2006-01-13 martinezSeparating writing and reading of raw data (Christian)
2006-01-13 cvetanMethod ReadNext moved to public (C.Cheshkov)
2006-01-13 ivanaSuppressed warning from fkSegmentation->PadByPosition...
2006-01-13 martinezUsing common container, as argument, for all classes...
2006-01-13 ivanaUpdate with mods in AliMpSegFactory class
2006-01-13 ivanaRenaming Delete() in DeleteSegmentations()
2006-01-13 martinezUsing common container, as argument, for all classes...
2006-01-13 ivanaStatic data member fgTop replaced with the static funct...
2006-01-12 ivanaIn GetDefaultTop(): const char* replaced with TString;
2006-01-12 schutzNew Trigger class for PHOS
2006-01-12 schutzCorrect few coding violations, missing comments
2006-01-12 schutzESD is properly read with methods of macros/AliReadESD...
2006-01-12 hristovAliTrackPoint and AliTrackPointArray moved from STEER...
2006-01-12 hristovIncremented class version
2006-01-12 hristovRemoving extra semicolons
2006-01-11 hristovMoving tag classes from STEER to ESD library (P.Christa...
2006-01-11 ivanaRemoved AliMUONSegmentationManager; added AliMUONSegFactory
2006-01-11 ivanaMoved to mapping
2006-01-11 ivanaReplaced with new AliMUONSegFactory and AliMpSegFactory...
2006-01-11 ivanaRemoved - functionality of this class moved to geometry...
2006-01-11 ivanaRemoved AliMUONSegFactoryV2,3,4 classes
2006-01-11 ivana- Removed AliMUONSegmentationManager; added AliMUONSegF...
2006-01-11 ivanaAdded AliMpStringObjMap, AliMpDEIterator, AliMpDEManage...
2006-01-11 ivanaRemoved AliMUONGeometryDEIndexing class
2006-01-11 ivanaAdded new mapping categories: triger, management
2006-01-11 ivanaUpdated with new AliMUONSegFactory class
2006-01-11 ivana- Passing mapping segmentation via constructor (removed...
2006-01-11 ivana- Added fMpSegmentations data member (used for deleting...
2006-01-11 ivana- Added fMpSegmentations data member (used for deleting...
2006-01-11 ivanaUsing AliMpSegFactory instead of AliMUONSegmentationMan...
2006-01-11 ivana- In constructor: pass directly maxnpx, maxnpy instead...
2006-01-11 ivanaAdded static function GetModuleId(Int_t detElemId)
2006-01-11 ivana- Added function:
2006-01-11 ivanaRemoving not needed include.
2006-01-11 ivanaUsing AliMUONGeometryStore instead of AliMUONGeometryDE...
2006-01-11 ivana- Using AliMpSegFactory, AliMpDEIterator instead of...
2006-01-11 ivana- In constructor: pass directly maxnpx, maxnpy instead...
2006-01-11 ivana- Updated for modifying AliMUONHitMapA1 constructor
2006-01-11 ivana- Updated for modifying AliMUONDigitMapA1 constructor
2006-01-11 ivanaApplying dos2unix
2006-01-11 ivanaAdded default values for warning arguments
2006-01-11 ivanaRemoved kStationInvalid value
2006-01-11 ivanaIn PlaneTypeName() - return shorter names
2006-01-11 ivanaCorrected compiler warning
2006-01-11 ivanaAdded fgkDENames, DENamesFilePath()
2006-01-11 ivanaAdded number of chambers as data member/getter
2006-01-11 ivanaUpdated comment line only (ingroup directive)
2006-01-11 ivanaMoved from from MUON/data
2006-01-11 ivanaNew helper class
2006-01-11 ivanaNew class - the factory for building mapping segmentations
2006-01-11 ivanaNew manager class for definition of detection element...
2006-01-11 ivanaNew class - iterator over valid detection element IDs.
2006-01-11 ivanaNew class that replaces all AliMUONSegFactoryVN classes
2006-01-11 hristovAdditional protection in case no calibration entry...
2006-01-11 coppedisCalibration object for ZDC (validity run 0)
2006-01-10 hristovTemporary setting the local storage to ALICE_ROOT....
2006-01-10 hristovRenamed method in AliCDBManager (A.Colla)
2006-01-10 hristovImproved diagnostic messages. Different access strings...
2006-01-10 morsch- Correct setting of FUDGEM parameter.
2006-01-10 morschTGeant3 dependency in FixParticleDecaytime() removed.
2006-01-02 cblumeChange of default values for PRF
2006-01-02 cblumeNew offline PID code by Prashant
2005-12-30 coppedisPreliminary version of CDB
2005-12-30 cblumeChange in CookdEdx() by Prashant
2005-12-22 decaroAliTOFRawStream class: change of the TOF geometry pointer
2005-12-21 hristovAdditional protection. The MeanMaterialBudget budget...
2005-12-21 ivanaUpdated list of classes (according to LinkDef.h files)
2005-12-21 ivanaMUONefficiency.C macro instead of MUONmassPlot_ESD.C
2005-12-20 cblumeRemove AliTRDclusterizerMI
2005-12-20 cblumeUpdates by Jan Fiete for PRF in DB
2005-12-20 hristovAdditional protection
2005-12-20 morschPrint statements removed.
2005-12-20 morsch- Make sure that all cuts are taken into account indepe...
2005-12-20 arcelliSetting more appropriate TOF resolution for TOF PID
2005-12-20 arcelliadding getter for AliTrackPoints (by C.Cheshkov)
2005-12-20 schutzadded data members
2005-12-20 schutzremoved constant parameters
2005-12-20 kharlovCorrected include path to AliReadESD.h
2005-12-20 schutzcorrected error in call AliReadESD
2005-12-20 cblumeFix compiler problems
2005-12-20 allaWarnings fixed
2005-12-19 cblumeFix compilation problem
2005-12-19 cblumeCleanup
2005-12-19 cblumeAdd dummy calibration files
2005-12-19 cblumeUpdate by Jan Fiete
2005-12-19 ivanaAdding description of DetElemIdToBusPatch.dat file
2005-12-19 ivanaThe maps buspatch<>DDL<>DE separated in a new class...
2005-12-19 ivanaAdding BusPatchFileName
2005-12-19 ivanaAdding AliMpBusPatch class
2005-12-19 ivanaNew class for managing buspatch<>DDL<>DE maps separated...
2005-12-19 decaroPointing to the recPoints tree (S. Arcelli)
2005-12-19 morschAliFieldReader added.
2005-12-19 morschParser for dipole and solenoid measured field data.
2005-12-17 hristovThe TGeo geometry is imported from geometry.root
2005-12-17 hristovAfter the initialization the TGeo geometry is exported...
2005-12-16 hristovError message instead of assert
2005-12-16 ivanaAdding decription of AlirootRun_MUONlongtest.sh script
2005-12-16 ivana- Adding possibility to handle Jpsi (default is Upsilo...
2005-12-16 ivana- MUONefficiency.C run in compiled mode;
2005-12-16 hristovCheck the chambers by assert only in case of signal