2012-09-13 quarkNot ready for previous changes, revert to stable code.
2012-09-13 mcosentitesting if mc before select collision candidates
2012-09-13 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2012-09-13 atoiaparameterization for pA run with 188357 - only V0 and...
2012-09-13 loizidesupdate from Megan
2012-09-13 zconesaUpdates for pA
2012-09-13 hanrattyadded option to remove injected particles from MC,...
2012-09-13 morschUpdate for pA run
2012-09-12 marianUpdated names of the calibration variables
2012-09-12 marianBug fix:
2012-09-12 kleinbfix typo (M. Verweij)
2012-09-12 prinobugfix: passing event info as requirement for cut on...
2012-09-12 prinoUpdated code to configure Bayeisan PID (Rossella)
2012-09-12 zampolliDisabling completely TPC calibration at CPass1 (see...
2012-09-12 gconesabcorrect the path name
2012-09-12 aurasSetQA updated updated in runReconstruction.C
2012-09-12 aurasanalysis code updated
2012-09-12 cholmFixes for CAF
2012-09-12 cholmPossiblity to launch with PROOF GUI - doesn't work yet
2012-09-12 cholmFix warnings
2012-09-12 cholmSet branches
2012-09-12 cholmUse TParameter to store information rather than TNamed...
2012-09-12 cholmReduce messages
2012-09-12 cholmSet branches
2012-09-12 cholmCorrection objects for pA at sqrt{sNN}=5023GeV
2012-09-12 kleinbfiner binning in signed leading track pt
2012-09-12 cholmUpdates for better drawings
2012-09-12 cholmUpdates for better drawings
2012-09-12 morschFix for the previous
2012-09-12 kleinbstore the flag for the DataType ESD or AOD
2012-09-12 gconesabupdate with new base EMCAL library
2012-09-12 coppedisUpdating Shuttle preprocessor
2012-09-12 prinoNew task for D+ hadron correlations (Sadhana, Jitendra)
2012-09-12 abercuciupdates in the PWGPP/TRD
2012-09-12 morschCorrect npart calculation
2012-09-11 rbailhac Update hfe package
2012-09-11 rgrossoRemoving the error message for single storage attempts...
2012-09-11 prinoMC implementations for D0-HFE correlation (Matthias)
2012-09-11 agheataGenerateTest creates now the merging macro and scripts...
2012-09-11 mcosentibug fix
2012-09-11 agheataAdded host name and alien site to fileinfo.log
2012-09-11 jgrosseoincreasing classdef
2012-09-11 gconesabbad channels up to LHC12d added, Marcel
2012-09-11 agheataAdded job information to fileinfo.log: total duration...
2012-09-10 morschUpdates for pA
2012-09-10 miweberchanges for 2D centrality QA (Alis R. Manso)
2012-09-10 atoiaadd parameterization for true Npart (MC)
2012-09-10 wiechulao updates (Ionut)
2012-09-10 mcosentiincluding MC features
2012-09-10 shahoianAdded safety margin to array size expansion
2012-09-10 mikolajin the validation step check that either the ITS-TPC...
2012-09-10 ssakaiupdated
2012-09-10 kleinbmore consistent use of cuts, new cut number 1008
2012-09-10 shahoianAnother fix
2012-09-10 shahoianFix in contructor
2012-09-10 ssakaiadded another trigger selections
2012-09-10 coppedisUpdating for p-A beam type
2012-09-10 coppedisUpdating for p-A beam type
2012-09-10 ddobrigkChanges to do:
2012-09-10 aurasanalysis code and AliMuonForwardTrackPair updated
2012-09-10 loizidesupdates from Fengchu
2012-09-09 marianUse the drift velocity calibration using the TOF
2012-09-09 miweberadding possibilty to correct 1D Balance function for...
2012-09-08 loizidesUpdate from Rosi
2012-09-08 gconesabadd pass4 to pass name check in LHC11a analysis and...
2012-09-08 morschUpdates Alberica
2012-09-08 morschUpdate for pA
2012-09-07 prsnkoAdd Dispcore, DistToBad, remove Dispwou histograms
2012-09-07 morschroll back
2012-09-07 morschAliCentralitySelectionTask and utilizes the parameteriz...
2012-09-07 morschParameterizes the dependence of VZERO (A,C) on the...
2012-09-07 atoiaV0A and C parameterized after correcting for vertex...
2012-09-07 maseraChanges to SPD cooling system manifold (M. Sitta)
2012-09-07 gconesabchange loop variable to correct if statement
2012-09-07 rpreghenadded method to print cpass0/x calibration status
2012-09-07 richtermstore StreamerInfo object with validity infinity, and...
2012-09-07 richtermusing common function for merging of streamer info
2012-09-07 richtermmoving merging of streamer info arrays from RootSchemaE...
2012-09-07 richtermdefining interface functions for merging of streamer...
2012-09-06 prsnkobug in increment corrected
2012-09-06 prsnkoInitialize variables accord. to extended AliPID::kSPECI...
2012-09-06 hqvigstaMerged SetNMixedPerCentrality into SetCentralityBinning...
2012-09-06 hqvigstaAdded option for use of official LHC11h V0 EP Calc...
2012-09-06 janielskAdded AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPb2011 to libPWGLFspectra....
2012-09-06 morschUpdates Alberica
2012-09-06 mikolajAdd the validation status for use in the OCDB export...
2012-09-06 morschUdates
2012-09-06 kleinbFlag Secondaries from Weak decays and Material also...
2012-09-06 deliaMinor fix (changed container names)
2012-09-06 snellingaddition vzero ep for phi and extension to higher pt
2012-09-06 ssakaiupdated for background study
2012-09-06 morschtwo methods added
2012-09-06 jgrosseocalculation of fake rate and mc-reco-pt resolution
2012-09-05 atoiafixed reference run for pA in centrality OADB
2012-09-05 loizidesupdate from Salvatore
2012-09-05 mcosentichanging 2 axis to hold iso w/o UE subtr. and changing...
2012-09-05 hristovFix for #97283: AliGenPythia : Trigger on Pythia partic...
2012-09-05 gconesabfile moved to OADB
2012-09-05 gconesabchange location of geometry.root file
2012-09-05 gconesabmc track label might be also 0