2014-12-17 mbrozMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-12-17 mbrozClasses for QAChecker and Trending
2014-12-17 tbreitneadding missing library dependency to OpenCL Tracker
2014-12-17 sjenapmd gain ocdb reader : sjena
2014-12-17 hristovRemoving additional soft link
2014-12-17 hristovInstallation of data files
2014-12-17 jgrosseochanging max k factor for MPI
2014-12-17 dberzanoInstalling PYTHIA8 data
2014-12-17 hristovInstalling QAref and linking OCDB
2014-12-17 sjenapmd pedestal ocdb reader : sjena
2014-12-17 tschusteMuon efficiency MC analysis updates from Hanseul
2014-12-17 pluettigchanges for binning in deltaphi
2014-12-17 hansenaChristmas update to forward flow. Final fixes before...
2014-12-17 hristovInstall EMCAL mapping
2014-12-17 shahoianavoid histos tied to directory to avoid their automatic...
2014-12-17 mverweijadd bookkeep profile
2014-12-17 mfaselVarious bugfixes:
2014-12-17 agrigoraFastJet forced to 3.0.6
2014-12-17 agrigoraDARPM enables automatically DA
2014-12-17 agrigoraAlways print the ALIROOT_SERIAL, even in a branch
2014-12-17 agrigoraALIROOT-3799 - DAs documentation
2014-12-17 hristovInstalling the full GRP directory
2014-12-17 agrigoraInstalling GRP/CTP
2014-12-17 agrigoraFastJet includes set as SYSTEM to avoid the warnings
2014-12-17 agrigoraFastJet minimum version 3.*
2014-12-17 laphecetCan no longer use $ALICE_ROOT/OCDB so switch to raw://
2014-12-17 lmilanoinserting missing lib PWGCFCorrelationsJCORRANPro back...
2014-12-17 lmilanoinserting missing lib PWGCFCorrelationsJCORRANPro back...
2014-12-17 hristovAdding quotes to avoid warnings on Windows
2014-12-16 mivanovATO-98 getter to get correction via name + Extended...
2014-12-16 sjenareadme for pmd data access codes: sjena
2014-12-16 sjenaPMD responce Matrix class : sjena
2014-12-16 sjenatemplate to access pmd pbpb data: sjena
2014-12-16 mbrozFixing bug in Raw stream
2014-12-16 mivanovATO-98 Extended print. Bug. fix. Initilaization of...
2014-12-16 mivanovATO-98 Extended UnitTest. Inclluding all transformation...
2014-12-16 mivanovATO-98 AliTPCCalibGlobalMisalignment AddCorrectionCompa...
2014-12-16 gconesabchange definition of clusters origin when they proceed...
2014-12-16 aurasAddTask macro for MFT analysis
2014-12-16 aurasMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-12-16 rgrossoAdd ports for HLT db and fxs in test and production
2014-12-16 sjenachain mapping info for pmd: sjena
2014-12-16 laphecetThe filter name and aliroot version are now given to...
2014-12-16 aurasMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-12-16 aurasMFT analysis class
2014-12-16 sjenaCustom Calib Task for PMD: sjena
2014-12-16 sjenaClean up in PMD folder: sjena
2014-12-16 hristovCleanup of the linking to avoid problems on Mac
2014-12-16 agrigoraFix for install in EMCAL
2014-12-16 mcosentiallowing in cone invariant mass to be calculated/stored...
2014-12-16 agrigoraFix for AliEn warnings
2014-12-16 anoliveiRhoname can be set and histograms have negative pt
2014-12-16 mcosentireverting the rejection of decay partners from the...
2014-12-16 agrigoraAliEn root installation directory not /api
2014-12-16 agrigoraInstalling missing macros
2014-12-16 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): More differential vertex information
2014-12-16 tbreitnefixing HLT CUDA Tracker build
2014-12-16 mfaselSelect only L0 trigger patches with an even-even col...
2014-12-16 mfaselAdd temporarily rejection of L0 patch candidates which...
2014-12-16 mivanovATO-98 addopt include path to the new /home/miranov...
2014-12-16 belikovAdapting the QA macros to the new AliRoot include path
2014-12-16 hristovSTRIP on Windows needs additional quotes
2014-12-16 tbreitneadding USE_DLOPEN option for HLT
2014-12-16 mverweijinstall PWG/EMCAL/data
2014-12-16 laphecetSome more mods for SAF filtering
2014-12-15 mivanovATO-98 Possibility to scale ExBBShpae correction -...
2014-12-15 mivanovATO-98 Extended Print , for TestCorrection_AliTPCCompo...
2014-12-15 mivanovATO-98 AddCorrectionCompact - Bug fix check fWeights...
2014-12-15 mivanovATO-98 AddCorrectionCompact with full test OK
2014-12-15 hristovUse STREQUAL for strings
2014-12-15 hristovLibrary suffix .so on Linux and Mac, move the settings...
2014-12-15 tbreitnere-enabling HLT documentation
2014-12-15 tbreitnefixing HLT OpenCL Tracker build
2014-12-15 hristovAdding AliVersion to the LinkDef
2014-12-15 agrigoraPWG mftmuondep
2014-12-15 dberzanoIgnore OS X metafiles (and delete stale .DS_Store)
2014-12-15 agrigoraARVersion update
2014-12-15 dberzanoRevert "Rhoname can be set and histograms have negative pt"
2014-12-15 laphecetChanges for new filtering mechanism on SAF2
2014-12-15 morschOptions for D+ and Ds decays in channels with K0s
2014-12-15 cbianchiFix typo
2014-12-15 anoliveiRhoname can be set and histograms have negative pt
2014-12-15 maszymanupdate of KchKch config macros
2014-12-15 maszymannew configuration directory for Kaon femto train
2014-12-15 alibitsBuilding per folder
2014-12-15 agrigoraNew CMake build implementation
2014-12-15 agrigorabuild type information
2014-12-15 agrigoraBuild and install instructions
2014-12-15 hristovMore forfard declarations
2014-12-15 hristovCorrected namespace
2014-12-15 agrigoraVarious fix for new PWGCF classes
2014-12-15 agrigoraFix for pkg files
2014-12-15 dberzano.so cleanup: more less-obvious cleanup
2014-12-15 dberzano.so cleanup: AlienPlugin strips ext before loading
2014-12-15 dberzano.so cleanup: removed .so in some log messages
2014-12-15 dberzano.so cleanup: more cleanup
2014-12-15 dberzano.so cleanup: no .so ext to GetLibraries()
2014-12-15 dberzano.so cleanup: restored .so in SetAdditionalLibs()
2014-12-15 dberzano.so cleanup: more gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 hristovInstallation of macros