2010-05-28 kleinbFixes for running on MC for JetChem, lower limit for...
2010-05-28 hristovTechnical fix: use include instead of forward declarati...
2010-05-27 cblumeAdd flag to ignore SetMaxStep for FLUKA simulations...
2010-05-27 snellingsome updates for the plot layout
2010-05-27 dperrinoDefault option corrected
2010-05-27 gconesabcorrect warning, parameter defined as float is int
2010-05-27 gconesabChange binning of histograms, correct problem with...
2010-05-27 mtadelFrom Jens: add support for opening a zip file directly.
2010-05-27 coppedisChanges for Pb-Pb reco at 2.76 A TeV + some code simpli...
2010-05-27 coppedisPedestal object updated to pp beam data taking
2010-05-27 kaamodtChange of binning and number of default histograms...
2010-05-27 mtadelFrom Stefano:
2010-05-27 morschdEdxSSDAQA added to PilotAnalysis
2010-05-27 dperrinoAOD filling excluded plus minor changes
2010-05-27 kowal2Corrected bug with MaxStep setting for geant3
2010-05-27 dperrinoIncluded the possibility to set a non standard jet...
2010-05-27 morschPossibility to
2010-05-27 kleinbMinor changes to AddTask macros, adding JCORRAN to...
2010-05-27 agheataFixed shadowed variable
2010-05-27 prsnkoOverflow flag reset for new sample
2010-05-26 morschMethod added.
2010-05-26 snellingadded alice-caf for proof
2010-05-26 snellingAdded full flow estimates as function of multiplicity
2010-05-26 daineseMass bins settable from outside (Francesco)
2010-05-26 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-05-26 cblumeOCDB viewer implementation (Ionut)
2010-05-26 agheataTrees should write now to the current directory
2010-05-26 morschUserExec and UserCreateOutputObjects
2010-05-26 agheataTemporary removed TDirectory::Clear calls that are...
2010-05-26 cblumeOCDB viewer implementation (Ionut)
2010-05-26 basantaclassdef is corrected to put the correct hot cell flag
2010-05-26 gconesabCorrect deletion of pointers which when the class was...
2010-05-26 agheataFix checking generated collection
2010-05-26 morschConnectInputData removed
2010-05-26 morschSSD QA Task for dedx
2010-05-26 akisielReduce the number of 3D histograms in LCMS function
2010-05-26 cvetanFix for bug #65153.
2010-05-26 fronchetadded access to TRU FALTRO and STU payload and related...
2010-05-26 cvetanFix for bug #67509.
2010-05-26 cblumeWrite only detector coefficients from HLT (Raphaelle)
2010-05-26 daineseChanges related to D* cuts class
2010-05-26 daineseRemove obsolete macro
2010-05-26 snellingfix for multiplicity cuts
2010-05-26 dsilvermseveral changes: 1) check for overflow before fitting...
2010-05-26 esickingCorrection of SA track rejection
2010-05-26 marianFixing coding violation
2010-05-26 esickingSplit task for ITS tracks: 1. ITS tracks with TPC partn...
2010-05-26 dperrinoNow the non standard branch is correctly set when using...
2010-05-26 morschFix for memory leak.
2010-05-26 daineseAdded PID selection level
2010-05-26 allamaterial cherenkov properties adopted to TGeo according...
2010-05-26 snellingupdate to calculate correlators as function of multiplicity
2010-05-26 agheataSmall fix for offline mode
2010-05-25 maseraModified computation of innermost ITS layer to be consi...
2010-05-25 marianBug fix
2010-05-25 esickingNew histogram of ITS layer population
2010-05-25 ivanaIn mapping:
2010-05-25 agheataAdded a check of the generated dataset. The analysis...
2010-05-25 laphecetDo not fail if the corresponding pedestal run was obvio...
2010-05-25 laphecetFixing a double delete
2010-05-25 richtermadjusting interface to the offline ITS CF in accordance...
2010-05-25 snellingadded features for fitting the Q distibution and a...
2010-05-25 agheataOutput files are cleared before closing to release...
2010-05-25 daineseFill vertex histo (Renu)
2010-05-24 fronchethistogramming component for EMCAL online monitoring
2010-05-24 morschUpdates.
2010-05-24 daineseNew task for Lc->pKpi (Rossella)
2010-05-24 dainesePossibility to set pt bins (Giacomo)
2010-05-24 daineseBug fix in the order of the Ds cuts (Sadhana, Francesco)
2010-05-24 daineseMerged tasks DStar and DStarSpectra (Alessandro, Yifei)
2010-05-24 daineseMerged tasks DStar and DStarSpectra (Alessandro, Yifei)
2010-05-24 daineseMerged tasks DStar and DStarSpectra (Alessandro, Yifei)
2010-05-24 daineseUpdate (Rossella)
2010-05-23 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-05-23 kkanaki- finalized the HLT cuts in agreement to the offline...
2010-05-23 jklayrevised alignment parameters for first year geometry...
2010-05-23 jklayremove incorrect survey parameter file
2010-05-23 jklayremove dummy file
2010-05-23 jklayupdated calculation of supermodule positions based...
2010-05-22 alla few mistyping fixed
2010-05-21 philleReverting previous changes
2010-05-21 philleAdded constant needed by the EMCAL debug onlinedisplay.
2010-05-21 philleCosmetics
2010-05-21 philleRefactoring: Using common CALO constants
2010-05-21 philleBug fix: Fixing typo
2010-05-21 hdalsgaaA few updates to the vertex distributions
2010-05-21 jotwinowclass and macros to extract TPC QA trend information...
2010-05-21 jotwinowsmall changes
2010-05-21 dsilvermchange threshold comparison from > to >= ..
2010-05-21 fronchetfixed inconsistency in GetCellAbsID
2010-05-21 fronchetchanged arg type to int in GetCellAbsId
2010-05-21 fronchetremoved duplications
2010-05-21 fronchetfixed minor inconsistencies, removed duplications and...
2010-05-21 fronchetupdated inizialization values for online constant geometry
2010-05-20 kaamodtBugfix, if an empty row appears, some of the data value...
2010-05-20 laphecetSmall fix
2010-05-20 maseraFix for Savannah bug 67210 (Peter Hristov)
2010-05-20 laphecetAdding the possibility, for raw data source, to give...
2010-05-20 laphecetChanges to allow running the reconstruction with the...
2010-05-20 kleinbadding some dijet plots