2010-11-07 jthaederAdd time delay to Info
2010-11-07 jthaederenable and disable detectors
2010-11-07 kkanaki- activated the DCAr, DCAz as calculated during the...
2010-11-07 jthaederAdd ITS inner clusters
2010-11-07 jthaederAdd HLTInfo for multiplicty
2010-11-07 jgrosseoplotting macros for systematic uncertainties
2010-11-07 pdebskiChanges in order to modify also ITSonly tracks
2010-11-07 ivanaFixing BUFFER_SIZE_WARNING defect (generated by previou...
2010-11-07 ivanaFixing once more FORWARD_NULL defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-07 ivanaFixing one more REVERSE_INULL defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-07 snellingadded trigger settings Michele Floris
2010-11-07 sgorbunoextention of the functionality: TLists can be merged now
2010-11-07 mflorisAdded physics selection with custom triggers to the...
2010-11-07 snellingupdated the macros to run on the first heavy-ion data
2010-11-07 prinoUpdates in AliITStrackerSA::SearchClusters
2010-11-07 slindalSet run number correctly
2010-11-07 slindalDraw spd mult histogram in viewer
2010-11-06 slindalmake buffer loop start automatically
2010-11-06 richtermadjusting output size estimator: input multiplier set...
2010-11-06 cvetanCalibrated TDC thresholds extracted from the HV-scan...
2010-11-06 hristovFix for bug #74663: Please Apply attached patch ESDChec...
2010-11-06 pulvirGeneralized the MC reference object in order to cope...
2010-11-06 slindalImplementing multCorr processor
2010-11-06 jthaederAdd output of VZERO reco directly to multCorr
2010-11-06 schutzadded a protection before writing out the corr NTuple
2010-11-06 slindaladding Multcorr processors
2010-11-06 slindalAddeing MultCorr processors
2010-11-06 pulvirAdded the 'const' keyword to the pointer-returning...
2010-11-06 slindalHave run in beginning of name
2010-11-06 pulvirFirst version of macros for current phi 7 TeV analysis...
2010-11-06 slindalUse local geom from emcal
2010-11-06 slindalupdate classdef value
2010-11-06 laphecetCoverity inspired fixes
2010-11-06 laphecetCoverity inspired fix
2010-11-06 slindalfrom Sergey: update track drawing, reset canvas counter
2010-11-06 slindalMake viewers saved in HR
2010-11-06 cvetanAllowing another syntax of the stable beams lhc state...
2010-11-06 gconesabAdd protection against null vertex in ME analysis
2010-11-06 slindalUdated global hist canvas
2010-11-06 mflorisAliAnalysisTaskTriggerStudy:
2010-11-06 slindalmade homer block desc pointers non-transient
2010-11-06 agheataFinal fix for opening statistics file
2010-11-06 ivanaFixing RESOURCE_LEAK defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-06 ivanaFixing CHECKED_RETURN defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-06 ivanaFixing FORWARD_NULL defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-06 ivanaFixing DEADCODE defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-06 jthaederset name to plot list
2010-11-06 jthaederadd SPD to plots
2010-11-06 slindalUpdated homer buffer to not start source list timer
2010-11-06 richtermreverting r45104, it causes wrong assignment to AliESDt...
2010-11-06 slindalUpdated source list update
2010-11-06 ivanaFixing SECURE_CODING (sprintf) defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-06 slindalUpdated homer buffer so that it won't add empty lists...
2010-11-06 sgorbunolast fit iteration removed, because it used non-accurat...
2010-11-05 jklayupdated files for latest survey/alignment results
2010-11-05 daineseAdded flag to disable vertex recalc for every track
2010-11-05 daineseBug fix (Davide)
2010-11-05 kaamodtUpdate by Pedro to the dalitz code.
2010-11-05 kkanaki- remove unused variable nr_contributorsOff
2010-11-05 slindalFrom Sergey: fix esd track display
2010-11-05 ivanaRemoving obsolete class AliMUONRecoTrack.
2010-11-05 fronchetusing offline row-col based geometry and misalignment...
2010-11-05 belikovMaking all the data members persistent (A. De Caro)
2010-11-05 slindalbugfix: emcal cell indexes were switched in call to...
2010-11-05 sgorbunorestore TPCinner parameters after calculating DCA values
2010-11-05 slindalincrease buffer loop time
2010-11-05 ivanaCompleting commit 45100 - .h file was missing
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing STREAM_FORMAT_STATE defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing PASS_BY_VALUE defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing UNUSED_VALUE defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing RESOURCE_LEAK defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing UNINIT_CTOR defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing UNINIT defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing REVERSE_INULL defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing TAINTED_SCALAR defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 slindalbugfix: removed reset for each blocklist
2010-11-05 slindalbugfix: display reset before all block, not esd even...
2010-11-05 prinoNew macro for trending the SDD output of QA train
2010-11-05 basantabug fixed
2010-11-05 morschA. Dainese
2010-11-05 laphecetAdding a protection before accessing the cluster list
2010-11-05 morschcentrality calibration files for lhc10g2a
2010-11-05 pulvirMoved the multiplicity counter to the global AliRsnValu...
2010-11-05 mflorisUsing custom helper centrality class. Can now run with...
2010-11-05 gconesabset clusterization to NxN for HI environment, lower...
2010-11-05 prinoUpdated dphi,dtheta windows for trackleter, savannah...
2010-11-05 mflorisRunning on grid should work
2010-11-05 slindalCreate only one instance of the buffer thread
2010-11-05 mflorisIncremented classdef
2010-11-05 jotwinowswitch off triggers (Markus Fasel)
2010-11-05 agheataAdded method AliAnalysisManager::AddStatisticsMsg(...
2010-11-05 gconesabpass correct index for mapping method, it avoids warnin...
2010-11-05 richtermbugfix: implementing function SendMLFromDet added as...
2010-11-05 enricoUpdate for PbPb analysis (Mariella)
2010-11-05 enricoUpdate for PbPb analysis (Mariella)
2010-11-05 mflorisAliAnalysisTaskTriggerStudy
2010-11-05 loizidesfix warnings
2010-11-05 rpreghentrigger mask mapping corrected when reading OCDB object
2010-11-05 bhippolynew version from L.Milano and F.Prino
2010-11-05 slindalFixed busy error