2008-06-19 bhippolyCosmetics changes...
2008-06-19 snellingMerge methods
2008-06-19 aszostakFixing bug in filling trigger scalars.
2008-06-19 aszostakMinor fixes to checking of data integrity in AliHLTMUON...
2008-06-19 morschSome overlaps corrected.
2008-06-19 aszostakFixing minor typo in output.
2008-06-19 coppedisOverlaps corrected
2008-06-19 morschHole in shaft for ZDC_A
2008-06-19 cvetanAdded RCU trailer consistency check (Matthias)
2008-06-19 cvetanWrong header file
2008-06-19 aszostakMinor fixes to error messages.
2008-06-19 coppedisObsolete file deleted
2008-06-19 richtermAdded NextChannel/Bunch functionality to use the fast...
2008-06-19 coppedisOverlaps for side C corrected
2008-06-19 morschGetter added.
2008-06-19 coppedisUpdated QA classes
2008-06-19 coppedisMore volume overlaps corrected
2008-06-19 cvetanDo not crash, but rather skip the remaining scaler...
2008-06-19 marianAdding more detailed documentation (Stefan Rossegger)
2008-06-19 aszostakFix for compilation problem.
2008-06-19 allaimproved QA
2008-06-19 morschCorrect assignment of daughter tracks to V0s. (B. Hippo...
2008-06-19 morschMissing initialisation corrected (B. Hippolyte)
2008-06-19 morschGetters added.
2008-06-18 philleCosmetics and minor modifications
2008-06-18 philleScript too start the PHOS HLT Online display
2008-06-18 philleThe HLT online display now compiles
2008-06-18 philleAutoscaling of histogram (Oystein). 1)the number of...
2008-06-18 philleAdded new datatype in order to get data
2008-06-18 philleFinetuing of software (Oystein), improved shared memory...
2008-06-18 cvetanBug-fix (Artur)
2008-06-18 aszostakFixing problem with duplicated structure IDs per event.
2008-06-18 decaroAdded new methods to check the map cell content
2008-06-18 decaroIncluded the digits(raw data) which tot measurement...
2008-06-18 maseraESD QA Histograms implemented in AliITSQADataMakerRec...
2008-06-18 maseraFour overlaps fixed (M. Sitta)
2008-06-18 maseraFix for x inversion of cluster coordinates in layer...
2008-06-18 aszostakMaking important updates to the internal data structures:
2008-06-18 cvetanProtection against zero field (Alex)
2008-06-18 cvetanDo not add the misalignment uncertainty error to the...
2008-06-18 zampolliNew TOF online calibration object classes implemented...
2008-06-18 zampolliAdding new entry in OCDB for configuration of TOF onlin...
2008-06-18 zampolliAdding new entry for OCDB for new TOF online calibratio...
2008-06-18 zampolliAdding new entry in OCDB for status of TOF channels
2008-06-18 snellingcustum Merge() and cleanup
2008-06-18 rgrossoDeleting array of overlaps
2008-06-18 rgrossoCombining standard and sampling TGeo overlap checking...
2008-06-18 cvetanBug fixes in the getters of trigger pattern and ROIs...
2008-06-18 belikovAdding also the SSD absolute residuals in Y
2008-06-18 morsch1mu overlap with SHIL corrected.
2008-06-18 morsch2 10mu extrusions corrected.
2008-06-18 belikovAdding the SSD absolute residual histos.
2008-06-18 maseraOverlaps on SDD cones removed (M. Sitta)
2008-06-17 zampolliUpdating test macro according to changes in aliases.
2008-06-17 martinezNew class for applying cut in ESDMuonTracks. Example...
2008-06-17 zampolliReplacing surface pressure alias with new one, and...
2008-06-17 morschSetVisibility() not called for assembly.
2008-06-17 morschGetters added.
2008-06-17 basantaunused stuff deleted
2008-06-17 dsilvermcomment out signal->Reset(), at least for now
2008-06-17 belikovUsing pseudo-rapidity getter.
2008-06-17 cvetanSignificantly faster code using file acces with index...
2008-06-17 morschPosition of beam pipe support corrected.
2008-06-17 basantaPMD QA classes
2008-06-17 marianCheck the presence of the input file
2008-06-17 richtermadding new library dependencies for TRD and MUON to...
2008-06-17 richtermbugfix: taking into account commit 26599 in AliHLTRecon...
2008-06-17 jgrosseoadding phi, etaphi plots
2008-06-17 jgrosseomoving class
2008-06-17 jgrosseomoving class
2008-06-17 jgrosseobug fixed that was considered also under/overflow bins...
2008-06-17 ivanaIn AliMUONRawStreamTriggerHP:
2008-06-17 snellingspring cleanup
2008-06-17 snellingspring cleanup
2008-06-17 cvetanBug fix. 32->64 bit integer
2008-06-17 zampolliChanging period for GRP only to check GRP DPs in DCS.
2008-06-17 coppedisExtrusion in geometry corrected
2008-06-16 bhippolyCleanup obsolete dependencies and update calculations...
2008-06-16 cvetanMethod name in AliTRDrecoParam has changed.
2008-06-16 cvetanMissing header file
2008-06-16 cvetanModifications to the decoder. Related to the new RCU...
2008-06-16 marianSkeleton for the Laser CE analysis
2008-06-16 cblumeSmall update by Raphaelle
2008-06-16 aszostakFixing detection of scalar events in AliHLTMUONTriggerR...
2008-06-16 richtermadded unit test for AliRawReaderFile
2008-06-16 basantatree defined outside if loop
2008-06-16 morsch-Propagate properly the OnFlyStatus.
2008-06-16 jgrosseoadding warning in case result is outside of queried...
2008-06-16 allaoverlaps for Andreas fixed
2008-06-16 dsilvermreplacing ShuttleInput names with those used in DAQ DA
2008-06-16 belikovRestoring the correct track-to-primary-vertex associati...
2008-06-16 haavardCorrections to storage of QA entry to OCDB
2008-06-16 cblumeInterface for RecoParam to OCDB
2008-06-16 cblumeInterface for RecoParam to OCDB
2008-06-16 cblumeInterface for RecoParam to OCDB
2008-06-16 maseraAdded protection against division by zero
2008-06-16 jgrosseomemory consumption measures only memory used by preproc...
2008-06-16 basantaunused variable removed
2008-06-16 hdalsgaaAdded histogramming of SDigits data
2008-06-16 dibariOverlaps corrected