2010-10-22 cblumeFix Coverity defects
2010-10-22 jjoseAdded alimdc-static target
2010-10-22 abercucicoverity fixes
2010-10-22 cblumeFix Coverity defects
2010-10-22 cblumeFix Coverity defects
2010-10-22 jjoseChanged names of static libraries, targets and updated...
2010-10-22 abercuciadd documentation of the reconstruction options
2010-10-22 morsch- coding rule violations corrected
2010-10-22 jjoseCorrection in Cmake .pkg files
2010-10-22 decaroImproved memory consuming
2010-10-22 abercucifix for bug https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?72189
2010-10-22 jjoseCleaned up output of Cmake files and fixes to .pkg...
2010-10-22 daineseUpdate (ChiaraB)
2010-10-22 coppedisMacro updated to include also low gain chain pedestals
2010-10-22 cblumeFix compiler warning
2010-10-22 hristovAdding new classes
2010-10-22 aszostakSchema evolution rule needed for old versions of trigge...
2010-10-22 aszostakUpdates required to generate trigger decision bit properly.
2010-10-22 aszostakAdding scaledown factor to trigger menu for the global...
2010-10-21 aszostakUpdates for unit testing software triggers.
2010-10-21 aszostakBug fix for software triggers.
2010-10-21 prinoFix coverity warnings in SDD QA (Melinda)
2010-10-21 jotwinowmacro to add dNdPt analysis PbPb task to the train...
2010-10-21 jotwinowtask derives from AliAnalysisTaskSE
2010-10-21 jotwinowpT analysis in PbPb collisions (Markus Koehler)
2010-10-21 hristovSet of fixes for the DA + updated documentation (Johny)
2010-10-21 aszostakFix for side-effect bug causing incorrect filling of...
2010-10-21 cblumeFix Coverity defects
2010-10-21 morschCentrality Analysis
2010-10-21 amarinUsing GetStandardITSTPCTrackCuts2010()
2010-10-21 morschUpdates for mixing.
2010-10-21 morschMove HMPID QA code to PWG1.
2010-10-21 cblumeFix Coverity defect
2010-10-21 gconesabcoverity FORWARD_NULL corrected
2010-10-21 gconesabfew coverity corrections
2010-10-21 gconesabminor corrections, coverity and small coding violation...
2010-10-21 morsch Add number of points used for dE/dx in TPC to AliAODpid
2010-10-21 abercuci fix codding convention violations
2010-10-21 laphecetChanges to allow visu only at DE level
2010-10-21 coppedisAdding TDC histos
2010-10-21 jgrosseomoving binning in phi
2010-10-21 snellingcoding viols fix
2010-10-21 kleinbFixed coding violations
2010-10-21 kleinbFixed coding violations
2010-10-21 kleinbAdded weihting with number of trials and cross section...
2010-10-21 kkanaki- provided an example of how to use the conditions...
2010-10-21 jjoseCmake looks for modules in source directory
2010-10-21 jgrosseoupdated macros for starting correction code and plotting
2010-10-21 gconesabAdd latest bad channel txt maps
2010-10-21 kleinbAdd possibility to read HIJING MC information, removed...
2010-10-21 jgrosseoadded corrections for delta phi UE event distribution
2010-10-21 kleinbAdding Sona's task QGSep to svn and to the train, added...
2010-10-21 kleinbchanged filter bits of track cuts
2010-10-20 cnattraschanged pid correction to a constant, added protection...
2010-10-20 dainese===============================================
2010-10-20 esickingNew AddTask macro for mini jet analysis using PWG4...
2010-10-20 jjoseFixed a bug that causes MICROCERN build to fail
2010-10-20 hristovFix for bug #74180: Commit and port changes to the...
2010-10-20 marianUpdated Laser survey meaauserments
2010-10-20 jjoseFixed cmake Detector Algorithms
2010-10-20 esickingAdd AnalysisTask for mini jet activity
2010-10-20 snellingfix for mixing type of RP and POI
2010-10-20 morschUpdates (Ch. Oppedisano)
2010-10-20 hristovFix for bug #73998: AliESDZDC.cxx changes to be committ...
2010-10-20 kleinbadding information on z-vertex for different trigger...
2010-10-20 kleinbChange selection bit pattern to the same conventions...
2010-10-20 kleinbChange selection bit pattern to the same conventions...
2010-10-20 jjoseCMake Detector Algorithms first draft
2010-10-20 jgrosseoupdated bit 16 to 2010 cuts --> default cuts with wide...
2010-10-20 jgrosseoremoving tpc standalone requirement of 2010 default...
2010-10-20 jjoseSystem configuration files for mac solaris and win32
2010-10-20 hristovCompletely reengineered version of CMake build system...
2010-10-20 daineseUpdate: removed request of 4 points in ITS (Renu)
2010-10-20 daineseUpdate: using the cuts object from file (Renu)
2010-10-20 daineseRemoved request for at least 4 points in ITS
2010-10-19 maseraRevision of material definitions and implementation...
2010-10-19 masera- New histograms added for residual distributions vs...
2010-10-19 pchristFilling properly the control histograms for the two...
2010-10-19 jotwinowextentions by Jochen Thaeder
2010-10-19 snellingfix warning
2010-10-19 snellingtwo more ;
2010-10-19 snellingmissing ; in run macro
2010-10-19 snellingadds tracklets to flow cuts, fixes for MC analysis...
2010-10-19 pchristAdditions in the BF code: Control plots, two particle...
2010-10-19 richtermcorrecting compilation warning
2010-10-19 cblumeCoverity fixes by Raphaelle
2010-10-19 richtermenable merging of VZERO and ZDC data into ESD
2010-10-19 richtermbackward compatiblity, conditional compilation dependin...
2010-10-19 richtermdefining preprocessor macro if AliZDCReconstructor...
2010-10-19 hristovNew PWG2 library
2010-10-19 morschMC flag passed to AliITSPIDResponse
2010-10-19 marianAdding more "primitive" corrections needed for
2010-10-19 morschUpdates(C. Oppedisano)
2010-10-19 morschUpdates (F. Prino)
2010-10-19 morschUpdates (F. Prino)
2010-10-19 snellingupdated macros to reflect new names
2010-10-19 morschTOF QA Task (F. Bellini)
2010-10-19 cblumeCoverity (Frederick)
2010-10-19 kleinbReset the p_T dependent DCA cuts if an invalid/empty...
2010-10-19 belikovAdding a short-cut method for the pile-up tagging as...