2012-03-29 jotwinowcoverity fix
2012-03-29 gconesabProvide more shower shape parameters after recalculatio...
2012-03-29 rgrossoExample macro to create a CDB snapshot from the userinf...
2012-03-29 marianFixing coverity warning.
2012-03-29 gconesabcoverity
2012-03-29 miwebercoverity fix: histograms initialized in the member...
2012-03-28 jthaedermacros to be used to compare TPC and HLT clusters in...
2012-03-28 jthaederTPC DQM update to have 2d occupancy plot and to disable...
2012-03-28 jklein- revert accidental part of previous commit,
2012-03-28 jklein- coverity fixes
2012-03-28 deliaMin number of TPC clusters as parameter
2012-03-28 marianM CPass0/test/runCPass0User.sh - job info stored...
2012-03-28 morsch2011 udates for event plane
2012-03-28 quarkmistake - use AliInfoGeneral, not AliInfo
2012-03-28 quarkAliInfo displays better than std::cout
2012-03-28 marianAdding QA train into the CPass1
2012-03-28 marian1. Replacing CPass0 with CPass1 in the text of macros
2012-03-28 marianFinished copy of the CPass0 macros into CPass1
2012-03-28 marianAdding the CPass0 macros and scripts as first version...
2012-03-28 mvalaSETUP.C for EventMixng was fixed. Following SETUP.C...
2012-03-28 marianRemoving obsolete macros
2012-03-28 abercuciprotect against overstepping ADC array boundary
2012-03-28 marianRemoving obsolete directory
2012-03-28 marianreplacing Pass- with CPass0 in C macros and scripts
2012-03-28 mariantest/runCPass0User.sh
2012-03-28 abercuciupdate EVE processing macros
2012-03-28 abercucifix and extend TRD track list functionality
2012-03-28 marianRename all of macros/jdl from *Pass0* CPass0
2012-03-28 wiechulao small fix
2012-03-28 marianPassX was moved to CPass1
2012-03-28 marian1. Renaming Pass0 --> CPass0
2012-03-28 cvetanNew event header version. Has to be ported to the releases.
2012-03-28 amastrosCoverity fixes
2012-03-28 gconesabadd mild cuts for pi0 invariant mass histograms, add...
2012-03-28 gconesabcorrect geo name setting in case of run number = 0...
2012-03-28 prinoFiner binning for centrality histos + new histogram...
2012-03-28 prinoAdded counters for events not passing phys. sel.
2012-03-27 marian# Script for testing of the Pass0.jdl on the grid...
2012-03-27 marian1. Use alien_cp -n Otherwise problem with second updates
2012-03-27 mvalaBetter handling of physiscs selection in mixing handler
2012-03-27 mvalaAdded event mixing example macros
2012-03-27 aadarechanged output file name
2012-03-27 marianUpdated documentation
2012-03-27 prinoModification for the LEGO train
2012-03-27 hristovFix for #92820: Patch to fix the use of gMC in TOF
2012-03-27 ivanaIn vmctest/gun:
2012-03-27 ivanaUpdating macros in vmctest:
2012-03-27 abercucifix coverity
2012-03-26 coppedisUpdating correct no. of modules
2012-03-26 prinoAddTask for HF v2 updated to use vzero EP
2012-03-26 prinoAdd histos for VZERO event plane resolution (Giacomo)
2012-03-26 jthaederbetter access to sector cluster array: using FindObject...
2012-03-26 hristovFixes for #90303: Fix PROOF-INF/SETUP.C to create PAR...
2012-03-26 gconesabcorrect to make work with plugin plus other - Jiri
2012-03-26 abercuciadd OCDB for truncated mean (Xianguo)
2012-03-26 abercuciadd new classes for PID truncated mean (Xianguo)
2012-03-26 abercuciTruncated mean PID method by Xianguo
2012-03-26 miweberchanges in AddAnalysisTaskPIDFluctuation.C for only...
2012-03-26 mrodriguDQM histograms updated
2012-03-25 kharlovComments are added
2012-03-25 kharlovHistograms in AliAnalysisTaskPi0.cxx were updated....
2012-03-25 maseraCoverity 19664
2012-03-24 miweberUpdate of macro used for extracting Balance Function...
2012-03-24 cnattrasUpdating so jobs run on the grid
2012-03-23 prinoPossibility to set eta range to be used for tracklet...
2012-03-23 prinoUpdated plot of analyzed flow events; cut on z vertex...
2012-03-23 quarkSolve bug #89021 - macros do not neet to do gEve->GetDe...
2012-03-23 marianIndex: AliTPCClusterParam.h - Usage of the...
2012-03-23 belikovPossibility to vary the cut on DCA between V0 daughters
2012-03-23 esickingCoverity fix
2012-03-23 cvetanMacro to visualize the channel delays.
2012-03-23 marianLoadLibraries.C - removing not needed libraries
2012-03-23 marianAdding test directory
2012-03-23 snellingremove output from AliInfo
2012-03-23 wiechulao check
2012-03-23 cvetanBug fix related to the previous commit (55313)
2012-03-23 gconesabfix in the macros for train
2012-03-23 fbelliniAdded MC flag for centrality in AnalysisSetupRsnMini...
2012-03-23 gconesabrefactorize, clean, cosmetics
2012-03-22 cvetanAdding flatenning to V0A,V0C and total V0 in addition...
2012-03-22 miweberAdded analysis task for * Event by event PID fluctuati...
2012-03-22 gconesabget read of trees and branches, all digits and recpoint...
2012-03-22 gconesab add getter for the array with digits and initializatio...
2012-03-22 maseraNew version of thermal shield (M.Sitta)
2012-03-22 cvetanAdding all LHC11h good runs in the OADB. The method...
2012-03-22 jgrosseofix in filling of ZDC histogram
2012-03-22 morschUpdate of PDG data base not at this point.
2012-03-22 jgrosseofiner binning around 0, 0
2012-03-22 aurasBugs fixed
2012-03-22 hqvigstafix for PHOS/macros/Trigger/OCDB/testReadTRUPedestals.C
2012-03-22 hqvigstaRemoved PHOS/macros/Trigger/OCDB/readTRUPedestals_C.d
2012-03-22 hansenaLots of small improvements and optimizations to flow...
2012-03-22 esickingPrototype for data driven strangeness correction
2012-03-22 morschWarning corrected.
2012-03-22 gconesabAdd more user oriented options to costumize the tender...
2012-03-22 prinoUPdates to run in lego train (Grazia)
2012-03-21 aurasUpdated AliMFTConstants class
2012-03-21 coppedisBug in TDC OCDB creation fixed
2012-03-21 fbelliniAdded AliRsnAction, AliRsnPIDRange
2012-03-21 fbelliniAdded AliRsnAction, fix for AliRsnPIDRange, lego_train...