2015-02-18 zampolliAdding calibAPI for manual calibration
2015-02-17 agrigoraCMake: Fix for empty rootmap for liblhapdf-5_9_1
2015-02-17 jniedzieMissing #ifdef ZMQ added in AliEveEventManager.cxx
2015-02-17 agrigoraCMake: Removing all lhapdf link dependencies
2015-02-17 agrigoraLHAPDF: Replacing . with _ in lhapdf-5.9.1 -> lhapdf...
2015-02-17 agrigoraLHAPDF: Removing lhapdf 5.3.1 version
2015-02-17 gvolpeChange needed for G4
2015-02-17 rgrossoUpdate timestamps for new AMANDA simulation (17/02...
2015-02-17 jniedzieED in online mode creates GRP/GRP/Data on-flight. Listi...
2015-02-17 ecalvoviThickness AD: 25.4 mm.
2015-02-16 allamacros to set and get offset between channels and globa...
2015-02-16 rgrossoUpdate the PHOS ideal alignment
2015-02-16 rgrossoUpdate timestamps for new amanda simulation
2015-02-16 prsnkoPHOS run2 geometry with CPV updated
2015-02-16 prsnkoUpdated macros for PHOS alignment calculation
2015-02-16 cblumeUpdate by Raphaelle for missing objects
2015-02-16 morschZDC added as number 15
2015-02-15 kharlovCPV DA for mad channel map calculation (S.Evdokimov)
2015-02-15 kharlovCPV DA updates (S.Evdokimov)
2015-02-14 gconesabaccept tracks in DCal acceptance for cluster-track...
2015-02-14 wiechulaALIROOT-5780 - Add comments about which OCDB entries...
2015-02-14 wiechulaALIROOT-5780 o Check that scaler time is withing the...
2015-02-14 cholmFixes for FMD DAs
2015-02-13 cblumeAdd macro for local gain table OCDB entry
2015-02-13 rgrossoAdd AD CDB objects
2015-02-13 mbrozMoving misalignment macro to AD/macros
2015-02-13 cholmMerge branch 'master' of git.cern.ch/pub/AliRoot
2015-02-13 cholmFixs for the the DAs. Prevent tiresome clean-up and
2015-02-13 coppedisSetting correctly secondary flag
2015-02-13 haavardCorrect AliTPCPreprocessor (include STANDALONE runs...
2015-02-13 ihrivnacdoxy: MUON macros, refs, src links, no coll graph
2015-02-13 dberzanodoxy: no more mainpage artifact on left menu
2015-02-13 ihrivnacImproved documentation: adding all subpages via \subpag...
2015-02-13 cblumeAdd DCS OCDB macro
2015-02-13 sjenaCleanup of ocdb macros:sjena
2015-02-12 richtermadding cmake option HLT_COMPONENT_STATISTICS to enable...
2015-02-12 richtermbugfix AliHLTCompStatCollector: filling entry 'Level...
2015-02-12 ihrivnacdoxy: added MUON
2015-02-12 ihrivnacRemoved obsolete Doxygen configuration files
2015-02-12 ihrivnacUpdated Doxygen documentation:
2015-02-12 mbrozOnline-Offline channel correspondence
2015-02-11 dberzanoAliTPCSpaceCharge3D: fixed wrong calib maps paths
2015-02-11 dberzanodoxy: converted remaining macro images in TPCbase
2015-02-11 dberzanoMerge branch 'feature-doxygen'
2015-02-11 dberzanodoxy: multiple ClassImp/Def() supported
2015-02-11 dberzanodoxy: fixed problem when infile is in cur dir
2015-02-11 dberzanodoxy: correctly consider macro blocks in methods
2015-02-11 dberzanodoxy: fixed problem with mismatching comm indent
2015-02-11 dberzanodoxy: install THtml converter
2015-02-11 sevdokimPHOS: CPV PED DA added
2015-02-11 wiechulao remove usage of obsolte kTOFpid bit for TPC+TOF histo...
2015-02-11 wiechulao adapt Macro to new TPC structure (Benjamin Hess)
2015-02-11 dberzanoMerge branch 'feature-malturan'
2015-02-11 malturanSet cmake-policy to new for clang compiler and rpath...
2015-02-11 malturanuse cdash.cern.ch
2015-02-11 ecalvoviUpdate z position of ADA (Z=1699.7)
2015-02-10 dberzanoCMake: option to generate documentation only
2015-02-10 dberzanoFixed ClassDef() accidentally removed
2015-02-10 dberzanoMerge branch 'feature-doxygen'
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: install-doxygen target
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: minor structure changes
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/TPCbase converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: remove the $Id$ line
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: mixed multi- and single-line classdesc
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: ignore //#include... on classdesc search
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: do not show whitespace diffs on bulk edit
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: images from TPCbase
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: consider comments after last line
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: re-refactor comment after adding brief
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: lower indentation level threshold
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: quit from helper conversion script
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: helper script prints top-level gPad
2015-02-10 dberzanoTPCcalib: install missing mapfiles
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: automatic \brief guess
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: improvements to helper conversion script
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: helper script to generate imgs from macros
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: debug messages on restored lines
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: support multiple ClassImp()/ClassDef()
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: support more comments per line
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: fixed wrong condition when handling prepends
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: code cleanup: comments and clarifications
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: relative path for image from macro
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: scale indent level, suppress too high indent
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: fixed regexp erasing lines containing dashes
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: support both ClassImp() and ClassDef()
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: some classes use Origin: instead of Author:
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: in member comment, array size can be var
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/testMC converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/stressTest/testSparse converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/macros/scripts converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/macros/data2011 converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/macros/clusterMacros converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/macros root converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/fastSimul
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/DA
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: more commands to the helper script
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: do not look too much for class desc
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: TPC/CalibMacros
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: all TPC/Cal converted
2015-02-10 dberzanodoxy: all TPC/Base converted