2010-03-04 rgrossoPut the vertex objects in GRP/GRP/MeanVertex*, not...
2010-03-04 slindalbugfix
2010-03-04 morschUpdates for multiple interactions.
2010-03-04 vulpescuRemove unused parameter in function
2010-03-04 morschUpdates for TRD
2010-03-04 morsch- possibility of using AliPhysicsSelection in AddTaskES...
2010-03-04 morschfMomentum Axis has to be streamed (needed for plugin...
2010-03-04 abercuciadd protection for missing TRD dEdx info in ESDs
2010-03-03 jklaymoved definition of a few histograms so that they are...
2010-03-03 richtermadding gprof support to the HLT build system
2010-03-03 richtermread MC input from ESDMCPublisher (Gaute)
2010-03-03 andronicFurther bugfixes, coding violations and warning removal.
2010-03-03 jotwinownew histograms added
2010-03-03 kaamodtFixed warnings + moved filling of histograms
2010-03-03 gvolpeCoding convention violations fixed
2010-03-03 snellingfix equation for partial overlap Reference Particles...
2010-03-03 cblumeSuppress warning for (not) writing tracklets (Jochen)
2010-03-03 richtermcommenting unused parameter
2010-03-03 richtermadding newline at end of file
2010-03-03 kaamodtBugfix: Cut histograms filled wrongly.
2010-03-03 richtermremoving obsolete variable
2010-03-03 richtermcompilation warning fixed
2010-03-03 richtermrestoring backward compatibility for the AliLog trap...
2010-03-03 hdalsgaafixing warnings and violations from FC
2010-03-03 abercuciby default only barrel tracks for resolution task
2010-03-03 snellingAdded option for running with alien plugin
2010-03-03 abercucitrain ready for Pilot integration with all wagons
2010-03-03 gconesabreduce binning and ranges
2010-03-03 pchristArgh - Multiply instead of Divide
2010-03-03 pchristAdding the possibility to correct for the cross section
2010-03-03 gconesabpass 5 histos and selections
2010-03-03 kleinbfixed warning uninitialized fMaxCosmicAngle
2010-03-03 sgorbuno1. Output data compression in the clusterfinder compone...
2010-03-03 schutzmods to prevent calling Global QA when QA is run in...
2010-03-03 allawarnings fixed
2010-03-03 allawarnings fixed
2010-03-03 morschUpdates. (E. Sicking)
2010-03-03 allaRecoParams with 3 latencies
2010-03-03 morschWarnings corrected.
2010-03-03 agheataProtected current event printout by the debug level
2010-03-03 belikovFixing the compilation warnings
2010-03-03 agheataFixed return value
2010-03-03 allaL1 latency different for mean, OrA an OrC sides
2010-03-03 gconesabmove rejection of matched clusters to tracks out of...
2010-03-03 allamore strng write protection
2010-03-03 abercucinew signature for TRD Add macro
2010-03-03 morsch- call UserExec instead of Exec of base class AliTRDreco
2010-03-02 marianBug fix in the interpolation
2010-03-02 rpreghenadded PrintStack method to display raw data (f.bellini)
2010-03-02 rpreghenremoved AliTOFcalibHisto dependency in PHYSICS DA
2010-03-02 bhippolyWarning corrected by C.Andrei
2010-03-02 decaroRawData QA update: added expert histograms, changed...
2010-03-02 allawrong inlude removed
2010-03-02 shahoianimproved rejection of params with small statistics
2010-03-02 abercuciremove obsolete parameters
2010-03-02 abercucialign new implementation with old performance processin...
2010-03-02 hristovUpdated documentation
2010-03-02 jotwinownew functionality and new class added
2010-03-02 jotwinownew functionality and data memebers added
2010-03-02 jotwinownew functionality and data memebers added
2010-03-02 abercucinew pt resolution @ vertex for TRD barrel tracks
2010-03-01 maseraInitialization of calibration histograms moved to the...
2010-03-01 kleinbNew config for spectrum and UE
2010-03-01 kleinb1- Transverse quantities as a function of pt of highest...
2010-03-01 kleinb addedd new histos for cosmics
2010-03-01 dsilvermupdate from Per Thomas
2010-03-01 andronicFix warnings
2010-03-01 allasmall bug in preprocessor fixed
2010-03-01 schutzchanged the year
2010-03-01 gconesabIntroduce switch to use or not the FALTRO from data...
2010-03-01 morschFix for https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?63620 ?
2010-03-01 odjuvsla- digit data type now in CALO definitions
2010-03-01 rpreghensoftware update:
2010-03-01 marianCross library dependency removed
2010-03-01 shahoianChanged definition of the "zero" matrix element from...
2010-03-01 abercucistart implementation of "pt resolution @ DCA" plot
2010-03-01 snellingfix loop over bins
2010-03-01 abercuciput back default names for tasks used to find output...
2010-03-01 daineseFix warning
2010-03-01 allaDA ouput for AMPLITUDE_CALIBRATION runs
2010-03-01 cvetanCoding convention fixes.
2010-03-01 marianBug fix -
2010-03-01 hristovRemoving VertexingOld
2010-03-01 coppedisFixing warnings and cc violations
2010-03-01 daineseRemove obsolete code in PWG3/vertexingOld
2010-03-01 daineseRemove obsolete code in PWG3/vertexingOld
2010-03-01 daineseUpdated cuts and more histos (Renu, Giacomo)
2010-03-01 daineseFix warnings
2010-03-01 pulvirFixed warning
2010-02-28 shahoianFixes to remove warnings
2010-02-28 allaimproved amplitude calibration
2010-02-28 allanew DA for amplitude calibration
2010-02-28 martinezFixing warnings
2010-02-28 daineseFix warnings
2010-02-28 martinezNew task and container for dimuon pairs (Livio, Enrico...
2010-02-28 martinezFixing compilation warnings (Roberta)
2010-02-28 akisielFix warnings
2010-02-28 morschWarnings corrected.
2010-02-28 marianPossibility to reaplay alignment
2010-02-28 marianmissing commits