2000-08-04 schutzAdded virtual IsVersion
2000-08-04 vcolinupdate info about cvs installation using cvs account
2000-08-03 schutzpolish
2000-08-03 schutzDigits could not be calculated because the hit informat...
2000-08-01 alibrarycommit last changes from Peter.
2000-07-28 ivanaadding of new classes for generating XML geometry descr...
2000-07-28 ivanarearranged into two parts: 1) implementation in Geant4...
2000-07-28 ivanaInitial version
2000-07-28 ivanamoved ifdef G4VIS_USE before the first include; removed...
2000-07-28 ivanaadded TG4StringSet typedef
2000-07-28 ivanaadded G4 angle unit (deg)
2000-07-28 morschSimple configuration file and macro for acceptance...
2000-07-28 morschSetAcceptance defines inner and outer chamber radii...
2000-07-28 morschNo cut on theta in AliGenParam.
2000-07-28 morschObsolte typedef after param: removed
2000-07-27 schutzJust to be up to date
2000-07-27 schutzSolved a weird problem. It was calling SetAdress where...
2000-07-27 schutzNo major change; just to keep a version
2000-07-27 morschMore optimised cuts for the inner NIW region.
2000-07-27 morschFixed position of end of 2deg cone
2000-07-26 morschPosition zch1 corrected (529 cm)
2000-07-26 morschFront absorber and shield geometries with parallel...
2000-07-26 morschHelper class to write geometry in ALIFE format in paral...
2000-07-26 schutz"cout" added in the debug mode
2000-07-26 schutzThe emc and ppsd multiplicity was not reinitialized...
2000-07-26 schutz1. Initialized the fObjGetter in the ctor
2000-07-26 schutzremoved a few "cout"
2000-07-25 schutzDefault value for fDigitThreshold set to 0.1
2000-07-25 schutzFor test purposes
2000-07-25 ivanaadded AliRoot categories to HTML generating
2000-07-25 ivanaadded protection for loading the same macro twice
2000-07-25 ivanaupdated for geant4.2.0 makefiles
2000-07-25 ivanauncommented AliRoot categories; updated links to main...
2000-07-25 ivanaadded linking of History files
2000-07-25 ivanaexcluded .h files (cause ddl2html error)
2000-07-25 ivanaadded AliRoot categories to HTML generating
2000-07-25 ivanafModuleConstructionVector type changed to vector of...
2000-07-25 ivanaremoved unneeded system include
2000-07-25 ivanaIS0/ANSI standard corrections: added G4std::, changed...
2000-07-25 ivanachanged float return value DBL_MAX to FLT_MAX
2000-07-25 ivanaremoved unreachable break from switch commands
2000-07-25 ivanaIS0/ANSI standard corrections: added G4std::, changed...
2000-07-25 vcolinupdate the installation procedure.
2000-07-22 morschSame comment as before, but now done correctly I hope...
2000-07-22 morschChange order of indices in creation (new) of xhit and...
2000-07-21 schutzData member fGeom added
2000-07-21 schutzdata members added: fGeom (ponter to Geometry) and...
2000-07-21 schutzUnfolding slightly reorganized (added finction UnfoldAl...
2000-07-21 schutzinitialize pointer data member to zero in the default...
2000-07-21 morschfNrawch = 0; and fNrechits = 0; in the default const...
2000-07-21 morschPut back the two bellows in front of the absorber.
2000-07-20 morschFlange in front of front-absorber added.
2000-07-20 morschMaterial definition for INOX corrected
2000-07-20 gossetNew "EventReconstructor..." structure,
2000-07-19 vcolinminor updates
2000-07-18 gossetAliMUONEventReconstructor package:
2000-07-18 schutzAdd threshold for primary particles participating to...
2000-07-18 schutzThe call to the geometry object has been modified
2000-07-18 schutzPolish
2000-07-18 schutzBug corrected in the instantiation mechanism
2000-07-17 ivanatag Release-3-03 commented
2000-07-17 ivanachanged destructor to virtual
2000-07-17 ivanarenamed local constants
2000-07-17 ivanacorrected name for multiple inclusion protection
2000-07-17 ivanarenamed local constants, added arguments name in method...
2000-07-17 ivanaonly comments added
2000-07-17 ivanaadded arguments name in method declarations
2000-07-17 ivanarenamed static data members (change of coding conventions)
2000-07-14 fcaNew pictures for TPC
2000-07-13 fcaDefault constructor must initialise pointers to 0
2000-07-13 fcaDo no stop for errors in mkdepend
2000-07-13 fcaNew code checker
2000-07-13 fcaLatest Fixes from M.Bondila
2000-07-13 fcaNew START corrected for coding conventions
2000-07-13 fcaMainly coding conventions + some small bug fixes
2000-07-13 ivanaremoved rehash
2000-07-13 ivanaextended exception output in FindAliModule()
2000-07-13 ivanaremoved obsolete comments only
2000-07-13 ivanatemporarily excluded MUON, FMD
2000-07-13 ivanaremoved excluding of PHOS
2000-07-12 ivanaupdated for renaming in AliRun (Keep_Bit cont)
2000-07-12 ivanaupdated for geant4.2.0 (processNameList type in PrintAl...
2000-07-12 ivanaremoved commented line only
2000-07-12 ivanaupdated for changes in Config.C and new versions of...
2000-07-12 ivanaupdated for changes in Config.C and new versions of...
2000-07-12 ivanaadded hijing libraries to LIBS
2000-07-12 ivanaupdated nof versions and default versions for some...
2000-07-12 ivanacorrected ordering of libraries (required by HP)
2000-07-12 ivanaremoved G4NO_STD_NAMESPACE setting, changed OGLHOME
2000-07-12 fcaCoding convention correction and warning removal
2000-07-12 fcaFixing dimension of hits array
2000-07-12 fcaRe-correcting codecheck part
2000-07-12 fcaCorrecting several syntax problem with static members
2000-07-12 fcaAdding G4 directory to check list
2000-07-11 fcaCoding convention corrections + few minor bug fixes
2000-07-11 fcaCasting to eliminate constructor ambiguity
2000-07-11 fcaSome syntax corrections for non standard HP aCC
2000-07-11 fcaAdding include path for dependencies
2000-07-11 fcaSome cleanup of creators
2000-07-11 fcaDeviate the error of makedepend