2014-12-15 mgermainUddate from ZDC Marco- Chiara
2014-12-15 morschUpdate Alberica
2014-12-14 jaroslavAdding classes to compile in the UPC library
2014-12-14 mivanovATO-98 AliTPCBoundaryVoltError::AddCorrectionCompact...
2014-12-14 mivanovATO-98 AliTPCRocVoltError3D::AddCorrectionCompact implm...
2014-12-14 sjenaupdate pr task: sjena
2014-12-13 mivanovATO-98 AddCorrectionCompact - to make corrections...
2014-12-13 mivanovPWGPP-41 - function to generate pwd for QA
2014-12-13 jaroslavAdded classes for UPC analysis
2014-12-12 saiolaReorganization of the EMCal jet finder task: the manin...
2014-12-12 mbrozChanged check for flag at maximum to at least one flag...
2014-12-12 mbrozChange of BB flag per channel
2014-12-12 rbertens use preprocessor directives for debug information
2014-12-12 sjenaFixing bin size pr: sjena
2014-12-12 fbockfixed AddTask_GammaCalo_pp.C
2014-12-12 lleardinmodified trainconfig PbPb for phi cut check
2014-12-12 ebrunaremove printouts (Sandro B.)
2014-12-12 mverweijIntroduction of jet-by-jet correction for detector...
2014-12-12 fbelliniModified trigger selection for 2011 PbPb data (Enrico)
2014-12-12 maszymannew macros for Kch femto train
2014-12-12 lietavaFix for increased number of input tokens in CTP configu...
2014-12-12 mfaselremove newline
2014-12-12 mfaselA few more fixes, mainly dealing with the track analysi...
2014-12-12 mfaselVarious fixes, task is running now.
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd macro adding re-structured task to the train
2014-12-12 mfaselSet kine cuts
2014-12-12 mfaselImplement eta sign swapping for LHC13f
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd components for jet analysis on mc and rec jets
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd components for event counting and trigger patch...
2014-12-12 mfaselMinor adaption on macros related to the restructuring...
2014-12-12 mfaselRefactoring of the EMCAL jet package:
2014-12-12 mfaselMore refactoring of the task
2014-12-12 mfasel- Remove unused variable
2014-12-12 mfaselFurther development of the analysis package:
2014-12-12 mfaselInclude binning component in the global analysis framework
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd class storing a global binning setup shared between...
2014-12-12 mfaselRefactoring of the charged particle pt task
2014-12-11 rbailhacUpdate for TPC PID (Andrea)
2014-12-11 shahoianPackage for fast semi-analitical MC with realistic...
2014-12-11 sjenaUpdate on JCORRAN:Dong Jo Kim
2014-12-11 sjenaUpdate on JCORRAN:Dong Jo Kim
2014-12-11 pgonzaleNew histograms for Efficiency versus Pt
2014-12-11 gconesabadd the eta decay case separated from the generic other...
2014-12-11 fbockadded cuts for Alexander Koch (eta 8 TeV)
2014-12-11 jniedzieZMQ part of Event Display suppresed in offline mode
2014-12-11 belikovA new (kIBModel4) revised version of the Inner Barrel...
2014-12-11 shahoianFix to 2c3ec90: TimeStart was set instead of TimeEnd
2014-12-11 hristovALIROOT-5420 ALIROOT-5683 Fixes in CheckData to take...
2014-12-11 hristovALIROOT-5420 ALIROOT5683 Consistent version (3.14)...
2014-12-10 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Convert static to class member
2014-12-10 rgrossoAdd AD0 (AD) in the shuttle interface class
2014-12-10 rgrossoAdd AD0 and update timestamps in macro for DPs testing
2014-12-10 rgrossoNew DCS simulation start time
2014-12-10 shahoianDuring GRP retrieval from logbook set the EndTime also
2014-12-10 tbreitneconverted warning to debug msg
2014-12-10 gconesabfix compilation warnings
2014-12-10 lronfletFixed new version
2014-12-10 lronfletNew version for photon isolation task
2014-12-10 sjenaCoverity and bug fix: prabhat n sjena
2014-12-10 mbrozUpdate of CIU position and detector ID
2014-12-10 fbock-changes for trigger config in addtasks
2014-12-10 gconesabadd 2 additional nonlinearity corrections to aliroot:
2014-12-10 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Updated deltaPt calculation
2014-12-10 belikovSorting the clusters by means of insertion
2014-12-10 belikovAccomodate the noise clusters by increasing the size...
2014-12-10 maszymanupdate of macros for kaon femto train
2014-12-10 rgrossoAdd the configuration for AD0
2014-12-10 mverweijAdd particle rejection reasons, remove default MaxTrack...
2014-12-10 cblumeCoverity fixes
2014-12-10 ebrunaupdate on D*-h (Sandro B.)
2014-12-09 rbertens bugfix in function which selects unfolding routine
2014-12-09 rbertens add routine to fold spectra
2014-12-09 rbertens updates to PID config from naghmeh
2014-12-09 fprinoNew methods for PID with pt-dependent asymmetric cuts...
2014-12-09 fprinoFallback on SPD vertexerZ for high multiplicity events...
2014-12-09 mkrzewicinitial (empty) version of the unit test
2014-12-09 mkrzewiccleanup+small fixes
2014-12-09 mkrzewicchange to #!/usr/bin/env bash for flexibility
2014-12-09 gconesabmake settable the m02 cut for clusters tagged as decay...
2014-12-09 mkrzewicavoid infinite recursion
2014-12-09 mvlFix initialisation of SimpleOffline patch array
2014-12-09 mvlAdd option to select recalculated patch as a MainTrigge...
2014-12-09 lmilanoefficiency file from alien
2014-12-09 lcunqueiadded response matrixes
2014-12-09 mkrzewiccovering our asses by including the MIT license
2014-12-09 mbrozAdding ZDC time
2014-12-09 cbianchireturn AliAnalysisTaskFlavourJetCorrelations task
2014-12-09 quarkFix coverity complaints about member initialization...
2014-12-09 lleardinadded trainconfigs 135,136,137 for MC flow analysis
2014-12-09 sjenaUpdate for net-charge task: sjena
2014-12-09 sjenaNetCharge task with HelperPID: sjena
2014-12-09 mkrzewicadd a bash log library alilog4bash.sh
2014-12-09 mkrzewicremove old function
2014-12-09 lmilano2+1 analysis update from Markus
2014-12-09 rhaakeSet jet area to jets from lightweight jet finder
2014-12-09 sjenaCoverity fix: 8443 - sjena
2014-12-09 mverweijuse label instead of bit
2014-12-09 mkrzewicblame Dario for copyFileToLocal()
2014-12-09 jniedzieList panel improved. Faulty macros commented in alieve_...
2014-12-09 mbrozUpdate of Reco params