2014-05-27 tbreitnenext50 trigger mask in AliHLTGlobalEsdConverterComponent
2014-05-27 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Different cuts
2014-05-27 xsanchezreturning to vAN-20140515 version of the anlsyis task...
2014-05-27 rgrossoSTART_TIME updated to May 04 2014, 21:02:30 GMT
2014-05-27 tbreitneBug fix: AliHLTRawReaderPublisherComponent
2014-05-27 tbrokerUpdated lmee PbPb analysis configs
2014-05-27 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-05-27 morschfix spline selection for MC for train tests - Extension
2014-05-26 cnattrasAnother fix to run over pPb
2014-05-26 cnattrasAnother fix to run over pPb
2014-05-26 mkrzewicMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-05-26 mkrzewicmerge trending into current dir instead of terget dir
2014-05-26 cnattrassmall fix for running over pPb
2014-05-26 rgrossoSolve GetAll problem with local storage and specified...
2014-05-26 lmilanoincreased pt axis
2014-05-26 dkeijdenAdded Eta cut to reconstructed MC particles in PWG4High...
2014-05-26 lcunqueiUpdates
2014-05-26 rgrossoAdd build in .gitignore
2014-05-26 azimmermadjust container name for cut variations
2014-05-26 mvlAdd bkg subtraction (optional); change to LCH11h as...
2014-05-26 belikovFixing a memory leak
2014-05-26 mkrzewicimprove logging of the aliroot command line
2014-05-25 mkrzewicbugfix - wrong delimiters
2014-05-25 mkrzewicthis contains the fixes by Dario to workaround some...
2014-05-25 mvlProtection for case where Rho task does not run
2014-05-25 prsnkopi0 Re/Mi histograms added, pi0 parameterization set...
2014-05-24 shahoianRotate to frame where snp=0 before any propagation
2014-05-24 shahoianProper treatment of roundoff error for 0-length step
2014-05-24 hristovRemoving wrong and useless declaration
2014-05-24 hristovStatic cast needed by C++11
2014-05-24 hristovAdding RAW to EINCLUDE
2014-05-24 shahoianProtection to differentiate jump by >pi/4 from 0-size...
2014-05-23 shahoianmacro to test ITS TPC matching with FT
2014-05-23 mvlFix argument for AddTaskJetPreparation
2014-05-23 mvlFix argument for AddTaskJetPreparation
2014-05-23 mvlFix additional libs (load order + cdfcones)
2014-05-23 fkrizekMessage
2014-05-23 mkrzewicdont create any files in place to avoid problems with eos
2014-05-23 shahoianInclude dummy extreme layers in propagations for single...
2014-05-23 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Added histograms
2014-05-22 shahoianprotection against round-off errors for very small...
2014-05-22 cnattrasFilling histograms that were missed
2014-05-22 cnattrasfixing implementation of jet method for hadronic correc...
2014-05-22 lcunqueiNew antenna radiation task
2014-05-22 mcosentiincluding a histo to make the variation of isolation...
2014-05-22 prsnkoBadMap for LHC13bcdef updated
2014-05-22 prsnkoLHC13bcdef: time calibration for LG put same as for HG
2014-05-21 shahoianAdditional methods for single track solution, inter...
2014-05-21 rlietavaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-05-21 belikovBetter formulas for the track seeding
2014-05-21 rlietavaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-05-21 rlietava100 classes interfaces for STEER classes
2014-05-21 hristovIncremented class version
2014-05-21 belikovCalculating the mean-radial cluster positions
2014-05-21 pcrochettrigger input file not mandatory anymore, remove few...
2014-05-21 mvlRemove .so for use on Mac OSX
2014-05-21 mvlAdd macro to load EMCALJet libs
2014-05-21 fkrizekh-Jet recoil spectra task in EMCal framework; initial...
2014-05-21 zconesaAdd default cuts for pp-2010 vs multiplicity analysis
2014-05-21 zconesaUpdate copy ctor
2014-05-21 zconesaDelete the esdTrackCut object after setting it on the...
2014-05-21 belikovTightening the chi2 cut to 10, and correcting for the...
2014-05-21 zconesaFixes for possible leaks
2014-05-21 belikovA standalone comparison macro
2014-05-21 rlietavaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-05-21 rlietavaFixes (Marek Bombara)
2014-05-20 tbreitneBug fix: AliHLTOUTRawReader
2014-05-20 shahoianCaching of field param.patch is requested on compilatio...
2014-05-20 rbertens add vzero event plane to addtasks of pid flow methods...
2014-05-20 hristovRemoving extra slash and switching off -ffp-contract...
2014-05-20 tbreitneALIROOT-5433 Transition to CDHv3 in HLT
2014-05-20 tbreitneBug fix: AliHLTTPCRawSpacePointContainer
2014-05-20 tbreitneBug fix: AliHLTGlobalTriggerComponent
2014-05-20 prsnkoCoreEnergy put in proper datamember, Ecross calculation...
2014-05-20 gconesabset titles of variables in histograms to italic
2014-05-20 gconesabfix filling histograms with M02 for variable weight...
2014-05-20 gconesabset titles of variables in histograms to italic
2014-05-20 gconesabfix warning on string formatting
2014-05-20 hristovALIROOT-5420 Transition to common data header V3 in...
2014-05-20 cvetanBug fix, the equalized sums were completely wrong.
2014-05-19 shahoianSpeedup of B-field query by caching last patch, https...
2014-05-19 mivanovATO-35
2014-05-19 saiolafix default ghost area
2014-05-19 mkrzewicATO-35
2014-05-19 mkrzewicsplit the production of the stacktrace summary to a...
2014-05-19 cnattrasadding comment
2014-05-19 cnattrasimplementing jet analysis method of hadronic correction
2014-05-19 cnattrasadding function to calculate total et with systematic...
2014-05-18 lmilanoMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-05-18 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-05-18 dgangadhAdd new event mixing config. bug fixs too.
2014-05-18 rbertens fixed consistency in qa that was introduced 16052014
2014-05-18 rbertens replace unsafe usages of PropagateToDCA
2014-05-17 mkrzewicpass the default OCDB storage to QA plot creation
2014-05-17 mkrzewicsome more updates
2014-05-17 shahoianSet unique 120um sensor thickness for all layers in...
2014-05-17 mkrzewicmore verbose logging + one minor but fix
2014-05-16 mkrzewicchange default to a more general one
2014-05-16 mkrzewicsome cleanup
2014-05-16 mkrzewicbe smarter about the metafile naming