2011-04-05 snellingfix for using particle weights
2011-04-05 loizidesfix name
2011-04-05 daineseFix
2011-04-05 loizidesimplemented track and cell iso
2011-04-05 loizidescosmetics
2011-04-05 daineseUpdate: added LHC10e and LHC11a
2011-04-05 jotwinow-- changes by Michael Knichel
2011-04-05 martinezCovery fixes (Ivana, Antonio)
2011-04-05 zampolliUpdated TPC configuration for nightly tests.
2011-04-05 richtermminor memory leak fixed, using safe string operations
2011-04-05 richtermbugfix: wrong array size was used for bounds check
2011-04-05 richtermremoving obsolete code, component base class checks...
2011-04-04 daineseSwitch off trigger class selection
2011-04-04 daineseUpdate (Francesco, Gian Michele)
2011-04-04 daineseUpdate (Renu)
2011-04-04 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2011-04-04 daineseRemoved temporary fix for Charge(), not needed anymore
2011-04-04 rgrossoConforming the two last queries to the file catalogue...
2011-04-04 kharlovCoverity fix
2011-04-04 shahoianProtection against div. by 0 in the Set(xyz,p..) for...
2011-04-04 zampolliUpdating TPC configuration for nightly tests.
2011-04-04 jgrosseofill histograms also when centrality is 0
2011-04-04 kleinbadded settings for RP calculation in service task
2011-04-04 kleinbAdded correct retrievel of jets from AOD extenstion...
2011-04-04 snellingrun flow analysis with Bayesian pid
2011-04-04 snellingallow for correlations with only one subevent
2011-04-04 snellingupdates to bayesian PID + updates to MC QA
2011-04-04 haavardAdd readings for CE high voltage
2011-04-04 haavardUpdated configuration with gas composition entries
2011-04-04 allanew reconstruction with pass0 calibration
2011-04-04 richtermbugfix: correcting order of global static variables
2011-04-04 allanew reconstruction with pass0 calibration
2011-04-04 mflorisAdded function for finer centrality binning
2011-04-04 prinoAdd bit to flag and properly treat correction maps...
2011-04-04 iarseneCoverity defects in TUHKMgen corrected
2011-04-04 dsilvermupdate from F. Blanco: cleanup of old QARef files ...
2011-04-04 richtermimlementing dummy function for a pure virtual function...
2011-04-04 loizidescheck for par files of EMCAL libs
2011-04-04 loizidesreorganized ntuple
2011-04-03 snellingfix in QA
2011-04-03 kharlovCalorimeter cell QA class is added
2011-04-03 kharlovCompilation of the PHOS pi0 analysis is added.
2011-04-03 maseraCompilation warning
2011-04-03 marianAdding Print function
2011-04-03 snellingfixes for MC and MC QA
2011-04-02 marianTypo fix
2011-04-02 marianCoverity fix:
2011-04-02 snellingcoverty fix
2011-04-02 marianremoving warnings
2011-04-02 esickingwork around for coverity defect
2011-04-02 esickingRevert and change faulty coverity fixes
2011-04-02 kleinbfix compilation warning
2011-04-01 prinoNew macro to plot the output of QA task for ITS standal...
2011-04-01 loizidesmore histos
2011-04-01 kleinbadapted histo ranges
2011-04-01 kleinbfixes for RP calculation, coverity fixes, reduced histo...
2011-04-01 amastrosObsolete code removed
2011-04-01 jotwinowcoverity fixes
2011-04-01 daineseUpdate (Francesco, Gian Michele)
2011-04-01 daineseUpdate (Andrea)
2011-04-01 daineseUpdates (Chiara)
2011-04-01 laphecetAttempt to make the HV filtering more robust
2011-04-01 laphecetShows the DCS aliasname in case source is HV
2011-04-01 hristovWhen we remove a class, it has to be deleted from the...
2011-04-01 morschCorrection of
2011-04-01 cholmMinor stuff
2011-04-01 martinezdeleting this class
2011-04-01 cvetanNew centrality selection based on ZDCvsZEM (LHC10h...
2011-04-01 fronchettest macro to run the EMCAL HLT chain in AliRoot
2011-04-01 rpreghenupdated macros
2011-04-01 hdalsgaaFixes for the poisson method
2011-04-01 cblumeMove back to Int_t and include a protection if arrays...
2011-04-01 cvetanNew centrality selection based on ZDCvsZEM (LHC10h...
2011-04-01 richtermcorrecting library dependencies, libAOD and libEMCALraw...
2011-04-01 richtermcorrecting library dependencies
2011-04-01 richtermresolving new library dependency libAOD
2011-04-01 richtermadding ROOTLIBS library dependencies to HLTbase
2011-04-01 richtermadding variable ROOTLIBS to be filled from root-config...
2011-04-01 richtermremoving r43353: temporary workaround for loading of...
2011-03-31 morschCorrected needed when default constructor is used.
2011-03-31 mflorisspectra oadb file
2011-03-31 philleCosmetics
2011-03-31 philleRemoving obsolete code
2011-03-31 morsch Protection.
2011-03-31 mflorisChanging binning when adding histogram, if needed.
2011-03-31 philleRefactoring: Swiss army-knife class AliEMCALRawUtil...
2011-03-31 philleRefactoring: Functions related to the shaper response
2011-03-31 jotwinowcoverity fix
2011-03-31 daineseCommented call to AliDebug
2011-03-31 jotwinowremove obsolate classes
2011-03-31 hristovRemoving non-existing classes
2011-03-31 jotwinowrevert changes
2011-03-31 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-03-31 philleUncomment lines that was commented out by mistake ...
2011-03-31 phillecoverity
2011-03-31 maseraWarning messages changed to debug messages
2011-03-31 philleCoding conventions
2011-03-31 jotwinow-- remove obsolate classes
2011-03-31 allacoverity fixed
2011-03-31 gconesabAllow track matching to be redone at analysis level