2011-10-07 cvetanCorrection of additional compilation errors from the...
2011-10-07 cvetanCorrection of compilation errors from the first compila...
2011-10-07 cvetanInitial version of channel equalization DA for Pb-Pb...
2011-10-07 kharlovMacros to process the output of the PWG1 QA train for...
2011-10-07 rpreghenadded macro to read online readout information
2011-10-07 rpreghenupdate to TOF cpass0 task: provide monitoring information
2011-10-07 rpreghenupdate to macro to read online histos
2011-10-07 rpreghenupdate to macro to check active channels
2011-10-07 rpreghenadded method to draw correlation graphs
2011-10-07 esickingAdded analysis task for effiency studies (original...
2011-10-07 cholmInstall scripts when ALIROOT does not point to sources
2011-10-07 cholmMake sure PWG2/FORWARD/analysis2 is in the macro path
2011-10-07 richtermbugfix: flags and running mode for HLTOUTComponent...
2011-10-07 richtermUsing the AliHLTTPCDataCompressionDecoder in the offlin...
2011-10-07 zampolliFixing mail configuration for DQM system.
2011-10-07 abercuciadd trigger monitor plot (infoGen)
2011-10-07 belikovSelecting the offline V0s only.
2011-10-07 richtermenable keyword substitution
2011-10-07 richtermbugfix: corrected calculation of slice and partition...
2011-10-07 jgrosseoadding const to function declaration
2011-10-07 abercuciusing AliCDBConnect task in test train of TRD
2011-10-07 abercucifix constantness definition for all compilers
2011-10-07 gconesabremove unused data member fTimeList
2011-10-06 jthaederbugfix
2011-10-06 loizidessort digits and track match updates
2011-10-06 loizidessort digits
2011-10-06 morschKorrektion for
2011-10-06 jgrosseoreducing memory consumption in mixed event mode
2011-10-06 zampolliUpdating FXS base folder for DQM FXS.
2011-10-06 zampolliUpdating database name for DQM mySQL.
2011-10-06 abercucie THnSparse structure to store MC residuals
2011-10-06 jgrosseoevent mixing as parameter
2011-10-06 schutzremove the destruction of the image array (this is...
2011-10-06 jgrosseocentrality task runs over all events (before only over...
2011-10-06 agheataTake into account SetNtestFiles() in the generated...
2011-10-06 richtermdefining chain 'TPC-hltout-compressionmonitor' to run...
2011-10-06 richtermimplementing reading of uncompressed HLT TPC raw clusters
2011-10-06 richtermchanging default to -deflater-mode 1
2011-10-06 fcaFixing typo (clang)
2011-10-06 maseraBug fix (G. Luparello)
2011-10-06 coppedisCoverity fixes
2011-10-06 abercucifix compilation warning suggested by Federico
2011-10-05 mploskonbug fix - update to track cuts by Rongrong
2011-10-05 hristovTypo
2011-10-05 fcaFixes for root trunk
2011-10-05 cholmSome fixes for the QA train:
2011-10-05 cholmSome extra tests
2011-10-05 coppedisCoverity fixes
2011-10-05 zampolliUpdating DQM FXS configuration.
2011-10-05 agheataFix in ImportWrappers that changes correctly the curren...
2011-10-05 laphecetCoverity fix
2011-10-05 coppedisCreating TDC calibration objects ONLY in PHYSICS run
2011-10-05 zampolliCoverity fix.
2011-10-05 richtermadding protection for negative array index
2011-10-04 kleinbbug fix VZERO Eventplane
2011-10-04 anshul.goelFix for daqDA-<det>.exe
2011-10-04 hristovChanges for #87282 Request for committing to trunk...
2011-10-04 richtermmake iterattion to next cluster structure better suited...
2011-10-04 cvetanProtection against missing DPs. Recently we got some...
2011-10-04 agheataManager debug level for the generated test in sync...
2011-10-04 agheataFixed return value going out of scope (Jan-Fiete)
2011-10-04 jgrosseoincreasing mixed event buffer
2011-10-04 belikovremoving obsolete tasks
2011-10-04 belikovremoving obsolete tasks
2011-10-04 belikovRemoving obsolete tasks (see the tasks in PWG2/SPECTRA...
2011-10-04 belikovCosmetic changes
2011-10-04 belikovAn example of a c*tau analysis using ESDs
2011-10-04 daineseupdate (Chiara)
2011-10-04 richtermmoving decoding of compressed TPC data to generic class
2011-10-04 mflorisUsing both CPHI7-I and CPHI7-B in LHC11d and as default
2011-10-04 abercuciadd possibility to plot Sigma besides Mean
2011-10-04 jklein- correction of error message
2011-10-03 rgrossoImplementing the possibility of loading the CDB as...
2011-10-03 prinoTPC BB parameterization added for LHC11a data
2011-10-03 morschNew class added.
2011-10-03 morschNew class for Lambda_c studies
2011-10-03 richtermadding configuration TPC-compression-monitoring; removi...
2011-10-03 richtermbugfix: clean monitoring container only after it has...
2011-10-03 agheataFix for generating the train from AliAnalysisTaskCfg...
2011-10-03 richtermadding an interface to fill different types of containe...
2011-10-03 jgrosseomacros to add AOD and MC handler
2011-10-03 morschCorrected initialisation of
2011-10-03 coppedis...also histos are now correctly booked
2011-10-03 coppedisCorrected DA
2011-10-03 morschThere are two modification:
2011-10-03 zampolliAdding Hans Beck to the list of responsibles.
2011-10-03 jthaederupdate HLT cluster reading
2011-10-03 hristovChanges for #87331: Combined commit MUON+HLT
2011-10-03 belikovAn example of a c*tau analysis using AODs
2011-10-03 coppedisChanges to center ZDC TDC values around 0
2011-10-03 gconesabadd PROOF for par file compilation of EMCALraw if needed
2011-10-03 gconesabFixes for DQM to have TRU information displayed - Franc...
2011-10-03 cholmFix to avoid deleting cached CDB objects - modified...
2011-10-03 zampolliCommenting unused parameters (to avoid compilation...
2011-10-02 richtermread track model data block
2011-10-02 richtermintroducing a variable length array of global parameter...
2011-10-02 richtermcouple of protections for calculation of slice from...
2011-10-02 richtermcouple of protections for calculation of slice from...
2011-10-02 richtermseparate function to calculate track points from local...
2011-10-02 prinoUpdates D* cuts for peripheral PbPb events