2004-09-10 loizidesAdded hard partons.
2004-09-10 loizidesAdded sort method.
2004-09-10 alibraryTVector.h missing
2004-09-09 cussonnoUpdate of slat geometry
2004-09-09 pcrochetadd detElementNumber
2004-09-09 cussonnoRemove obsolete macro
2004-09-09 cussonnoRemove obsolete macros
2004-09-09 cussonnoRemove obsolete macro
2004-09-09 cussonnoRemove obsolete informations
2004-09-09 pcrochetget constants from AliMUON*Constants.cxx
2004-09-08 hristovCorrections (T.Kuhr)
2004-09-08 tkuhrexport AliRawDataHeader.h
2004-09-08 kirNews in drawing, nothing important
2004-09-08 kirsome minor decorative changes
2004-09-08 kirNew geometry test file
2004-09-08 alla reconstruction with new Digits
2004-09-08 hristovReducing the printout
2004-09-08 tkuhrexport AliRawReader.h
2004-09-08 alla reconstruction with new Digits
2004-09-08 alla reconstruction with new Digits
2004-09-08 alla PMT efficiency file
2004-09-08 allanew slow simulation up to RawData
2004-09-08 tkuhruse AliLog message scheme
2004-09-08 pcrochetrestore AliMUONDisplay-trigger-button action (Christian)
2004-09-08 allanew slow simulation up to RawData
2004-09-08 hristovNo debug output by default
2004-09-08 hristovAdding TRD in the combined PID (Yu.Belikov)
2004-09-07 pcrochettrigger geometry & segmentation as in Fig.2.4 & 2.5...
2004-09-07 pcrochetdisplay for trigger repaired (Ivana, Gines)
2004-09-07 morsch-New method to retrive the update Sternheimer parameter...
2004-09-07 morschFirst commit.
2004-09-07 kirNew notes
2004-09-06 cblumeReplace some materials by mixtures for FLUKA
2004-09-06 morschImportant comment added.
2004-09-03 hristov__FUNC__ not available on Alpha and HP
2004-09-03 skowronMethod reurning number of points implemented
2004-09-03 tkuhrbugfix
2004-09-03 hristovRemoving obsolete includes of TGeant3.h
2004-09-02 martinezBug found (Jean-Pierre)
2004-09-02 martinezGeometry construction functions separated from AliMUON...
2004-09-02 morschObsolete material removed.
2004-09-02 hristovImproved version of V0 analysis (Yu.Belikov)
2004-09-01 skowronAOD::SetOwner removed
2004-09-01 morschGetNumberOfCollisionsPerEvent added (suggested by G...
2004-09-01 loizidesAvoid ghosts.
2004-08-31 skowronMemory leak removed
2004-08-31 tkuhruse AliLog message scheme
2004-08-31 tkuhrdon't repeat multiple messages
2004-08-31 morschRecording px, pz correctly. (A. Gheata)
2004-08-30 skowronRead events are enumerated from 1
2004-08-29 skowrontest object from the global name space removed
2004-08-29 hristovstrings.h declares index on Sun
2004-08-28 schutzCloned PHOS for the raw data format handling
2004-08-28 schutzCorrect errors in the methods calculating digits from...
2004-08-28 schutzWrite only one set of raw data: either low gain or...
2004-08-27 loizidesChanges to work with 4 Release.
2004-08-27 loizidesChanges for alien analysis.
2004-08-27 hristovSearch for new detector object only in case its loader...
2004-08-27 hristovRearranged conditions for faster execution
2004-08-27 hristovUsing renamed interface fuction from AliESDtrack
2004-08-27 hristovFaster access to the parameters at PHOS and EMCAL posit...
2004-08-26 tkuhrZDC information added
2004-08-26 tkuhrlog messages updated
2004-08-26 tkuhrredirection and C++ streams added
2004-08-25 schutzAdded option to make raw
2004-08-25 schutzChange for a realistic time distribution of the raw...
2004-08-25 schutzcosmetics
2004-08-24 morschOption STEPSIZE removed.
2004-08-24 hristovCoding conventions (M.Ivanov)
2004-08-24 hristovAdding ith B->J/Psi X to the TRD cocktail (A.Morsch)
2004-08-24 skowronCosmetics
2004-08-24 skowronChecking cuts implemented
2004-08-24 skowronCosmetics
2004-08-24 skowronAddtional check
2004-08-23 skowronCuts in 2 pair functions only on reconstructed pair
2004-08-23 skowronUpdated to the new way AOD stores particles
2004-08-23 skowronBug corrections
2004-08-20 tkuhrfix getters for row and column number
2004-08-20 hristovCorrected list of libraries
2004-08-20 hristovObsolete medium 609 commented out (I.Hrivnacova). Sum...
2004-08-18 martinezRecovering tracking chamber geometry for MUONdisplay...
2004-08-17 skowron2nd phase of AOD implementation - reading w/o checking...
2004-08-16 skowronAliAODAndPairCut::Rejected made faster
2004-08-16 hristovCorrected operator overloading (alpha)
2004-08-16 tkuhrbugfix
2004-08-16 hristovResolving platform dependence in the definition of...
2004-08-16 tkuhruse AliLog for messages
2004-08-16 tkuhrbugfix
2004-08-16 hristovIntroducing information needed by AliLog class (T.Kuhr)
2004-08-13 tkuhrnew class for message logging
2004-08-13 martinezMacro for AOD analysis (Christian)
2004-08-13 martinezRemoving obsolete macro
2004-08-13 hristovUpdated list of libraries for profiling
2004-08-13 martinezAdding the structure for trigger rawdata reader (Christian)
2004-08-13 hristovRemoving obsolete files
2004-08-13 martinezImplementation of the structure for rawdata reader...
2004-08-13 hristovCorrected order to restore the profiling and debug...
2004-08-12 hristovRestoring debug and profile targets
2004-08-12 martinezBug on error calculations (Christian)
2004-08-12 martinezFix coding violations