2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-10 marianDepndence on not committed code (AliHelix) removed...
2008-03-10 marianAdding AliGenInfoTask (Marian)
2008-03-10 marianFirst attempt to use AliAnalisysTask (Marian)
2008-03-10 hristovCorrected calculation in of the normal vector (Andrea)
2008-03-10 hristov- new interface beween MUON objects (track/cluster...
2008-03-10 richtermbugfix: resolving error code
2008-03-10 richtermbugfix: making distinct Swap functions; error code...
2008-03-10 cvetanAdding virtual destructor breaks C++ struct backward...
2008-03-10 cvetanProper treatment (which means just ingoring) of DDL...
2008-03-10 cvetanRemoval of missing directory warnings
2008-03-10 jgrosseoremoved ldap configuration
2008-03-10 richtermbugfix: parameter needed for debug message
2008-03-10 richterm- bugfix: correct equipment ids for HLT ddl links
2008-03-10 marianAdding AliTPCcalibV0 to the Makefile (Marian)
2008-03-10 marianMaking Fit function static (Marian)
2008-03-10 marianAdding more fits e.g. laser (Marian)
2008-03-10 pcrochetWrite trigger digits if SAVEDIGITS activated (Bogdan)
2008-03-10 coppedisRemoval of many C++ warnings
2008-03-10 richterm- added libAliHLTRCU to default libraries
2008-03-10 richtermimproved robustness; format specifications changed...
2008-03-10 coppedisRemoval of many C++ warnings
2008-03-10 mtadelFrom Bogdan: Due to problems with color scheme in lates...
2008-03-10 akisielAdding new classes to compilation
2008-03-10 akisielAdding model correlation functions.
2008-03-10 akisielAdding new correlation function binnig in 3D in (qinv...
2008-03-10 akisielAdding files neccessary for effc++ fixes
2008-03-10 akisielFixing effc++ warnings and code rule conformance
2008-03-10 akisielFixing effc++ warnings and code rule conformance
2008-03-08 jgrosseoDCS error mails are only sent once per subdet and run
2008-03-08 maseraChanges to remove compilation warnings
2008-03-08 hristovCorrected list of libraries in the SETUP.C macros
2008-03-07 philleEffective C++
2008-03-07 philleRemoved obsolete files
2008-03-07 fcaCorrect warning
2008-03-07 richtermget rid of coding violations and warnings (Jochen)
2008-03-07 richtermchanges by Kenneth
2008-03-07 laphecetAdding a cut on ADC to speed up things (Dieggo)
2008-03-07 allaskip crashed PMT in cosmic reconstruction
2008-03-07 maseraReplace FXS fileID from DASSD_DB_results to CALIBRATION...
2008-03-07 laphecetFixing coding violations (Artur)
2008-03-07 morschfDebug is in baseclass.
2008-03-07 daineseCoding conventions (Andrea)
2008-03-07 hristovUpdated QA (Sylwester)
2008-03-07 morschPostData needed.
2008-03-07 morschRedeclaration corrected.
2008-03-06 laphecetShould have been part of the previous commit
2008-03-06 richtermbugfix: missing function implemented; next strike again...
2008-03-06 mtadelAliEveITSDigitsInfo::SetITSSegmentation()
2008-03-06 maseraBug fix (Vladimir Pospisil)
2008-03-06 laphecet mchview version 0.93
2008-03-06 morsch=operator implemented (R. Shahoyan)
2008-03-06 pcrochetbug fixed (Valerie)
2008-03-06 dibariBugs soved by Peter Hristov.
2008-03-06 akisielFix effc warnings
2008-03-06 maseraMethod Init updated. Default initialization provided
2008-03-06 rgrossoModifications for correct use of timeout and slightly...
2008-03-06 richtermcoding conventions and compilation warnings and work...
2008-03-06 richtermbugfix: not implemented functions removed from class...
2008-03-06 morsch- Protections
2008-03-06 dibariZero charge from AliWaring to AliDebug
2008-03-06 richtermlibAliHLTITS added to HLT build system; minor compilati...
2008-03-06 laphecetFixing (most of) compiler warnings
2008-03-06 cblumeFix compiler warnings and new raw stream options
2008-03-06 cblumeFix compiler warnings and new raw stream options
2008-03-06 cblumeFix compiler warnings and new raw stream options
2008-03-06 fcaCorrecting warnings
2008-03-06 richtermtemporarily disabled TPCNoiseMapComponent; minor fix...
2008-03-06 richtermadded ALTRO data encoder and corresponding unit test
2008-03-05 richtermcoding violations and compilation warnings fixed (Sergey)
2008-03-05 fcaAdding -Weffc++
2008-03-05 maseraAdded option TGeo in the constructor in order to initia...
2008-03-05 fcaRemoving warnings in MONITOR
2008-03-05 morschentry# stored for each event.
2008-03-05 morschGetter for entry in tree addded.
2008-03-05 fcaRemoving warnings in ANALYSIS
2008-03-05 fcaRemoving warnings in ANALYSIS
2008-03-05 marianAdding "agent" for jobs management (Marian)
2008-03-05 fcaCleanup remaining warnings in STEER
2008-03-05 morsch2nd =operator removed.
2008-03-05 schutzgoing from local to alien OCDB
2008-03-05 laphecetAliMUON*TrackerData
2008-03-05 morschMore warnings corrected.
2008-03-05 zampolliWarnings suppressed
2008-03-05 richtermcorrections in code documentation
2008-03-05 morschWarnings corrected.
2008-03-05 hristovCorected initialization of static data member
2008-03-05 morsch- Warnings corrected
2008-03-05 richtermenabling keyword substitution
2008-03-05 richtermVarious contributions by Jochen
2008-03-05 martinezFixing coding violations (Livio, Pietro)
2008-03-05 fcaNo effc++ warnings in RALICE
2008-03-05 morschWarnings corrected.
2008-03-05 morschInclude files from ANALYSISalice. (M. Gheata)
2008-03-04 morschWarnings corrected.
2008-03-04 mtadelFix a mistake.
2008-03-04 mtadelFix warnings.
2008-03-04 mtadelFrom Massimo: remove usage of AliITSgeom, use AliITSgeo...