2014-06-18 morschimproved GenEventHeader() method in case of AOD
2014-06-18 miwebercoverity fixes - Part II
2014-06-18 miwebercoverity fixes - Part I (compilation warnings: set...
2014-06-18 rgrossoRemove typo
2014-06-18 sjenacoverity warning fixed - HigherMoment Task from Nirbhay
2014-06-18 sjenaUpdate from Prabhat : Dpt-Dpt Corr
2014-06-18 gconesabfix coverity 24307 and change some prints by AliFatal...
2014-06-18 fkrizekReading of Cross-section and Trials Fixed
2014-06-17 gconesabchange axis title style to italics
2014-06-17 gconesabremove unnecessary conversion from rad to degree, add...
2014-06-17 gconesabremove unnecessary conversion from rad to degree
2014-06-17 gconesabchange axis title style to italics
2014-06-17 gconesabcomment out unused variable
2014-06-17 gconesabchange wrong histogram name setting
2014-06-17 gconesabchange title lable style to italics
2014-06-17 gconesabcomment out unused variable
2014-06-17 gconesabcomment out unused variable
2014-06-17 gconesabremove unused variable
2014-06-17 gconesabuse unused absID to check the goodness of the cell...
2014-06-17 gconesabupdate passing of settings
2014-06-17 shahoiancoverity fixes
2014-06-17 bdoeniguAdded THn for eta-phi debbuging
2014-06-17 rgrossoEnable TouchFile for empty SHUTTLE_DONE AliEn dir too.
2014-06-17 gvolpeMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-17 gvolpeWarnigs fixed
2014-06-17 mverweijfix variable filling AOD
2014-06-17 majanikTrain: corrections for femtoQA task
2014-06-17 majanikTrain corrections: verbose mode + modification of AddTask
2014-06-17 lcunqueireducing binning, too much memory consumption
2014-06-17 azimmermadded jetArea Cut in FF task, moved from TH3F to THnSpa...
2014-06-17 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-17 morschMethod to switch off individual decays added.
2014-06-17 morschChanges needed to use AliGenBox with TEvtGen and to...
2014-06-17 gconesabfix coverity 24283
2014-06-17 gconesabfix coverity 24307 and other possible defects
2014-06-17 dgangadhfix treatment of negative weights
2014-06-17 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Updates + Cleaning
2014-06-16 shahoianCommits from Jens: https://alice.its.cern.ch/jira/brows...
2014-06-16 cnattrasTweaking hadronic correction to fix jet had method...
2014-06-16 bhess- Storage of multiplicity now controlled by a parameter
2014-06-16 bhess- Removed dependence on environmental variables to...
2014-06-16 bhess- Fixed name problem of output containers
2014-06-16 bhess- Fixed setting of cuts (was still old convention)
2014-06-16 bhess- Fixed compiler warnings/errors
2014-06-16 bhess- Added TPC PID calibration and QA classes to PWGPP...
2014-06-16 bhess- Added classes and macros for TPC PID calibration
2014-06-16 mkrzewicchange process sync to shell job control instead of...
2014-06-16 rbailhacCristiane pA
2014-06-16 majanikcorrection to AOD MC (sometimes going out of range...
2014-06-16 majanikcorrection to new pair fraction correlation function
2014-06-16 lcunqueiminor rebinning and jet axis semaring histos
2014-06-16 lramonaModified the method name
2014-06-16 rbertens small fix: cut on maximum difference between v0m and...
2014-06-16 rbertens delegate user task event cuts to common event cuts...
2014-06-16 rbertens (temporarily) disable hard cut on multiplicity outliers
2014-06-15 mkrzewicadd filename to the stacktracetree
2014-06-15 ancastroFixed AOD/ESD transperancy, Added global histograms
2014-06-13 mivanovsync with master
2014-06-13 mivanovRevert back to master version STEER/ESD/AliESDtrack.cxx
2014-06-13 mivanovMerge branch 'TPCdev' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRo...
2014-06-13 mivanovmaking script executable
2014-06-13 mivanovATO-58, ATO-18 - Adding diffusion in lognitudinal direc...
2014-06-13 mivanovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-06-13 polichehUsage of weights in the analysis of MC data.
2014-06-13 gconesabremove setting of soon obsolete method AliAODTrack...
2014-06-13 polichehMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-13 polichehUsage of weights in the analysis of MC data (for the...
2014-06-13 mvlRemove calls to IsPrimaryCandidate; redundant with...
2014-06-13 dkeijdenFixed Eta cut to reconstructed MC particles in PWG4High...
2014-06-13 gconesabchange IsTPCOnly by IsTPCConstrained since first is...
2014-06-13 saiolaBug fix: tracks outside EMCal acceptance were propagate...
2014-06-13 saiolaautomatically fix cascade bug in LHC11h AOD145 using...
2014-06-13 dberzanoCloud RelVal more verbose and using temp dirs
2014-06-13 dberzanoScript to control Release Validation on the cloud
2014-06-13 miweberpreparing removal of AliAODTrack::IsPrimaryCandidate
2014-06-13 ancastrofixed cluster track matching bug, added QA Histograms
2014-06-13 mkrzewicupdates form Jan Wagner
2014-06-13 agrigorafixing the installation for FJ_includes.h
2014-06-13 gconesabfix coverity 24179,24125,24178, check nullness of caste...
2014-06-13 hristovMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-13 hristovusing std::...
2014-06-13 mivanovALIROOT-5177 - protection agains empty histograms in...
2014-06-13 hristovResolving name conflict between Tauola and Photos
2014-06-13 majanikCorrections for DEtaDPhi Train
2014-06-13 majanik(For the train) small change in the macro with parameters.
2014-06-13 mivanovPWGPP-4 Code clean-up
2014-06-13 hristovRestore make htmldoc
2014-06-13 mivanovPWGPP-3, PWGPP-4, ATO-52 - switch to configure the...
2014-06-12 saiolaadvance class version
2014-06-12 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-12 morschUpdate to Photos 3.56
2014-06-12 saiolaadd option for tasks that do not need the EMCal geometr...
2014-06-12 rbertens add kAODFilterBit enum for track selection on filterbi...
2014-06-12 majanikRe-fix (Config macro with standard AddTask macro again...
2014-06-12 morsch- update to newest fit parameters
2014-06-12 morschMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-12 wiechulaTemporary splines for LHC12b-e anchored MC
2014-06-12 belikovApplying the |Zv|<10cm selection
2014-06-12 fbelliniUpdate from Massimo: fixed histogram ranges
2014-06-12 prsnkoRemove TOF cut in MC