2013-04-18 gconesabrevert unwanted changes
2013-04-18 mkrzewicfrom Ante Bilandzic:
2013-04-18 gconesabfix bug and change order of histograms creation
2013-04-18 laphecetUpdate to ease RejectList creation by hand
2013-04-18 mchojnaccoverity fix, plus adding some debug info to the analys...
2013-04-18 ssakairemove ^M at the end of lines
2013-04-18 eserradi<Ntrk> values for more periods
2013-04-18 pkalinakCoverity fixes
2013-04-18 fnoferinupdate integrated v2 vs. pt range
2013-04-18 gconesabremove print
2013-04-18 gconesabadd option for linear correction of weight, add option...
2013-04-18 gconesabadd option not to select clusters in parametrized showe...
2013-04-18 miwebermajor update in LRC code (Igor Altsybeev <Igor.Altsybee...
2013-04-18 cbaumannfix missing newlines in Asakos tasks
2013-04-18 cbaumannupdate Markus task for EmCal triggered Data
2013-04-18 dgangadhBug fix for generateSignal case
2013-04-18 majanikconfig files for train, DEtaDPhi
2013-04-18 kleinbcoverity fixes
2013-04-17 aurasFiles for MFT segmentation updated
2013-04-17 pchristaUpdated hydro macro
2013-04-17 pchristaBug fix for toy model (mixing)
2013-04-17 miwebernormalizing EventMixing to 1 at (0,0) before dividing...
2013-04-17 mkrzewicfrom Ante Bilandzic:
2013-04-17 jotwinowcorrected ranges fix by M. Nicassio
2013-04-17 ddobrigkRemoved AliAnalysisUtils-based PV selection for Cascade...
2013-04-17 ddobrigkRemoved AliAnalysisUtils-based PV selection, moved...
2013-04-17 miweberprojection also for smaller ranges than the full axis...
2013-04-17 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-04-17 kleinbcoverity fixes
2013-04-17 agheataAdded CPU and RealTime collection per task when the...
2013-04-17 morsch2010 filter but schema restored
2013-04-17 fnoferinadded integrated v2 extrapolation from BW fit
2013-04-17 cvetanAdding closest IR1, i.e. VZERO-AND. For sake of reducin...
2013-04-17 pchristaFixing the event mixing for the toy model
2013-04-17 majanikconfig for DEtaDPhi train
2013-04-17 fbelliniAdded histograms for dx and dz residuals vs TOF channel...
2013-04-17 jbook- change config and function in addtask
2013-04-17 jgrosseomistake in previous commit fixed
2013-04-17 jgrosseoupdate from Emilia
2013-04-17 jgrosseooptimizations for MC mode
2013-04-17 fprinoFixes for coverity defects
2013-04-17 zconesaevict unnecessary warnings while runing on pp data
2013-04-16 shahoianAdded split clusters tagging (MC info used)
2013-04-16 fnoferinupdate in integrated v2 macro
2013-04-16 miwebercoverity fix (Nirbhay Kumar Behera <nirbhay.kumar.beher...
2013-04-16 jgrosseocode optimization of AliTHn and AliUEHistograms::FillCo...
2013-04-16 shahoianFix in the cycles container size
2013-04-16 gconesabfix compilation warning, unninitialized TClonesArray...
2013-04-16 pkalinakcoverity fix
2013-04-16 shahoianCoverity fix
2013-04-16 jbook-change of default pid used for V0 rejection
2013-04-16 gconesabfix compilation warning
2013-04-16 morscho preparation of multiplicity treatment for TPC PID
2013-04-16 morschAttached you can find TPC and EMCAL PID response files...
2013-04-15 gconesabfix shower shape recalculation of shared clusters
2013-04-15 gconesabfix shower shape recalculation of shared clusters
2013-04-15 shahoianAdded extraction of cluster info to the tree
2013-04-15 pluettigAdded Nicoles Task
2013-04-15 cbaumannadd pp trigger
2013-04-15 jbook-remove multiplicity overwriting
2013-04-15 jbook-user updates
2013-04-15 miweberDiHadronPID patch (Misha Veldhoen <Misha.Veldhoen@cern...
2013-04-15 dgangadhFix for TabulatePairs case
2013-04-15 fnoferinadd draw BW fit macro
2013-04-15 fbelliniList of cuts for TOF K* analysis modified to include...
2013-04-15 fbelliniAdded new class for azimuthal angle cut in Rsn package
2013-04-15 akisielUpdated train configs
2013-04-15 jbook-add new default pid
2013-04-15 hqvigstaremoved centrality binning by index in output and logic...
2013-04-15 hqvigstafixes to logic of Pi0FlowMC
2013-04-15 eserradiadd mult. priors and histograms
2013-04-15 pkalinakcoverity fix,
2013-04-15 fnoferinadd setting of old TPC PID response
2013-04-15 miweberMinor changes in AliEbyEParticleRatioFluctuationTask...
2013-04-15 miweberbugfix (spotted by Chiara Oppedisano <Chiara.Oppedisano...
2013-04-15 akalweitUpdates from David (improved automatization).
2013-04-15 gconesabadd histograms comparing cell maxima energy withing...
2013-04-15 gconesabadding eta:phi tracks and clusters histograms
2013-04-15 miwebercorrect scaling of higher moments for error calculation...
2013-04-15 miweberOutput files are now in one single folder. Efficiency...
2013-04-14 fprinoFix (Jeremy)
2013-04-14 shahoianadded event range selection to read... methods
2013-04-13 loizidesenable possibility to set whether trigger match for...
2013-04-13 pkalinakCoverity fix,
2013-04-13 miweberchanges in Projections macro for mass processing (MW)
2013-04-12 fprinoFixes (Jeremy)
2013-04-12 hristovFix for possible inconsistency between the MC and raw...
2013-04-12 gconesabfixing some bugs and adding histograms on cells
2013-04-12 fnoferinAdded drawBWfit method to draw blastwave fit
2013-04-12 jthaederImprovement in CPU usage (Jens Wiechula)
2013-04-12 shahoianThe precision of AliESDv0::fPointAngle is changed from...
2013-04-12 fnoferinupdate on integrated v2 macro
2013-04-12 fprinoNew histos in task to check MC kinematics
2013-04-12 fnoferinupdate of integrated flow macro
2013-04-12 gconesabremove heavy figures
2013-04-12 kharlovExtending last centrality bins from 80-90% to 80-100%
2013-04-12 fnoferinupdate on integrated flow macro
2013-04-12 gconesabfix wrong data member definition
2013-04-12 miwebernew codes for ParticleRatio Fluctuations (Satyajit...
2013-04-12 hristovCorrected treatment of fDetectorStatus: creating the...