2009-04-20 gconesabMacro to be attached to the analysis train
2009-04-20 gconesabSeveral changes:
2009-04-20 morschProtection against empty events.
2009-04-20 morschAllow reconnection. Needed for efficient mixing.
2009-04-20 abercuci- add TPC performance train (Alex & Jacek)
2009-04-20 abercuciadd PRF calibration object to the transform class ...
2009-04-20 kleinbFixes to class structrure and methos names, avoid confl...
2009-04-20 kleinbAddTask macros for all tasks, to run on CAF with with...
2009-04-19 maseraRemoving the separate misalignments at inner and outer...
2009-04-19 maseraIdeal ITS misalignment; it includes now the SSD survey...
2009-04-18 sgorbunochange of copyright notice
2009-04-17 sgorbunoAliHLTTPCCAUsedHitInitialiser removed from the compilat...
2009-04-17 daineseNew class for charm hadrons invariant mass fit (Chiara B)
2009-04-17 daineseNew class for charm hadrons invariant mass fit (Chiara B)
2009-04-17 sgorbunoadds to the compilation
2009-04-17 sgorbunoarray class from Matthias
2009-04-17 sgorbunochanges from Matthias
2009-04-17 cblumeRemove compilser warnings
2009-04-17 enricoSPD multiplicity analysis (Domenico, Mariella)
2009-04-17 rgrossocorrectly handling the output directory path
2009-04-17 rvernetFloat_t -> Double_t in projection for axis consistency...
2009-04-17 morschUpdated to use AliMultiEventHandler
2009-04-17 rgrossoUpdated geometry (rev 31976) including in particular...
2009-04-16 richtermupdate by Theodor
2009-04-16 maseraTrack length update removed from the tracker code,since...
2009-04-16 snellingbin counting bug fixed
2009-04-16 morschAdding the anti-deuteron.
2009-04-16 belikovA special getter of AliVertexer class needed for access...
2009-04-16 rvernet+ smoothing using a fit function
2009-04-16 daineseNew set of classes for B->J/psi->ee analysis and fit...
2009-04-16 daineseNew set of classes for B->J/psi->ee analysis and fit...
2009-04-16 ivanaIn AliMUONLocalTriggerBoard:
2009-04-16 shahoianAdded protection against an empty parameterization...
2009-04-15 prinoAdd option for decoding of Raw Data format presently...
2009-04-15 kleinbAdded PID task, some fixes for coding conventions
2009-04-15 abercucilast preparations before testing the performances of...
2009-04-15 maseraAvoiding geometry lock/unlock (R. Grosso)
2009-04-15 maseraNew AliITSV0Finder class (A. Dainese)
2009-04-15 cblumeRemove AliTRDRawStreamV2
2009-04-15 pchrist2D correlation plots for the PID efficiency
2009-04-15 rgrossoAddition of misaligner classes and small changes
2009-04-15 snellinga few more source files
2009-04-15 snellingmodifications to also run standalone in root
2009-04-15 ivanaIn trigger classes:
2009-04-15 daineseRemove obsolete macro
2009-04-15 hristovUpdated list of files
2009-04-15 hristovReturn the value from the first knot, if two knots...
2009-04-15 zampolliCorrections according to changes in AliTOFRawStream.
2009-04-15 abercucifix error in marking cluster in chamber
2009-04-15 marianRemoving obsolete function.
2009-04-15 fcaAdding -fPIC to FORTRAN flags (E.Sicking)
2009-04-15 fcaTemporary fix waiting for M.Ivanov
2009-04-14 marianremove AliTPCkalmandEdx.cxx AliTPCkalmandEdx.h
2009-04-14 marianBug fix
2009-04-14 marianAliTPCseed.h AliTPCseed.cxx
2009-04-14 sgorbunosome histos added for TPC clusters
2009-04-14 pchristMinor modifications
2009-04-14 sgorbunobug fix - a scale factor for the magnetic field added
2009-04-14 sgorbunounsigned -> unsigned int
2009-04-13 sgorbunocosmetical changes
2009-04-13 sgorbunoFit mathematics improved, obsollete GBTracker cleaned up
2009-04-13 pchristMinor fix for the pid efficiency calculation + cosmetic...
2009-04-13 pchristFixing the proof mode
2009-04-13 pchristAdding the QA plot for the pid efficiency/contamination...
2009-04-10 pchristReco and pid efficiencies in two separate functions
2009-04-10 ivanaIn AliMUONVTrackReconstructor:
2009-04-09 kharlovBinning adjusted for the histogram ESD Etot
2009-04-09 belikovAdding two new helper functions suggested by A.Jacholko...
2009-04-09 abercucifix tracklet phi resolution
2009-04-09 maseraFix to SSD cooling support tube shape (M. van Leeuwen)
2009-04-09 abercucifix pt resolution plot
2009-04-09 snellingselect only primaries
2009-04-09 cvetanPutting the correct vzero information in the tags ...
2009-04-09 hristovUpdated TRD reconstruction, modifications for LHC08d...
2009-04-09 hristovUsing bash instead of sh (ubuntu), minor additional...
2009-04-09 akisielAdding Event characterization directory
2009-04-09 abercucifix radial shift for pad row cross. to be understood
2009-04-09 agheataSmall fix in the analysis macro automatically generated...
2009-04-09 abercuciNEW visualisation of tracklets from the MCM simulation...
2009-04-09 pchristModifications to run the QA code and to display the...
2009-04-09 sgorbunoold code removed
2009-04-09 sgorbunoupdate
2009-04-09 agheataProtection added for a crash due to NULL pointer to...
2009-04-09 prinoTypo fixed in setting the vertex title (F. Prino)
2009-04-09 hristovNo MC information when we create AOD from raw ESD
2009-04-08 hristovUpdated list of files (cmake)
2009-04-08 hristovNew production macros (Yves)
2009-04-08 rvernetNew class to handle multi-dimensional unfolding + user...
2009-04-08 rvernetcoding conventions
2009-04-08 cblumeSummary of changes:
2009-04-08 cblumeInclude MC labels, pt-cut, Lorentz-correction, etc.
2009-04-08 daineseInclude D0->4prong by default
2009-04-08 kleinbAccept all particles from a decay chain, bug fix for...
2009-04-08 cvetanUpdate of the tag system. 1. Correct implementation...
2009-04-08 abercuciupdate for non null magnetic field
2009-04-08 abercucifollow major TRD reconstruction update
2009-04-08 abercucimajor TRD reconstruction update
2009-04-08 abercucimajor TRD reconstruction update
2009-04-08 coppedisCoding convention compliant version (by Raffaele)
2009-04-08 prinoFix in QA plot for ITS standalone tracks (Prino, Dainese)