaumannupdate macros to use new mass calculation
2012-07-05 zampolliadditional protection
2012-07-05 prinoFined centrality binnin in 10-60% centrality (Davide)
2012-07-05 zampolliSteering macros and scripts: updated and merged with...
2012-07-05 jbook-updates marcel
2012-07-05 jbook-its trk cut (julian)
2012-07-05 mcosentichanges from saiola
2012-07-05 jbook-updates (julian)
2012-07-05 kleinbput calculation out of the loop
2012-07-05 ssakaiTPC event task updated
2012-07-05 mcosentichanges from mconnors
2012-07-05 ssakaiadded some histo to cross check
2012-07-05 kleinbAdding rho's depenence on trigger track (M. Verweij)
2012-07-05 ddobrigkFix bug in m*L/p calculation introduced by one of the...
2012-07-04 prinoMacro to compure Raa (Zaida)
2012-07-04 morschCorrection
2012-07-04 morschImportant bug fixes
2012-07-04 loizidesselect on trigger class if wanted
2012-07-04 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2012-07-04 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2012-07-04 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2012-07-04 ddobrigkModifications to keep track of run number, event number...
2012-07-04 ddobrigkCommitted additional histograms with particle creation...
2012-07-04 belikovLittle bug fix (Massimo Masera)
2012-07-04 prinoAdd reading and saving of normalization counter for...
2012-07-04 jotwinow- come back to number of find over findable clusters
2012-07-04 prinoAdd suffix name to allow to run on the lego train on...
2012-07-04 alla readable GetStatus implemented
2012-07-04 simonessmall bug fix in histogramm adding to TList
2012-07-04 loizidesadded also aod event selection
2012-07-04 mcosentiincluding tracks for isolation
2012-07-04 jbook- modifications for reduced trees (Ionut)
2012-07-04 zampolliImproving printouts, minor changes, update according...
2012-07-04 rbailhacFix