2007-10-16 morschBuffer for correct particle 4-vector after interaction...
2007-10-16 morschCorrect energy of interacting particle after BREMS...
2007-10-16 morschNo double step.
2007-10-16 morschCorrect status during PreTrack()
2007-10-16 jgrosseofixed bug if zero values collected
2007-10-16 rgrossoAddition of getter/setter of the reduced covariance...
2007-10-16 pavlinovfixed code violation (almost)
2007-10-16 jgrosseochanging to AMANDA protocol version 2
2007-10-16 marianRemove simple coding violation problems (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianUse new include to the splitted header files (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianUsing the new header files - after splitting of the...
2007-10-16 marianSplitting AliGenIfo to 3 separate files (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianAliGenInfo splitted to 3 files per each info (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianUse new AliESDRecXXXInfo
2007-10-16 marianremoving files - files splitted to 3 separate files
2007-10-16 marianAliRecInfo file splitted to 3 classes (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianUpdate components for comparison visualization (Marian)
2007-10-16 marianRemove warnings (Marian)
2007-10-16 richtermdocumentation, formatting, coding conventions
2007-10-16 richtermcorrected copy and paste typo
2007-10-16 morschProcess codes corrected/completed.
2007-10-16 richtermtemporary fix for missing error code on mac
2007-10-16 richtermAliLog handler moved to libHLTrec, minor cleanup in...
2007-10-16 richtermmoved from BASE/util
2007-10-16 richterm- implemented component registration via agents
2007-10-16 schutzCorrected CheckQA for missing option (no QA bit set)
2007-10-16 morschBase class for mag. field map moved to STEERBase.
2007-10-16 markusReplaces AliAODTowers. Functionality stays the same...
2007-10-16 hristovPossibility to compile the macro
2007-10-16 richterm- implemented component registration via agents
2007-10-16 markusMake full use of newly introduced functionality:
2007-10-16 morschCurrentVolName gives back "Outside FLUKA geometry"...
2007-10-16 markusFirst incarnations of derived cluster classes for EMCAL...
2007-10-16 markusClean-up of class. Now acts as a base class.
2007-10-16 markusRemoval of AliAODTowers (will appear as AliAODCaloCells...
2007-10-16 markusPlace holder for QTheta created.
2007-10-16 markusUse default constructor instead of initialization to...
2007-10-16 markusVersion number changed.
2007-10-16 panosChanging from TTree to TChain in the tag creation ...
2007-10-16 markusPID array initialization fixed.
2007-10-16 markusRepeated #include removed.
2007-10-16 kowal2Switch between Geant3 and Fluka introduced.
2007-10-15 philleAdded various files used for analysis of HLT output...
2007-10-15 philleIolated mip trigger for PHOS HLT
2007-10-15 pavlinovquick fix
2007-10-15 maseraPartial removal of coding convention violations (A...
2007-10-15 philleMinor changes
2007-10-15 philleForgot this one
2007-10-15 philleadded new files
2007-10-15 philleImproved Online display, The Handle event function
2007-10-15 philleFEE configuration file
2007-10-15 philleadded new files
2007-10-15 philleAdded new files to build system
2007-10-15 philleFast online clusterizer now working (Oystein)
2007-10-15 phillenew classes for cosmic calibration
2007-10-15 philleClasses for online creation of root trees
2007-10-15 philleChanges in AliHLTPHOSBase classes, all Processors now...
2007-10-15 philleData quality monitoring (Oystein)
2007-10-15 philleGeneral purphose component (Oystein)
2007-10-15 philleImproved online calibration algorithms, Energy and...
2007-10-15 philleMinor changes needed for debugging purphoses
2007-10-15 pavlinovfixed code violation
2007-10-15 philleNew classes to make AliHLTPHOSDigits online (Oystein)
2007-10-15 philleNew definitions
2007-10-15 philleNew classes for PHOS DA / calibration tasks (Oystein)
2007-10-15 morschMediumId() implemented.
2007-10-15 philleModified structure and new class for all HLT PHOS compo...
2007-10-15 allabaseLinkDef &LibT0base with new classes
2007-10-15 allaclasses for alignment from Tomek
2007-10-15 hristovMonitoring of process information: updated version...
2007-10-15 hristovObsolete code commented out (Annalisa)
2007-10-15 philleBug fix: The Next Bunch function now works properly
2007-10-15 philleAdded new paramater for bunch size
2007-10-15 philleMinor changes
2007-10-15 morschProblem with shYOUT1 corrected (repeating section)...
2007-10-15 morschAllow material names without _
2007-10-15 nick15-oct-2007 NvE Typo corrected in docs of AliAstrolab...
2007-10-15 cblumeCoding conventions
2007-10-15 morschStepping called right after source using sodraw.
2007-10-15 morschProtection in calculation of sqrt(1-c*c) expression.
2007-10-15 morschPemf generation option is obsolete. Removed.
2007-10-15 morschIf gamma in eta acceptance rotate event into PHOS phi...
2007-10-14 schutzIntroduced the checking of QA results from previous...
2007-10-12 cvetanFix which prevents the decoder crash in case of corrupt...
2007-10-12 morschOptional input event handler.
2007-10-12 morschMethod SetInputTree() added to the interface.
2007-10-12 decaroadd initialization of TOF SM configuration in the ctors...
2007-10-12 cholmFix coding viols
2007-10-12 pulvirFixed coding conventions
2007-10-12 morschCorrect deleting of character strings.
2007-10-12 morschHandler for AOD input for analysis.
2007-10-12 akisielPort changes from v4-06-Release to the HEAD
2007-10-12 morschHandler for ESD input for analysis.
2007-10-12 morschRealisation of VEventHandler for input events.
2007-10-12 allarecent LookUpTable
2007-10-12 allareading and writing raw with recent LookUpTable
2007-10-12 cvetanAliDCSSensor: Updated Eval method to return first/last...
2007-10-12 morschCoding violations corrected.
2007-10-12 cvetanCoding convention fixes from Stefan
2007-10-12 richtermremoved TPC CA tracker