2013-01-22 kleinbfix missing pt cut (old part of framework)
2013-01-22 agheataTesting merging fixed
2013-01-22 agheataCheck if a macro was already loaded using AliAnalysisMa...
2013-01-22 svnbitsModified parameters (Chiara)
2013-01-22 ddobrigk-> Trigger configuration for p-Pb: modifications to...
2013-01-22 ddobrigk-> Changes to triggering scheme for p-Pb
2013-01-22 gconesabremove print, add box reset, lower threshold - Michael
2013-01-22 coppedisBug in beam type comparing in AliZDCDigitizer that...
2013-01-22 cvetanProperly select min-bias events depending on the collis...
2013-01-22 jbook- add new variable NvtxContribTPC
2013-01-22 mkrzewicreduced default max entries for merging to avoid proble...
2013-01-22 mbombaraAdded pt_assoc dependence. Calculation of the trigger...
2013-01-22 mbombaraAdding two other arguments (for V0 selection) to AddTas...
2013-01-21 morschFix to use the correct splines also for the new PbPb...
2013-01-21 atoiadefault for pPb
2013-01-21 janielskBugfix for vertex cut in MC - important for efficiencys.
2013-01-21 rgrossoadding missing deletion of array
2013-01-21 coppedisEnlarging scale for ZNs and ZEMs
2013-01-21 coppedisTask for analysis train on p-A data
2013-01-21 gconesabcoverity
2013-01-21 abercucifix TString::Tokenize memory leak for bug 99939
2013-01-21 scomparImprove computing time
2013-01-21 scomparThe MCEvent is filled for AODs events since rev 60106...
2013-01-21 xsanchezfixing coverity warnings
2013-01-21 shahoiancoverity fix
2013-01-21 arossiDxHFE macros updated (Matthias)
2013-01-21 mflorisTesting egroups
2013-01-21 miweberNetparticle code update (Jochen Thaeder <jochen@thaeder...
2013-01-21 miweberchanging correlation loop over tracks in mixing mode...
2013-01-21 ssakaiupdated
2013-01-21 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2013-01-21 coppedisUpdating filling condition for DQM histos
2013-01-21 zconesaAdd option to run on some local files with test mode...
2013-01-21 fprinoExtract Fourier components of EP distribution
2013-01-20 fbelliniModified macro for SigmaStar analysis and obsolete...
2013-01-20 eserradifix config name
2013-01-20 eserradiAdd deuteron TPC config example and some minor fixes
2013-01-20 eserradiAdd default macro path
2013-01-20 eserradichange DCA templates
2013-01-20 ssakaiupdated
2013-01-20 loizidesupdates from Salvatore/Ruediger
2013-01-19 snellingupdates to check K0 charged kaon dif
2013-01-19 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2013-01-19 belikovA little macro to combine non-injected and injected...
2013-01-19 belikovAdding a loop over centralities
2013-01-18 fprinoFix in the SetLabelArray of CF for Lc->V0+bachelor...
2013-01-18 fprinoPossibility to use PID in filtering of Lc->V0+bachelor...
2013-01-18 shahoianmodifications for PropagateBack
2013-01-18 zconesaMore updates pA run OADB configuration (Alexander,Zaida)
2013-01-18 scomparImprove L0 trigger inputs determination. Allow to use...
2013-01-18 zconesaUpdate pA run OADB configuration
2013-01-18 dgangadhAddTask Fix
2013-01-18 arossiImprove error handling (M. Richter)
2013-01-18 arossiImprove error handling (M. Richter)
2013-01-18 arossiadding AliDxHFECorrelationMC to compilation (M. Richter)
2013-01-18 fprinoDisable centrality flattening in the MC
2013-01-18 mivanovBug fix (protection against out of range
2013-01-18 svnbitsDouble_t -> Float_t for the variables used in a tree
2013-01-18 agheataMade several getters const
2013-01-18 cvetanEnabling the trigger charge plot for the p-A run.
2013-01-18 belikovNot including anymore the systematics associated with...
2013-01-18 belikovWhen applying PID, use the momentum of Lambda
2013-01-17 arossiadding checks and debugging information
2013-01-17 gconesabfix OADB
2013-01-17 maseraAdded vertexer AliITSVertexerZD - It retrieves only...
2013-01-17 snellingupdated centrality cut
2013-01-17 cholmFixed permissions
2013-01-17 ssakaiupdates
2013-01-17 sgorbunominor fix: correction of possible memory issue in a...
2013-01-17 miweberchanges for Balance function in pA: 1) ESD/AOD 2) switc...
2013-01-17 sgorbunoCleanup
2013-01-17 tkolleggFix for proper memory deallocation.
2013-01-17 mivanovsvn ci AliTPCtrackerMI.cxx AliTPCRecoParam.cxx AliTPC...
2013-01-17 atoiaadded fmd
2013-01-17 shahoianreverting to prev. versio since r60337 made this file...
2013-01-16 snellingnew task
2013-01-16 cnattrasMacro for calculating gamma reconstruction efficiency
2013-01-16 cnattrasUseful macro for opening output files
2013-01-16 cnattrasAdding comments on usage and a switch for EMCal or...
2013-01-16 svnbitsFixed cmake files (Constantin)
2013-01-16 scomparAttempt of coverity fix
2013-01-16 gconesabcorrect typo in histo name
2013-01-16 jbook-add qvectors magnitude, highest pt tracks phi to event...
2013-01-16 coppedisFilling QA histos without PS
2013-01-16 snellingchanges Paul
2013-01-16 snellingflow fluctuations
2013-01-15 amaireJan, 15th, 2013 : Coverity fix - defect 11329
2013-01-15 jgrosseocoverity
2013-01-15 gconesabcalculate the BC of the vertex when not available,...
2013-01-15 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2013-01-15 mchojnacAdding option to select on the trigger class
2013-01-15 jbook-coverity fixes by Ionut
2013-01-15 fprinoUse VZERO event plane also for D meson v2 2D methods
2013-01-15 dgangadhhard-coded enum access (AddTask compatibility)
2013-01-15 dgangadhhard-coded enum access (AddTask compatibility)
2013-01-15 abercuciadd protection for backward data compatibility
2013-01-15 fprinoUpdates in v2 macros: Ncoll weights for the resolution...
2013-01-15 kleinbcoverity fix
2013-01-15 miwebercoverity fix: dynamic_cast AliAODTrack
2013-01-15 abercucifix coverity