2008-01-14 hristovRemoving .cvsignore files
2008-01-11 jgrosseoadded function from Christian to enable branches with...
2008-01-11 cblumeReplace != sign with < in line 496
2008-01-11 rgrossoCosmetic changes
2008-01-11 belikovAvoiding compilation warnings
2008-01-11 nick11-jan-2008 NvE All files of external applications...
2008-01-11 ivanaAdding a commented line demsostrating how to switch off
2008-01-11 ivanaAdding fIsTailEffect data member (an option to turn...
2008-01-11 ivanaAdding description of the tail effect.
2008-01-11 ivanaImplemented the parametrized tailing effect
2008-01-11 ivanaAdding the option to to turn on/off the parametrized...
2008-01-11 morschOption to force low energy neutron transport.
2008-01-11 maseraPlane efficiency for SDD and SSD. Minor modifications...
2008-01-11 maseraDCS information for SDD (F. Prino)
2008-01-11 jgrosseoAdding pt and eta control plots, increasing ClassDef...
2008-01-11 coppedisAliZDCRawStream class updated
2008-01-11 richtermscanning of handlers for HLTOUT blocks added
2008-01-11 richtermdocumentation and cleanup
2008-01-11 richtermbugfix: call of creator function for HOMER writers
2008-01-11 richtermbugfix: corrected wrong funtion typedef
2008-01-11 richtermadded additional option to skip or fake empty data...
2008-01-11 dibariMore protections
2008-01-11 ivanaUpdated serial number for station 1
2008-01-11 jgrosseosmall bugfix
2008-01-11 jgrosseosome fixes/improvements while moving to new ESD format
2008-01-11 pcrochetcorrect version binary LUT (Bogdan)
2008-01-11 coppedisPrint commented
2008-01-11 coppedisAliZDCRawStream class updated
2008-01-11 jgrosseoadding cut study of primaries vs. secondaries
2008-01-10 belikovAdding a new function for postprocessing the tracks...
2008-01-10 cblumePut back FillResiduals
2008-01-10 dibariModification for new development in raw data
2008-01-10 maseraSPD/SDD thermal shield and SPD cones updated (M. Sitta)
2008-01-10 jgrosseoremoving call TTree::SetCacheSize
2008-01-10 hristovNew module CORRFW
2008-01-10 hristovThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2008-01-10 hristovdos2unix, bug fixes (Alex)
2008-01-10 coppedisBug in ZP positioning corrected
2008-01-09 hristovBug fix (Alex)
2008-01-09 hristovIncluding TGeoMatrix.h
2008-01-09 hristovstrndup is not portable, replacing it by strncpy (macosx)
2008-01-09 martinezRight definition of libraries to be loaded
2008-01-09 martinezNew classes (Diego, Pietro, Livio, Enrico, Roberta)
2008-01-09 martinezNew classes for Dimuon AOD files and their correspondin...
2008-01-09 martinezAnalysis tasks for single muon analysis v0 (Dieggo)
2008-01-09 morschData base settings added.
2008-01-09 morschDebug statements removed.
2008-01-09 rgrossoImproved output when loading geometry
2008-01-09 hristovChanges needed by the new TRD tracker (Alex)
2008-01-09 hristovVirtual functions needed by the new TRD tracker (Alex)
2008-01-09 agheata- Added new method: AliAnalysisManager::StartAnalysis...
2008-01-09 dibariCompatibility with raw-data
2008-01-09 cblumeNew tracker by Markus and Alexandru
2008-01-09 morschALIfied Pythia version for PYQUEN.
2008-01-09 morschUpdate of PYQUEN version.
2008-01-09 dibariNow segment is correct
2008-01-09 alla violations fixed
2008-01-09 alla violations fixed
2008-01-09 alla violations fixed
2008-01-09 alla violations fixed
2008-01-09 alla violations fixed
2008-01-09 alla violations fixed
2008-01-09 alla violations fixed
2008-01-08 kleinbSuffix top level Branch names with a dot, to allow...
2008-01-08 cheynisFirst version of DA
2008-01-08 cheynisPedestal getter added
2008-01-08 hristovCompilation of TTherminator
2008-01-08 coppedisBug in deuteron subtraction corrected
2008-01-08 hristovThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2008-01-07 acollaSHUTTLE configuration updated:
2008-01-07 dibariPad masking ok (0x3F)
2008-01-07 cvetanCorrected description of the muon trigger cluster
2008-01-07 coppedisUpdated EM ZDC efficiency
2008-01-03 decaroCoding convention: RC12 rule violation -> suppression
2008-01-03 decaroCoding convention: RC11 rule violation -> suppression
2008-01-03 decaroCoding convention: RN17 rule violation -> suppression
2008-01-03 decaroCoding convention: RN3 rule violation -> suppression
2008-01-03 decaroCoding convention: RN13 rule violation -> suppression
2007-12-21 acollaFunction GetAll optimized: search in subfolders skipped...
2007-12-21 marianAdding ExB parameterization (Marian)
2007-12-21 morschSetActiveBranches added. (P. Christiansen)
2007-12-21 marianAdding alieve macro for visualization of the tpc tracks...
2007-12-21 dibariRaw data correctly written
2007-12-21 cblumeGo back to old version and Merry Christmas
2007-12-21 jgrosseofix for changed TString::Tokenize behavior in new ROOT
2007-12-21 cblumeUpdated tracking code by Alexandru und Markus
2007-12-20 bhippolyReal data task only (no MC) from H.Ricaud
2007-12-20 maseraRemoved dependency on gAlice
2007-12-20 maseraCode cleanup + removal of duplicated fitting methods...
2007-12-20 maserabug fixes for SPD1 and SDD1 (A. Dainese)
2007-12-20 bhippolyCouple of Updates from H.Ricaud
2007-12-20 jgrosseosending number of open runs also at the end of processing
2007-12-20 cholmFixes to AliFMDPreprocessor from Hans.
2007-12-20 jgrosseoDo not increase count in case of StoreError
2007-12-20 acollaBug fix (Jan Fiete): recovering from StoreError, if...
2007-12-20 hristovFixed creation of arrays in the copy constructors
2007-12-20 hristovEnlarged arrays
2007-12-20 acollaMCH DCS aliases removed from production configuration
2007-12-20 ivanaBug fix in FollowTracks()
2007-12-20 ivanaImproved robustness of ExtrapToVertex() in case of...