2007-03-14 morschOuter radius of composite ring corrected.
2007-03-14 morschInner radius of RB26s3 corrected.
2007-03-14 morsch- Dipole position as installed.
2007-03-14 polichehHardcoded source file name removed.
2007-03-14 panosAdding info about the Kine dir.
2007-03-14 panosAdding the example on how to access the kine tree with...
2007-03-14 panosAdding the base task that gives access to the run loader
2007-03-14 cblumeAdd AliTRDalignment by Dariusz
2007-03-14 philleCorrected help message that was previously incorrect.
2007-03-14 markusInitial revision.
2007-03-14 markusGetters and setter of vtx type modified.
2007-03-14 markusFix momentum implementation.
2007-03-14 cblumeUpdate of raw data reading by Christian
2007-03-14 dibariMore histos
2007-03-14 richtermaliroot integration
2007-03-14 cblumeModification of operator=
2007-03-14 richtermmoved from BASE to BASE/util
2007-03-14 richtermadded global object for component registration
2007-03-14 richtermmoved from BASE to BASE/util
2007-03-14 maseraremoval of obsolete classes - cleanup of AliITSClusterF...
2007-03-14 richtermadded global object for component registration
2007-03-14 richterm- check whether AliLog supports external streams and...
2007-03-14 hristovModifications needed by TRD (Christoph)
2007-03-14 richtermextension of the configuration classes in order to...
2007-03-14 ivana- We now save in MUON ESD both track parameters extrapo...
2007-03-14 hristovUpdated version: methods to get momentum (Philippe)
2007-03-13 ivanaNow in group evaluation (was base)
2007-03-13 ivanaAdding include TROOT.h (needed with Root from CVS)
2007-03-13 ivanaUpdated list of classes
2007-03-13 ivanaDoxymodules_EVGEN.h
2007-03-13 ivanaCorrected Doxygen warnings:
2007-03-13 ivana- Removing obsolete tags
2007-03-13 ivanaCorrected Doxygen warnings:
2007-03-13 coppedisFinal (?) changes
2007-03-13 ivanaAdding CVS Id
2007-03-13 ivanaRemoving copyright
2007-03-13 hristovModifications and additional features needed by HLT...
2007-03-13 richterm- adapted to AliRoot logging system, messages printed...
2007-03-13 dibariLegend in the display corrected
2007-03-12 dibariDisplay boxes for pads in display
2007-03-12 dibariminors
2007-03-12 dibariFlag for feedback photons+minors
2007-03-12 hristovNo need for libMUOBshuttle
2007-03-12 cvetanNext version
2007-03-12 richtermTPC OnlineDisplay: TView has been made pure virtual...
2007-03-12 hristovRemoving libMUONshuttle
2007-03-12 kharlovCVS label included
2007-03-12 kharlovFirst upload of a macro to create raw data manually
2007-03-12 coppedisChanges in Raw2SDigits method
2007-03-12 coppedisMinor changes
2007-03-12 coppedisSmall bug corrected
2007-03-12 ivanaMoving classes from shuttle lib to rec
2007-03-12 hristovAdding libMUONshuttle which is needed by libMUONrec
2007-03-12 hristovAdding libMUONshuttle which is needed by libMUONrec
2007-03-11 philleHLT xml configuration scripts that can serve as example...
2007-03-11 philleRoot libraries are given by the command `root-config...
2007-03-11 phille- Change in the Online display because Histograms...
2007-03-11 philleNew classes that updates histograms contniously during...
2007-03-11 philleThe moduleID is given as type AliHLTUInt8_t
2007-03-11 philleminor changes
2007-03-11 philleMinor changes
2007-03-11 dibariNow rings back again...
2007-03-11 philleNew on per RCU data containers
2007-03-11 philleAdded new files
2007-03-11 dibariInitial commit of new style QA
2007-03-11 dibariBug in Hit2Sdig fixed+minors
2007-03-11 kirnew Draw with gradations in color
2007-03-11 dibariMimization improved
2007-03-11 hristovAdding libMUONshuttle which is needed by libMUONrec
2007-03-11 kiradd legend to display + printing facilities
2007-03-11 dibarino print
2007-03-11 dibariCluster fitting improved
2007-03-10 pavlinovmove one varibels from AliEMCALv2 to AliEMCAL
2007-03-10 dibariBug on limits on the photocatodes+minors
2007-03-10 kirOld OCDB entries removed
2007-03-10 kharlovProtection for noCPV geometry
2007-03-10 mvlAdded data members to store energy deposit per primary...
2007-03-09 hristovExample of conversion of fidutial marks to alignment...
2007-03-09 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-03-09 mtadelOptimize reading of track references.
2007-03-09 ivanaAdding comments
2007-03-09 ivanaAdding comment
2007-03-09 ivanaMethod ReadFile() returns now Int_t (Laurent)
2007-03-09 ivanaAdding the possibility to change the run number (Laurent)
2007-03-09 ivanaAdding AliMUONLog class (Laurent)
2007-03-09 ivanaAdding a Set method to replace existing values (Laurent)
2007-03-09 ivanaCheck we get everything from OCDB even before starting...
2007-03-09 ivanaRemoving validation stage, which will probably be handl...
2007-03-09 ivanaCreation of an empty map is now forwarded to AliMUON2DM...
2007-03-09 ivanaInstead of crashing, allow some holes in the calibratio...
2007-03-09 ivanaMany changes : \n-concerning trigger, fixing bugs in...
2007-03-09 ivanaReplacing some AliWarning by AliMUONLog to get a report...
2007-03-09 ivanaAdding method IsEfficiencyApplied to be used by trigger...
2007-03-09 ivanaCommenting out the infamous speed eater = StdoutToAliDe...
2007-03-09 ivanaRemoving AliError messages where they are not needed...
2007-03-09 ivanaAdding one more Validate method, which does not care...
2007-03-09 ivanaAdding Generate method to build a store with identical...
2007-03-09 ivanaNew class to log things that should be collected during...
2007-03-09 cvetanRefresh the physical nodes as the misalignment is fully...
2007-03-09 mtadelRecord changes.