2013-03-21 fbockupdated task to make it possible to run on the grid
2013-03-21 loizidesfix
2013-03-21 hristovFixed ownership, it is handled by ALiReconstruction
2013-03-21 jbook-add new default pids
2013-03-21 akisielModify Proton selection settings
2013-03-21 jbook-new variables
2013-03-21 jbook-user task updates
2013-03-21 xsanchezcorrecting fAssocPartMC in line 3275
2013-03-21 mbombaraSetting some default values
2013-03-21 miweberchanging q cut from momentum difference to pT differenc...
2013-03-21 mbombaraImplemented MC part for V0 trigger particles in order...
2013-03-21 cvetanRemoved muon chi2 cut. Added two control histos. Change...
2013-03-21 loizidesfrom hanseul
2013-03-21 ssakaiupdated
2013-03-21 jbook- HF can take now all kind of histograms
2013-03-21 xsanchezchanging bin width in correlations and adding more...
2013-03-21 loizidesup from salvatore
2013-03-21 cvetanStill using uncorr V0M (Alberica)
2013-03-21 tkolleggCleanup of HLT OCDB entries (#100726)
2013-03-21 pluettigModified AddTask_dNdPtPbPb2011 for correct centrality...
2013-03-21 iselioujFrancesco Noferini: Updated AliFlowBayesianPID.cxx...
2013-03-21 loizidesUp from Redmer
2013-03-21 atoiafixed V0-eq signals, new HIJING sim w/ correct energy
2013-03-21 loizidescorrection for single muons plots (Tim)
2013-03-21 gconesabhistogram title correction, added possiblity to generat...
2013-03-20 ssakaiupdated
2013-03-20 cvetanAdding ZNC to the AOD centrality. Some fixes related...
2013-03-20 zconesafirst guess of Lc to pKpi syst unc
2013-03-20 fprinoFiner binning for primary vertex histos
2013-03-20 dsilvermupdate of LED DA execute macro
2013-03-20 dsilvermuse AliCaloRawAnalyzer fitter also in LED DA class
2013-03-20 kleinbAdd task macro
2013-03-20 mcolocciAdd Task file update
2013-03-20 fprinoUpdated syst unc on the efficiency in vs. out
2013-03-20 richtermchange loading scheme of the HOMER library following...
2013-03-20 morschFix for track vertices without constraint
2013-03-19 dsilvermDA->pedestal macro for SRU readout
2013-03-19 miweberautomatic vertexZ/centrality binning loops for drawing...
2013-03-19 ssakaiupdated
2013-03-19 bogdanDelete obsolete LUT files and add new LUT file: 0.5...
2013-03-19 odjuvslaFixing issue in identifying true photons
2013-03-19 mcolocciadded some histos
2013-03-19 mcolocciadded some histos
2013-03-19 jthaedercleanup
2013-03-19 ssakaimixed events modified
2013-03-19 ddobrigkDebugging mode, vertexer re-run extra selections
2013-03-19 haavardRemove specific OCDB entry
2013-03-19 haavardRemove old/extra OCDB entry
2013-03-19 haavardRemove old/extra OCDB entry.
2013-03-19 haavardRemove old/extra OCDB entry
2013-03-19 haavardRemove old/extra OCDB entry
2013-03-19 haavardRemove old/extra OCDB entry
2013-03-18 wiechulao Add fitter for B -> J/psi analysis (Annalisa)
2013-03-18 kleinbFix compilation warnings (F. Krizek)
2013-03-18 zconesacorrect comment
2013-03-18 ssakaiupdates
2013-03-18 morschparameterizations for pPb and Pbp at 5.02 TeV
2013-03-18 morsch- Add HMPID PID response and NSigma calculation (Giacomo)
2013-03-18 morsch- Code cleanup
2013-03-18 mcolocciadded a new class/task for light nuclei
2013-03-18 mcolocciadd new file with tasks
2013-03-18 mcoloccinew file
2013-03-18 mcolocciMake a new dir for light nuclei mass analysis
2013-03-18 jbook- updates (fiorella)
2013-03-18 ddobrigkModifications for ::SetCollisionCandidates usage with...
2013-03-18 miweberupdate config macro (Vera R. Loggins <veraloggins@wayne...
2013-03-18 loizidesup from Salvatore
2013-03-18 freidtCoverity + minor changes
2013-03-18 ddobrigkCoverity fix, minor debug changes
2013-03-18 loizideshad corr qa task from Rosi
2013-03-18 loizidesfrom Megan
2013-03-18 mbombaraChange the name of the output file to default one.
2013-03-18 mbombaraImplemented MC part for charged associated particles...
2013-03-18 cbaumannupdates Tasks Asako
2013-03-18 miweberupdate on Netparticle analysis (Jochen Thaeder <jochen...
2013-03-18 pchristaCoverity
2013-03-18 jotwinowcoverity fix
2013-03-18 fprinoCoverity
2013-03-18 miwebercoverity fixes (MW)
2013-03-18 ssakaiupdated
2013-03-18 ssakaiupdated
2013-03-18 haavardRemove old OCDB config entries
2013-03-18 haavardRemove old OCDB config entries
2013-03-18 mivanovModifications:
2013-03-18 loizidesfix
2013-03-17 allafixed coverity warnings
2013-03-17 allafixed coverity warningsAliT0CalibSeasonTimeShift.cxx
2013-03-17 gconesabadd centrality dependent histograms when checking the...
2013-03-17 loizidesfix from fengchu
2013-03-16 loizidesadjust eta settings
2013-03-16 loizidesallow to set more options
2013-03-16 loizidesrelease eta cuts...
2013-03-16 akalweitTypo fix in print statement (on external request).
2013-03-16 loizidescomment
2013-03-15 kleinbInitial analysis task for TRD jet triggered data (J...
2013-03-15 loizidesprotect against div by zero
2013-03-15 loizidesfix warning
2013-03-15 loizidesadded more info and fixed calc
2013-03-15 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-03-15 mvlIncrease ClassDef Cluster and BackgroundSubtract (M...