2010-12-28 rgrossoA follow-up of the savannah ticket #76291: Moving the...
2010-12-27 kleinbAddTask macro for fast embedding
2010-12-27 kleinbupdates fro MC running (Marta)
2010-12-26 snellingi) Calculating the <cos(psi1 + psi2 - 2phi3)> vs ref...
2010-12-26 snellingmodifications and additional classes for nonprimary...
2010-12-24 martinezAdd the new trigger classes for Pb-Pb. Add 2 new rubric...
2010-12-24 martinezFixing warnigs (Philippe P.)
2010-12-23 daineseChanged binning of pt vs mass histogram (Francesco)
2010-12-23 daineseChanges to produce the histogram for the pt value calcu...
2010-12-23 gconesabcorrect compilation warning in format
2010-12-22 pavlinovOne method was added
2010-12-22 decaroTOF event_time recovered in high multiplicity events...
2010-12-22 maseraFixes for Coverity reports (A.Dainese)
2010-12-22 daineseUpdate (Rossella)
2010-12-22 daineseCoverity
2010-12-22 gconesabavoid crash when analyzing MC data, vertex pointer...
2010-12-21 kkanaki-bugfix: fill the two ways of DCA calculation in the...
2010-12-21 belikovA follow-up of the savannah ticket #76291: Moving the...
2010-12-21 kleinbfixes in copy constructor and assignment operator,...
2010-12-21 hristovFix for bug #76597: floating point exception in the...
2010-12-21 agheataFixes in the command to submit merging
2010-12-21 agheataNew version of pilot train
2010-12-21 agheatachanges for merging in production mode
2010-12-21 richtermreverting revision 46127, better solution required
2010-12-21 hristovUpdated version (Alberica)
2010-12-21 morschObsolete versions removed.
2010-12-21 hristovChanges for report #76588 AliESDpid update for TOF...
2010-12-21 dibariCoverity fixed.
2010-12-20 kleinbPreparation for four momentum background subtraction...
2010-12-20 kleinbpreparation for recalculation of rho
2010-12-20 snellingcode checker warnings
2010-12-20 amastrosfix for coding conventions
2010-12-20 gconesabcorrect compilation warning, make const an integer...
2010-12-20 cblumeRemove left overs from base class and fix coding rule...
2010-12-20 agheataSome fixes for the mode w/o auto branch loading
2010-12-20 polichehCoverity fix.
2010-12-20 cblumeTry to fix some more coverity defects
2010-12-20 loizidesIgnore
2010-12-20 agheatanew method mgr->AddStatisticsTask() that adds a special...
2010-12-20 kleinbBug fix in array index
2010-12-20 marianCoverity fix
2010-12-20 allaAliT0Reconstructor : MPD ( full multiplicity signal...
2010-12-20 coppedisMaking pedestal subtraction from correlations possible
2010-12-20 maseraCorrections for coverity reports
2010-12-20 decaroNegative returns: coverity bug fixed
2010-12-20 gconesabupdate example macros
2010-12-20 maseraNew methods added: IsVertexSet() and SetVertexSet(...
2010-12-20 snellingremoved temp package will upload improved version later
2010-12-20 shahoianFixes for Coverity reports
2010-12-20 decaroNegative returns: coverity bug fixed
2010-12-20 agheatanew class AliAnalysisStatistics that collects statistic...
2010-12-20 snellingcoverity fixes
2010-12-20 marianCoverity fixies
2010-12-20 abercucifix coverity defects
2010-12-20 abercucifix coverity defects
2010-12-20 abercucifix coverity defects
2010-12-20 bhippolyinitialization for Coverity
2010-12-20 agheataRemoved unnecessary GetEntry(0) from Init
2010-12-20 gconesabAllow only generated particles by MC generator and...
2010-12-20 cblumeFix compiler warning (Julian)
2010-12-20 cterrevomodification for compilation warnings
2010-12-20 hristovFixes for report #76393: Memory leaks
2010-12-20 kleinbadding task for subtracting background after jet findin...
2010-12-20 kleinbadding task for subtracting background after jet findin...
2010-12-20 basantabeam species defined
2010-12-19 cnattrasFixing big memory leaks from empty destructors and...
2010-12-19 hristovAdditional replacement of lgamma by TMath::LnGamma
2010-12-19 loizidesRemove lgamma and replace by TMath::LnGamma which shoul...
2010-12-19 slindalFrom Ana: Add HFE histograms
2010-12-19 slindalAdded possibility to not create aod tclones branch
2010-12-19 marianForgotten commit
2010-12-19 marianCoverity report problems
2010-12-19 morschCoverity fix (C. Loizides)
2010-12-18 bhippolycorrection for Coverity
2010-12-18 loizidesupdate macros
2010-12-18 loizidesmake cent stuff compile
2010-12-18 loizidesCleanup
2010-12-18 marianFixing coverity warnings
2010-12-18 marianCoverity
2010-12-18 marianRemoving coverity reports
2010-12-18 marianRemoving Coverity problems, bugs
2010-12-18 maseraFix for a Coverity warning
2010-12-18 maseraFix for a Coverity warning (Ruben)
2010-12-18 morschCOVERITY: buffer size warning corrected.
2010-12-17 maseraFixes for coverity warnings
2010-12-17 richtermadding unit test for AliHLTGlobalBarrelTrack, for the...
2010-12-17 richtermremoving class AliHLTOUTHandlerEsdBranch from build...
2010-12-17 richtermupdate of the D0 trigger (Gaute)
2010-12-17 morschUpdates
2010-12-17 morschObsolete.
2010-12-17 morschUpdated file (Alberica)
2010-12-17 morschUpdated file. (Alberica)
2010-12-17 morschObsolete files removed.
2010-12-17 cblumeRemove initializations from constructor
2010-12-17 amastrosMajor Changes to comply with the modifications in Alire...
2010-12-17 maseraFixes for compilation warnings
2010-12-17 andronicupdates to clear coverity complains (thanks Jens!)
2010-12-17 maserafixes for compilation warnings (Ruben)
2010-12-17 marianForgotten commit
2010-12-17 cvetanNew OCDB object which will deal with the correction...