2006-07-11 morschNumbering of TRD and TOF mother volumes according to...
2006-07-11 morschCorrected material index for inner W rear ring.
2006-07-10 bhippolyUpdate macros with AliAODv0::DecayLengthV0(double*...
2006-07-10 marianCheck if the sector is Active (Marian)
2006-07-10 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-07-10 mtadelUse new / simpler method of render-element registration...
2006-07-10 mtadelAdd missing file to last entry.
2006-07-10 mtadelDo not recompute visual representation on every triangu...
2006-07-10 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-07-10 mtadelAdded triangulation time-stamp: update model state...
2006-07-10 mtadelCosmetic changes.
2006-07-10 mtadelImplemented list-management virtuals; use new functiona...
2006-07-10 mtadelChanged inheritance order (RenderElement base comes...
2006-07-10 mtadelNow derived from Reve::EventBase.
2006-07-10 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-07-10 mtadelProper management of dependent render-elements, renamed...
2006-07-10 mtadelImplemented proper reference management accross render...
2006-07-10 mtadelChanged current-event pointer from TObject to EventBase...
2006-07-10 mtadelAdded include TError.h.
2006-07-10 mtadelReflect changes in event classes.
2006-07-10 mtadelNew files: rename of class Reve::Event, now subclassed...
2006-07-10 mtadelNew files: common base class for an event object (VSDEv...
2006-07-10 mtadelRemoved files: the contents moved to VSDEvent and renam...
2006-07-10 marianNew histograms added (Marian)
2006-07-10 jgrosseosmall fix + todo comment
2006-07-10 jgrosseoo) added selector for multiplicity distribution
2006-07-10 jgrosseoenhanced storing of last sucessfully processed run...
2006-07-10 marianParameterization of reconstruction algorithm.
2006-07-10 marianUpdated test TPC anlysis (Marian)
2006-07-10 morschCorrected positions of BB and Back Frame.
2006-07-07 hristovUpdated version of the V0 and cascade classes (Boris...
2006-07-07 cblumeUpdate of material budget and positions
2006-07-06 richtermupdated instructions
2006-07-06 richtermstand-alone compilation converted to autotools; doxygen...
2006-07-06 belikovCorrecting the previous numerical protection.
2006-07-06 belikovNumerical protection.
2006-07-05 richtermmoved class declarations to separate files
2006-07-05 richtermchanged include paths
2006-07-05 richtermadded data source and sink base components
2006-07-05 richtermdocumentation
2006-07-05 richtermchanged include paths
2006-07-05 richtermmissing static variable added
2006-07-05 coppedisSligthly updated AliZDCDataDCS.cxx
2006-07-05 hristovUsing cp -a (Jan)
2006-07-05 hristovChanges after the removal of AliSimpleValue
2006-07-05 coppedisZDC Preprocessor 1st version implemented
2006-07-05 hristovUsing TMath::Abs and TMath::Sqrt instead of fabs and...
2006-07-05 bnandinew classes are added
2006-07-04 jgrosseorevision of AliDCSValue: Removed wrapper classes, reduc...
2006-07-04 jgrosseoadded possibility to loop only over particles with...
2006-07-04 jgrosseoserialization fix
2006-07-04 jgrosseorevision of AliDCSValue: Removed wrapper classes, reduc...
2006-07-04 jgrosseoupdated test classes (alberto)
2006-07-04 bnandichanged to new data reader
2006-07-04 bnandiPMD new raw data reader
2006-07-04 bnandiPMD new raw data writer
2006-07-04 bnandiPMD Data Header files
2006-07-04 bnandiHardware mapping files for each DDL
2006-07-04 marianMacro to analyze Test TPC data (Marian)"
2006-07-03 pavlinovcomment some print output
2006-07-03 marianAdd signal fitting to chain of analysis (Marian)
2006-07-03 marianAdd fitting of the signals to the standard chain (Marian)
2006-07-03 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-07-03 mtadelUse TPointSelector for point extraction.
2006-07-03 mtadelImplemented the TPointSelectorConsumer interface for...
2006-07-03 mtadelAdded new classes TPointSelector and TPointSelectorCons...
2006-07-03 marianAdd Eta function (Matevz)
2006-07-03 schutzcorrection for ALICE numbering scheme in Trigger methods
2006-07-03 jgrosseominor changes to improve serializability
2006-07-03 marianScript to convert raw format to root format (Marian)
2006-06-30 pavlinovcorrection for ALICE numbering scheme
2006-06-30 ivanaRemoved declaration of not used/implemented function...
2006-06-30 maseramodifications to be compliant with -Weffc++ option...
2006-06-30 ivanaNew macro for drawing slat motifs with real contours
2006-06-30 ivanaAdding new canvas with drawing motifs with real contours
2006-06-30 ivanaAdded Option "C": it paints the real contour of the...
2006-06-30 ivanaAdded paragraph How to check the alignment software
2006-06-30 ivanaAdding new classes for alignment via physics tracks
2006-06-30 ivanaAdding nameCDB argument; updated for modifs in STEER
2006-06-30 ivanaScript for testing alignment using physics tracks
2006-06-30 ivanaNew macro for MUON alignment using physics tracks
2006-06-30 ivanaNew classes for alignment via physics tracks
2006-06-30 cvetanNew trigger description file due to misprint fixes...
2006-06-30 cvetanMisprints fixed (Ch.Finck)
2006-06-29 ivanaIn ReadTriggerDDL() - corrected test under if,
2006-06-29 maserachanged procedure to find the centroid to start Z deter...
2006-06-29 kirwarning on gcc 3.2.3 removed
2006-06-29 kirRoolback to release dependency on TestShuttle
2006-06-29 morschNew TRD mother volume dimensions. (Ch. Blume)
2006-06-28 kirFirst operational version of AliRICHProprocessor
2006-06-28 maseraNew run range for alibration files - old version removed
2006-06-28 maseraNew run range for Alignment - old version removed
2006-06-28 ivanaRegenerated files after Christian's corrections to...
2006-06-28 ivanaCorrecting mapping data (manuid and buspatch numbers)
2006-06-28 hristovChanges to run on Mac
2006-06-28 cvetanUpdated equipment ID map for early 2006 TPC raw data.
2006-06-28 mtadelRecord changes.
2006-06-28 mtadelUse built-in equipment maps; the override option is...
2006-06-28 mtadelUse built-in equipment maps; the override option is...
2006-06-28 cvetanCompiler warning fixed.