2008-08-18 marianAdding class to refit the tracks
2008-08-18 marianUpdate xyz calculation - Sin and cos change (Marian)
2008-08-18 schutzCORR does not need a runloader
2008-08-18 hristovImplementation of option cw [writing of clusters]
2008-08-18 prinoSDD Preprocessor updated for operation at 20 MHz (F...
2008-08-18 cvetanDixed a crash when no proper files/data to display...
2008-08-18 abercucimacro update
2008-08-18 cvetanSet charge-array to zero if old class version was read.
2008-08-18 marianAdding more information to the debug output
2008-08-18 abercuciimplementation of option cw [writing of clusters]
2008-08-18 marianUpdating Version number (Marian Ivanov)
2008-08-18 marianAdding the new calibration entry
2008-08-18 hristovUpdated menu and list of detectors (Yves)
2008-08-18 hristovInclude TStatToolkit.h (Yves)
2008-08-18 hristovAdditional protection (Yves)
2008-08-18 hristovSaving some QA histograms for future corrections (Yves)
2008-08-18 marianUpdate of the macro
2008-08-18 marianAdding fit parameterization of the magnetic field insid...
2008-08-18 hristovInclude cstdlib to declare getenv (gcc 4.3.0)
2008-08-18 abercuciremoved unnecessary AliESDtrack copy in Clusters2Tracks...
2008-08-18 polichehPHOS recpoint - ESD track matching when no CPV informat...
2008-08-18 morschOverlaps corrected.
2008-08-18 cholmAdded SDigit->Digit conversion in class AliFMDSSDigitizer
2008-08-18 cholmFixes for SDigit generation. First attempt at making...
2008-08-17 pchristAdding new macro to visualize the QA results - A couple...
2008-08-17 richtermdisable unit test of old C wrapper interface to avoid...
2008-08-17 richtermenhanced robustness of object extraction from data...
2008-08-17 ivanaIn AliMUONSt1GeometryBuilderV: fixing overlap
2008-08-16 richtermdisable external interface unit test to avoid a problem...
2008-08-16 richtermcorrected implementation of component description data...
2008-08-16 richtermbugfix: digit publisher was crashing due to malfunction...
2008-08-16 richtermbugfix: filtering forwarded EVENTYP(E) data blocks...
2008-08-16 richtermhandling of SOR/EOR and other special events
2008-08-16 prinoAdd cluster charge value in the AliTrackPoints (F....
2008-08-16 cvetanCompilation warnings fixed. In fact the first one was...
2008-08-16 prinoRemove SDD anode correction maps (presently not used...
2008-08-16 rgrossoConfig file with ACORDE on and correct version for it
2008-08-16 rgrossoUpdated geometry including fix in SSD for 235um shift...
2008-08-16 cvetanCluster charge added to the track-point class.
2008-08-16 prinoNew macros to display SDD raw data and digits (F. Prino)
2008-08-16 prinoFirst set of modifications for simulating and reconstru...
2008-08-16 philleAdding new files too build system
2008-08-16 philleadding debug messages
2008-08-16 philleTest
2008-08-16 phillefuck
2008-08-16 philleChecking if git works
2008-08-16 philleOnline Fourier analysis
2008-08-16 philleNew prorgam for fast fourier transform
2008-08-15 prinoUpddate SSD QA (Panos)
2008-08-15 marianUpdated parameterization (Marian)
2008-08-15 morschmixing example
2008-08-15 marian //
2008-08-15 marianAdding the extraction of the "final" Time 0 parameters
2008-08-15 morschLast version from Lizardo.
2008-08-15 hristov- AliMUONRecoParam.cxx:
2008-08-15 cvetanLoading OCDB (in fact prefetching) entries and reco...
2008-08-15 cvetanNasty bug. The directory is not initialized if the...
2008-08-15 cvetanNew code for visualization of QA histos. Will be embedd...
2008-08-15 kharlovFirst commit of macro and OCDB object for the PHOS...
2008-08-15 morschMemory leaks corrected.
2008-08-15 morschFor correlated tracks use the latest event only.
2008-08-15 morschFor each bin change wait for buffer to be refilled...
2008-08-15 mtadelUse fixed-width font and zebra-stripes in macro browser.
2008-08-15 morschChecks for bin change and resets the buffer status.
2008-08-15 abercuciintroduced residual calculation
2008-08-15 morschMethod BinNumber added. This allows all EventPool clien...
2008-08-15 snellingFill fix
2008-08-15 morschGetLatestEvent added.
2008-08-15 abercucibug fix.
2008-08-15 abercucifix indexes in the tracklet Fit function
2008-08-15 cvetanESD file is added to the list of proof output files...
2008-08-15 cvetanCompilation errors fixed.
2008-08-15 kharlovClearance between modules 2 and 3 is increased by 2 cm.
2008-08-15 schutzCorrelation QA Checker
2008-08-15 schutzCorrelation QA Data Maker
2008-08-15 schutztypo
2008-08-15 cvetantypo
2008-08-15 cvetanBetter use assignment operator instead of deleting...
2008-08-15 rvernetRemoved (unnecessary) AliTPCTrack dependence.
2008-08-15 schutzImplementation of QA on correlated data among detectors
2008-08-15 schutzImplementation of QA on correlated data among detectors
2008-08-15 abercucipropagate the fix also for the track finder
2008-08-15 abercucifix tilting angle in simulations
2008-08-15 richtermTRD Update by Konstantin:
2008-08-15 richtermreading of prediction processor values; reading of...
2008-08-14 pchristFinal (?) modifications for the QA
2008-08-14 kleinbfix mem leak and compiler warning
2008-08-14 kleinbSome init values and deletes
2008-08-14 cvetan1. Most of the initialization code is put to Begin...
2008-08-14 rgrossoAdded verbosity and updated call to overlap checker
2008-08-14 jgrosseorun both tasks at the same time
2008-08-14 morsch.. was one to much.
2008-08-14 morschDestructor corrected.
2008-08-14 morschClear the RunTag to avoid memory leak in case of multip...
2008-08-14 morschUse Delete instead of Clear to avoid memory leak.
2008-08-14 prinoUpdated SSD QA class (PAnos)
2008-08-14 pchristFew modifications in the QA part
2008-08-14 richtermAliHLTTask: improve consistency check for generated...
2008-08-14 snellingpersistent CommonHist (still need some improvements)
2008-08-14 mtadelPrototype implementation of tags for macro selection.