2006-10-12 mtadelMerge from EVE-dev to HEAD.
2006-10-12 mtadelNew file: initialization script for reve when launched...
2006-10-12 ivanaChanging access to magnetic field (Christian)
2006-10-12 mtadelRemove files accidentally commited to HEAD.
2006-10-12 belikovA new function returning a unit vector along the track...
2006-10-12 morschUpdate to FLUKA 2006.3(respin)
2006-10-12 jgrosseoupdated plots
2006-10-11 jgrosseoremoving AliSelector, AliSelectorRL that has been moved...
2006-10-11 mtadelNew file: combined top-level TRD and TOF geometry.
2006-10-11 mtadelNew file: full alice geometry.
2006-10-11 mtadelNew file: TRD hits split by z-coordinate.
2006-10-11 mtadelNew file: PMD geometry.
2006-10-11 morschUpdated for FLUKA 2006.3(respin)
2006-10-11 hristovMacros for residual and full misalignment, collected...
2006-10-11 hristovCoding conventions
2006-10-11 alibraryAdding Riostream.h
2006-10-10 kirNew transformation description
2006-10-10 jklayremove EMCAL-specific alignment objects - obsolete
2006-10-10 jklayAddAlignableVolumes() method added for EMCAL
2006-10-10 jklayremove EMCAL-specific alignment classes - obsolete
2006-10-10 jklaysimple Config.C for testing EMCAL
2006-10-10 jklaysome simple test macros for EMCAL simulation and recons...
2006-10-10 jklaynew (mis-)alignment macro for EMCAL, based a little...
2006-10-10 jklaynew alignment files for EMCAL
2006-10-10 jklayremove old alignment data object, to be replaced with...
2006-10-10 nilsenNow have consistant definition of slope and intersept...
2006-10-10 hristovEffective C++ changes
2006-10-10 hristovReplacing the friend declarations by setters and getter...
2006-10-10 kirModified for CAF
2006-10-10 cblumeAnd the last friend leaves ...
2006-10-10 cblumeThere goes one more friend
2006-10-09 kharlovMods due to recently changed CDB interface
2006-10-09 cblumeRemove AliTRDtrackHits
2006-10-09 hristovLoading libpythia.so before libpdf.so
2006-10-09 pcrochetMUONrectrigger and MUONrectracks fixed (Christian)
2006-10-09 hristovUsing herwig65.inc instead of HERWIG65.INC
2006-10-09 belikovMore precise formula for estimating the covariance...
2006-10-09 pcrochetExtraction of Local Trigger Board number included ...
2006-10-09 alibraryAdded target for smell checker
2006-10-06 pcrochetAdd copy ctr & assignement opr (Christian)
2006-10-06 pcrochetCreate TriggerCircuit and TriggerCrateStore object...
2006-10-06 pcrochetGet TriggerCircuit info from Reconstructor class ...
2006-10-06 pcrochetGet TriggerCrateStore info from Reconstructor class...
2006-10-06 pcrochetMake calibration default wise, remove the switch (Laure...
2006-10-06 pcrochetLoading map field for extrapolation (Christian)
2006-10-06 pcrochetDefine map field from outside (Christian)
2006-10-06 pcrochetUsing AliTracker (external mag field) instead of gAlice...
2006-10-06 pcrochetremove AliMUONTriggerCircuit.cxx AliMUONTriggerDecision...
2006-10-06 pcrochetsmall bug in ichamber numbering fixed (Christian)
2006-10-06 pcrochetremove calls to old trigger code and set new trigger...
2006-10-06 pcrochetremove switch to select trigger code version
2006-10-06 pcrochetremove usage old trigger code
2006-10-06 pcrochetremove old trigger code, AliMUONTriggerCircuit. Set...
2006-10-06 pcrochetdigitizerType changed to default
2006-10-06 pcrochetremove AliMUONTriggerCircuit and call to old trigger...
2006-10-06 pcrochetremove calls to AliMUONTriggerDecision
2006-10-06 pcrochetremove AliMUONTriggerCircuit
2006-10-06 pcrochetremove AliMUONTriggerDecision AliMUONTriggerDecisionV1
2006-10-06 szostakAlso dropping references to AliMUONTriggerCircuit which...
2006-10-06 richtermextensions in AliHLTTPCDisplay
2006-10-05 jgrosseomoved AliSelector, AliSelectorRL to STEER
2006-10-05 jgrosseoadapting to new CDB classes
2006-10-05 hristovIn RunSimulation the run number is set into AliCDBManag...
2006-10-05 jgrosseofixing wrong define
2006-10-05 jgrosseoapplying to the new interface
2006-10-05 jgrosseochanging order of library loading
2006-10-05 jgrosseofixed copy constructor
2006-10-05 jgrosseoAdded Reset function
2006-10-05 szostakDropping references to AliMUONLocalTrigger which are...
2006-10-05 kharlovRemove declaration of unimplemented method
2006-10-05 morschMax. angle in mag. field limited to 10deg.
2006-10-05 jgrosseoempty selector that can be used as basis to build analy...
2006-10-04 kharlovExample of PHOS shuttle usage (B.Polichtchouk)
2006-10-04 kharlovFirst PHOS shuttle classes
2006-10-04 morschreplaced by lower case
2006-10-04 cblumeMove to symbolic links
2006-10-04 pcrochetnew trigger code set to default
2006-10-04 jgrosseochanging brackets of include
2006-10-04 morsch6.5 includes
2006-10-04 pcrochetSetTriggerEffCells and GetTriggerEffCells corrected
2006-10-04 morschkPyLhwgMb added.
2006-10-04 morschPARP(81) set to 0. for HF production (A. Dainese)
2006-10-04 pcrochetStart trigger chamber id from 10 (same convention as...
2006-10-03 jgrosseoadded trigger plots
2006-10-03 pcrochetswitch to activate trigger chamber efficiency from...
2006-10-03 alibrarybug fix for keeping correctly .ml files
2006-10-03 morsch- Clean-up
2006-10-03 ekmanadded a couple of functions
2006-10-03 pcrochetImplemented Raw2SDigits for trigger (Christian)
2006-10-02 maseranew SDD preprocessor + removal of eff C++ warning ...
2006-10-02 jgrosseoupdate (alberto):
2006-10-02 cblumeImplement symbolic links
2006-10-02 maseraDirect dependence on TGeant3 removed (P. Hristov)
2006-10-02 alibraryNew srcml based smell detector
2006-10-02 hristovMinor fixes needed on Mac with g95
2006-10-02 morschDummy codes for CTEQ6 pdfs
2006-10-02 jgrosseoadding copyright lines
2006-10-02 jgrosseoSmall interface change in StoreReferenceData
2006-10-02 jgrosseoSmall interface change of function StoreReferenceData...
2006-10-02 morschObsolete pdf commented out.