2012-04-17 hristovThe QAtrain.C needs ESD friends
2012-04-17 marianAdding protection.
2012-04-17 marianLogarithmic binning for TAxis
2012-04-17 prinoNew centrality histogram (Zaida)
2012-04-17 fbelliniFix momentum cut in TOF QA task
2012-04-17 hristovAdding geometry name as argument
2012-04-17 cblumeUpdate by Xianguo
2012-04-17 hristovFixed EINCLUDE
2012-04-17 lmilanoAxis and pr range fix
2012-04-17 gvolpeCoverity fixed
2012-04-17 kleinbNow also the QA task only considers charged primary...
2012-04-17 kleinbDousatsus jet analyis task, QA, new Usertasks directory
2012-04-17 maseraCoding conventions
2012-04-17 abercucimore stable version suggested by failure to merge as...
2012-04-17 abercucifix coverity
2012-04-17 polichehReplaced by the correct one (previous embedded AliPHOST...
2012-04-17 wiechulao fix for coverity bug 19907
2012-04-16 aurasAnalysis files updated
2012-04-16 zampolliFix for run number for QA train (Mikolaj).
2012-04-16 zampolliUpdate for TRD (Raphaelle).
2012-04-16 zampolliUpdate TRD settings (Raphaelle).
2012-04-16 gconesabnew reference after change in biases - Francesco
2012-04-16 morschPossibility to pass arguments to the AddTaskEventplane...
2012-04-16 morschNew bversion
2012-04-16 fbelliniAdded AliESDtrackCuts object to quality cuts
2012-04-16 zampolliRemoving useless (and harmless) lines for T0.
2012-04-16 kleinbfix covertiy
2012-04-16 polichehTrigger object updated.
2012-04-16 miweberretrieve Balance Function integrals in readBalance...
2012-04-16 hqvigstaAdded functionality in AliPHOSTRURawReader to test...
2012-04-16 hristovFixes for #93692: Physics selection does not work in...
2012-04-16 hqvigstaAdded functionality of storing named dat based AliPHOST...
2012-04-16 kleinbavoid doubled adding of histos for MC (O. Busch)
2012-04-16 gvolpeCoverity fixed
2012-04-16 coppedisUpdate to DQM histos
2012-04-16 coppedisAdding histos
2012-04-16 coppedisFix
2012-04-15 ssakainew config. for systematic study
2012-04-15 ssakainew task for systematic study
2012-04-15 zampolliUpdating rec + calib + merge + makeOCDB for CPass0...
2012-04-15 zampolliUpdating merge + makeOCDb for CPass1 according to tests...
2012-04-15 zampolliUpdating rec + calib + qa for CPass1 according to tests...
2012-04-15 marianAdding T0 status to the log file
2012-04-15 jklein- coverity fix
2012-04-15 jgrosseorewriting of objects (binning change)
2012-04-14 coppedisMissing comma inserted
2012-04-14 coppedisUpdating macros for LEGO train
2012-04-14 coppedisUpdating TDC check values to the new timing (after...
2012-04-13 cnattrasAdding ability to use multiple test functions
2012-04-13 hqvigstaFix: Changed version of AliPHOSTriggerParameters to 1.
2012-04-13 fbelliniBug fix for MC mother label
2012-04-13 kleinbadded protection against empty strings in copy to avoid...
2012-04-13 maseraAdded protections in case of usage with very low statis...
2012-04-13 cholmFixed coverity issues
2012-04-13 antonioladded TOFheader writing in AOD
2012-04-13 abercucimove storage in the Efficiency task to THnSparse
2012-04-12 prinoUpdated PID information in D+ ntuple (Giacomo)
2012-04-12 prinoPossibility to configure the centrality range from...
2012-04-12 prino* Fix mass band for dstar analysis
2012-04-12 wiechulao small update for signal extraction
2012-04-12 aadarechanges from Misha
2012-04-12 aadarechanges from Misha
2012-04-12 coppedisTaking into account ZEM calibration
2012-04-12 kleinbenable reading from input AODs and output AODs at the...
2012-04-12 lmilanoupdate to AOD analysis
2012-04-12 lmilanoupdate to AOD analysis
2012-04-12 hdalsgaaUpdated text and figures from HHD thesis
2012-04-12 fbelliniAdded flag for MC qa
2012-04-12 coppedisParameters set for centrality selection
2012-04-12 coppedisTask for GEO Lego train
2012-04-12 coppedisTask for GEO Lego train
2012-04-12 jklein- allow to store clusters contributing to tracklets
2012-04-12 coppedisLimiting the amount of events analyzed in PHYSICS runs
2012-04-12 mcosentiincluding Salvatore's tasks (files that were not added...
2012-04-12 gconesabcoverity fix 2
2012-04-11 ssakaiadd a parameter for TPC cluster cut
2012-04-11 ssakaiadd central trigger
2012-04-11 mcosentiincluding Salvatore's (saiola) tasks and macros for...
2012-04-11 cnattrasAdding macro for unfolding in pp
2012-04-11 laphecetAdding a tool to mchview to compare alignments (Philipp...
2012-04-11 pcrochetDelete "bad" tracks at the end of the loop over tracks...
2012-04-11 fbelliniFix for K0 pdg code (F.Blanco) + option for filling...
2012-04-11 coppedisAllow to select events for QA from MC + fix in histo...
2012-04-11 deliaWrong array dimension fixed
2012-04-11 fnoferinfix on 0OMU input
2012-04-11 kleinbcoverity fix (forward null)
2012-04-11 amastrosFast MC Tool (Ruben)
2012-04-11 gconesabcoverity fixes
2012-04-10 prinopossibility to choose a combination of 3 subevents...
2012-04-10 prinoUpdates to match with latest modifications of CF (Raoul)
2012-04-10 cblumeOnly read online gain tables and apply them if they...
2012-04-10 snellingtrigger update
2012-04-10 jgrosseoallowing to skip filling of steps
2012-04-10 deliaOption to exclude cut on vertex in centrality selection...
2012-04-10 gconesabnew reference after change of gains
2012-04-10 gconesabQA MC analysis, fill photon and electron histograms...
2012-04-10 morschAvoiding crash in crash in GetELossRandomKFastR
2012-04-10 akisielFix Coverity
2012-04-10 akisielFix Coverity
2012-04-10 akisielFix Coverity