2007-05-02 agheata The method LocalInit() may be implemented to call...
2007-05-02 agheatafixed return value for Notify()
2007-05-02 morschStandard connection to ESD in chain.
2007-05-02 agheata- New class AliAnalysisDataWrapper used for streaming...
2007-05-02 maseraBug fix in method RefitAt: the cluster with index 0...
2007-05-02 bnandichanges in the code
2007-05-01 philleCoding conventions
2007-05-01 philleCoding conventions
2007-05-01 philleAdded new files to aliroot build system
2007-05-01 philleStructure to hold decoded altro raw data for a single...
2007-05-01 philleCoding conventions & cleanup of obsolete code
2007-05-01 philleNew datatype for channnel raw data
2007-05-01 philleCoding conventions
2007-05-01 philleComponent to just decode the dat rom the DDLS and then...
2007-05-01 philleStructure to hold raw data samples from the altro for...
2007-05-01 philleCoding conventions
2007-05-01 mvlChanged dynamic range for SDigits to 2 TeV (integer...
2007-05-01 mvlChanged default dynamic range to 250 GeV
2007-05-01 mvlChanged dynamic range to 250 GeV
2007-05-01 philleCoding conventions
2007-05-01 richtermdisable thread support for hough tracking, DAs are...
2007-04-30 philleRaw data display at the HLT
2007-04-30 arcellihopefully the last refinements for correct type convers...
2007-04-30 arcellihopefully the last refinements for correct type convers...
2007-04-30 arcelliremove a residual Float_t conversion
2007-04-30 jgrosseoadding second trigger definition to function IsEventTri...
2007-04-30 arcelliremove AliTOFV4T0
2007-04-30 arcelliremove AliTOFGeometryV4
2007-04-30 maseraNew version of the hybrid geometry: fixes to SDD simula...
2007-04-30 arcelliChange TOF digit Time, Tot etc to int type
2007-04-30 morschqa28 invisible
2007-04-30 morschkAirHigh added
2007-04-30 arcelliUpdates to fetch the restricted spectra in TOF/data...
2007-04-30 arcelliUpdates to fetch the restricted spectra in TOF/data...
2007-04-30 arcellilimit histo range for ToT to a sensible range
2007-04-30 morschFast simulation of pi/K -> mu X (H. Woehri, A. de Falco)
2007-04-30 morschDecay mode kAllMuonic added. (Hermine Woehri)
2007-04-30 morschDecay mode kAllMuonic !
2007-04-30 pavlinovpin noise is inrceased from 4MeV to 10 MeV which got...
2007-04-29 gustavoNew return value, and some minor fixes
2007-04-29 cblumeUpdate RotateBack() and remove Rotate()
2007-04-28 martinezBug on Dump output (Gines)
2007-04-28 martinezMoving to versions 3 of the STRUCT components (Gines)
2007-04-28 martinezFixing bug with the new version of the absorber v3...
2007-04-28 polichehDead channels simulation: digit energy sets to 0.
2007-04-28 pcrochetAdd method to return XY pattern array (Christian)
2007-04-28 pcrochetadd GetTransformer (Christian)
2007-04-27 arcellisome code cleanup in the matching loop
2007-04-27 arcellimerge DistanceToPad and IsInsideThePad methods
2007-04-27 cblumeFix bug in internal cordinate representation
2007-04-27 kharlovCalibration stops if PHOS CDB objects do not exist
2007-04-27 cvetanCopy constructor and assignment operator implemented...
2007-04-27 kirAliHMPID moved from base to sim library
2007-04-27 cvetanAssignment operator implemented correctly. To be used...
2007-04-27 ivanaAdding a comment
2007-04-27 ivanaChanges to offer an example of the new simplified inter...
2007-04-27 ivanaAdding a simplified interface Next(buspatch,manu,channe...
2007-04-27 ivanaNow uses the simplified interface of RawStreamTracker...
2007-04-27 ivanaChannelId() from Char to UChar
2007-04-27 morschAir with increased transport cuts close to qb28.
2007-04-27 morschIncreases transport cuts in the tunnel.
2007-04-27 morschCorrection.
2007-04-27 morschIncreased transport cuts close to Cu pipe RB24 (Ernesto)
2007-04-27 morschIncreased transport cuts for dipole and compensator...
2007-04-27 morschIncreased transport cuts for compensator dipole.
2007-04-27 mariancorrected constructor (Haavard)
2007-04-27 markusUnnecessary include of TNamed removed.
2007-04-27 markusDefault PID updated.
2007-04-27 markusBug fix to avoid newly created and added headers for...
2007-04-27 cvetanFixing big memory leak. The parameters should NOT be...
2007-04-27 marianParameters not cloned anymore - responisbility of...
2007-04-27 kharlovRemove dependency on gAlice (Gustavo)
2007-04-27 arcellimacro to check TOF raw data
2007-04-27 richtermworkaround for ROOT bug: in order to avoid crashes...
2007-04-27 arcelliupdates for the new decoder
2007-04-27 richtermHLT base
2007-04-27 richtermAliHLTFileWriter moved to libAliHLTUtil
2007-04-27 arcelliupdates for the new decoder
2007-04-27 arcelliobject for storing TOF decoded RAW data
2007-04-27 arcellijust set increased version in ClassDef
2007-04-27 arcelliTOF raw data bit fields
2007-04-27 arcellicontainer for TOF raw data
2007-04-27 arcelliTOF Raw Data decoder
2007-04-27 cvetanAdd fast gaussian fitting routine (Marian)
2007-04-27 kirANALYSIS lib is added
2007-04-27 dibariLess include files...
2007-04-27 morschDIPO added
2007-04-27 schutzresolve a rounding problem
2007-04-27 marianMakeTree follows naming convention (Marian)
2007-04-27 morschOverlaps corrected.
2007-04-27 marianAdd getters (Marian)
2007-04-27 hristovIgnoring *.rootmap
2007-04-27 schutzadded const in Trigger(fileName)
2007-04-27 akisielRemove event number reading due to interface changes
2007-04-27 akisielMake revisions needed for compilation from the main...
2007-04-27 akisielCreate two femto libraries - libPWG2femtoscopy and...
2007-04-27 akisielSplit femto code into two libraries
2007-04-27 jgrosseoGetFileSources returns empty list in case of no files...
2007-04-26 dibariCoding conventions
2007-04-26 dibariCoding conventions.