2008-01-23 hristovMoving the efficiency calculations before the cleanup...
2008-01-23 schutzextended limit of number of allowed histos
2008-01-23 coppedisHits, SDigits, Digits updated to AliZDCv3 (2nd ZDC...
2008-01-23 kharlovProtection against missing digit in a digits array...
2008-01-23 rdmimprove libgfortran detection (like is done for ROOT...
2008-01-23 rdmMakefele for Mac OS X 64-bit.
2008-01-23 mtadelFrom Francesco:
2008-01-23 coppedisInitialized sum variables
2008-01-23 hristovFixed problems after a merge
2008-01-23 ivanaChange the default for tail effect to FALSE,
2008-01-23 hristovAliCodeTimer is already in libSTEERBase.so
2008-01-23 hristovPlane efficiency framework (Guiseppe)
2008-01-22 mtadelSome more effc++ warnings.
2008-01-22 marianC++ fix - make SetRecoParam as static function.
2008-01-22 schutzincreased the number of allowed histos to an unreasonab...
2008-01-22 hristovAdding /home/phristov/alice/AliRoot/include to the...
2008-01-22 hristovBug fix
2008-01-22 hristovTypo
2008-01-22 schutzadded protection
2008-01-22 cblumeAdditional protection
2008-01-22 kharlovA protection against a missing OCDB is introduced for...
2008-01-22 marianAdding analysis task involving for TPC calibration
2008-01-22 marian--This linThe gui has a new function, GetViewer, so...
2008-01-22 rgrossoModifying the queries for AliRoot version, used to...
2008-01-22 mtadelFixed effc++ warnings.
2008-01-22 coppedisReconstruction classes updated (all cabled channels...
2008-01-22 jgrosseoAliCutTask uses global cut initialization
2008-01-22 hristovMoving the creation of the AOD after the cleanup to...
2008-01-22 cvetanAutomatic building af the alimdc RPM.
2008-01-22 dibariMinors
2008-01-22 morschCorrections for fBranchesOn
2008-01-22 ivanaAliMUONTriggerIO: Optimize I/O for binary LUT file
2008-01-22 maseraGlobal coordinates from AliCluster::GetGlobalXYZ. fGeom...
2008-01-22 maseraDDL module map for SDD in the OCDB (F. Prino)
2008-01-22 maseraBug fix
2008-01-22 maseraexample on how to run alignment with MillePede - ITSAli...
2008-01-22 jgrosseonew macro that prints esd cuts statistics
2008-01-22 richtermmoved AliHLTModulePreprocessor to base library and...
2008-01-21 richtermadded library definition for libHLTshuttle
2008-01-21 richtermmoved HLT preprocessor to libHLTshuttle; added HLT...
2008-01-21 arcellistill keep old AliCFGrid implementation in AliCFContain...
2008-01-21 arcellifurther mods to include AliCFGridSparse, now included...
2008-01-21 mtadelMove core classes from EveDet to EveBase.
2008-01-21 cblumeAdd a protection against empty chambers
2008-01-21 dibariValues are stored for run (not forevever...)
2008-01-21 cvetanDefault target used to create a header file with svn...
2008-01-21 mtadelMove contents of EVE/Alieve to EVE/EveDet as most code...
2008-01-21 hristovTemporary fix to avoid xrootd thrashing
2008-01-21 hristovRemove obsolete macro
2008-01-21 hristovAliCodeTimer moved from libSTEER to libSTEERBase
2008-01-21 marianChanging comments (Marian)
2008-01-21 cvetanModification needed to sync DA version and realease...
2008-01-21 marianAdding drift lignth correction for Time of Flight
2008-01-21 hristovRemove obsolete macro
2008-01-21 hristovRemove obsolete macro
2008-01-21 hristovRemove obsolete macro
2008-01-21 marianAdding drift lignth correction for Time of Flight
2008-01-21 coppedisRecParam updated object for calibration
2008-01-21 jgrosseoadded new enum that describes the type of analysis...
2008-01-21 fcainclude file missing
2008-01-21 jgrosseomerging post-CVS changes into SVN:
2008-01-20 maseraRemoved call to AliRawReader::SelectEvent. Changes...
2008-01-20 maseraPrint a warning and exit when there are more than 1000...
2008-01-20 maseraChange to take into account the different format of...
2008-01-20 jgrosseoadded syst. study for diff. process types
2008-01-19 fcaFix for OS X 10.5
2008-01-19 fcaRemove ftrace=full from gfortran options
2008-01-18 mtadelNormalize all separator comments to width 80.
2008-01-18 mtadelRemove trailing whitespace.
2008-01-18 mtadelComment code, hide public data-members.
2008-01-18 mtadelAdd a file that was lost during transition from Alieve...
2008-01-18 mtadelPut all classes in Alieve/ sub-module out of the Alieve...
2008-01-18 mtadelPut black-listed classes out of Alieve namespace.
2008-01-18 ivanaMoving 4 classes from MUONcore in MUONgraphics
2008-01-18 ivanaFixes in MUON documentation files
2008-01-18 hristovUsing Long_t instead of Int_t (Laurent)
2008-01-18 cvetanMoving from 32-bit to 64-bit return value of the file...
2008-01-18 cblumeUpdate tracklet initialization
2008-01-18 ivanaUpdate of classes in libMUONgraphics and mchview program:
2008-01-18 ivanaFixed coding conventions in MUONQADataMaker classes.
2008-01-18 ivanaAdding include of math.h in MUONTRKda.cxx
2008-01-18 haavardstatus entry produced by AliTPCPreprocessor
2008-01-18 cblumeModifications to handle corrupted cosmics data
2008-01-18 cblumeModifications to handle corrupted cosmics data
2008-01-18 richtermadded input block forwarding to the High Level componen...
2008-01-18 ivanaRemoving a few strange characters in the beginning of
2008-01-18 mtadelRemove unnecessary argument in constructor.
2008-01-18 coppedisUnuseful data members removed
2008-01-18 cblumeRemove include of old header file
2008-01-17 hristovModifications needed by EVE (Matevz)
2008-01-17 arcelliadd documentation and example macro
2008-01-17 arcelliupdate Container Classes to be able to handle also...
2008-01-17 cblumeRe-structured digitizer
2008-01-17 cblumeRe-structured digitizer
2008-01-17 mtadelRemove EVE/Reve/ sub-module.
2008-01-17 ivanaFirst big commit of the mchview program and its accompa...
2008-01-17 arcellisome cleanup+ fix QA histos (I.Kraus)
2008-01-17 arcellisome cleanup+ fix QA histos (I.Kraus)
2008-01-17 arcellisome cleanup+ fix QA histos (I.Kraus)
2008-01-17 arcellisome cleanup+ fix QA histos (I.Kraus)